I like to think I’m rather security conscious online, I backup all of my computers to 3 external sources including a cloud backup.

I do this because I’ve seen others lose everything. A couple of years ago one of my students lost 6 months worth of work when their hard drive failed and they didn’t have a backup. Even though I had told them the importance of backing up their work and had step by step instructions showing them how to do it.

I use this story to make sure my current students backup their work.

So if I can offer any advice make sure you’re backing up to at least 2 external locations as one day you could lose everything. All you need is an external hard drive. Dropbox is also handy for backing up but should not be your only backup source.

You should also be backing up your sites, all of my sites are downloaded to external locations ‘just in case’ and I also backup
my WordPress sites on a regular basis.

And if you have any WordPress sites you could do a lot worse than grab Blog Defender from Matt Garrett.

This suite of premium security plugins will let you quickly lock down your WordPress Blog to protect from 99%+ of hacks.

You also get 30+ easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials show exactly how to do everything from check your plugins and
themes, to automate remote backups and even how to clean your blog if it has been infected by something nasty!

This is something every blog owner should have no matter how security conscious they are. Don’t wait till it’s too late, lockdown your WordPress sites today.

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    • Ray Holmes

      Err yes John – this is something you have advised us all to do but I have to confess I havent backed up my work yet- I guess this is one task I am going to have to get to grips with before it is too late. Thanks for the warning.

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