Welcome to my blog. I want to use this platform to share my experiences as I search for ways to build a thriving business online with affiliate marketing. Check back often for updates & more tips and tricks, some you should do and some to avoid so you don’t waste your time. Learn from others’ mistakes and save time and money.

Like me, you may have seen all of the internet gurus with their claims of great wealth potential, and how you can follow their plan and reach those goals as well.

Like me, you may also be of a different mindset thinking you could never accomplish that. I have come to believe that it is entirely possible for me to reach those goals by putting in as much or more effort as they have.

Like me, you may have thought you knew the answers and didn’t need training from someone who has already been a success.

A few years ago I joined hundreds of affiliate programs and built a website with something for everyone. I was going to make it big – my way.

Great products, great website, no traffic! No one knew I had such a great solution for them.

Now I am back, humbled and ready to learn from someone who has already created wealth with affiliate marketing.

I came across John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program and he provides all the tools you need to duplicate his success. His program includes hundreds of hours of video training to show you how he made it, the tools he used, and the methods that work best.

I joined his program and have learned more in a few weeks than I ever did when I was trying to figure it out on my own.

Here are four reasons why I joined John’s program:

First, he doesn’t promise a pie in the sky, push a button and be an instant success.

While it does sometimes happen, don’t expect overnight success. If you stay with John long enough and apply his teachings as part of your business model you will find that they were able to build this wealth over time, by consistently moving in a forward direction, piling one success on top of another, taking small steps, most of the time forward, and then looking back after 10-15 years they can see where they came from and where they are today.

Second, he reinvested in himself and in his business model by putting in the hard work necessary to build anything great.

Third, he set lofty goals along with milestones so he could enjoy the small successes along the way.

Fourth, he stuck to it!!

How many times have you tried something only to abandon the project because you didn’t see any results? Perhaps your expectations were too high, I know mine has been. I start a program only to give up before seeing any results because it was taking too long. There were some bad ideas but many were great projects that would have succeeded had I continued to invest and stuck with them.

How do I know? Others have successfully brought products to market that I had thought of but didn’t stay with it.

Check out John’s program and let me know what you think. His program is both clear and concise, does not over-promise but does provide a truly great business model that will lead to success for anyone who doesn’t give up.

For me, I intend to put in the work to be successful online, however, I do not have to attain millions of dollars in sales to feel successful. I have been selling books on Amazon for about 5 years, books I have found at garage sales for very little cost, and I get excited every time I make a sale. Most are only generating a few dollars in profit but to me, that is a success because I have been able to provide a product to someone who is looking for it, fulfilled their need, made a few bucks and hopefully brought a little joy to them in the process.

That experience has helped me become familiar with selling online making it easier to transition into the affiliate marketing world.

Don’t forget to check out John’s products and continue to follow me as I provide more details about my path to internet success.

Until next time stay curious and enjoy your journey,


This is a guest post from Milton Leist if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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