If I can teach you anything in this blog post it’s to MAIL MORE OFTEN.

I email my subscribers daily and sometimes up to 5 times in a single day.


Because every time I send an email I make money, and we are in this game to make money aren’t we?

“But John, won’t you p**s off your subscribers by mailing them so often?”

The truth is I could send an email offering a free $100 bill and some people would complain. It’s part of what we do.

However, I’ve found the more I mail my subscribers the MORE RESPONSIVE they become.

So if you’re just sending the odd email here and there I’d advise you to seriously consider mailing your subscribers daily.

Of course you need to add value in your emails so make sure each email isn’t a pure pitch fest but get it right and you will earn a lot more, trust me.

Plus you need to build your list in the first place and this is where launching products comes in.

You see most of my subscribers come from people buying my stuff and there’s a very good chance you are already a customer of mine.

Once you *get* the launch process you’ll not only be earning from your launch but you’ll also be earning from the subscribers you generate from your launches. Just as I am doing right now by sending this email.

I can spend a few hours writing a week’s worth of emails, then queue them into my autoresponder and then sit back as the commissions roll in. In fact I do this quite often, especially when I’m going on vacation.


Many people have figured out that releasing simple info products is about the easiest way to a consistent online income.

It’s over a 50 billion dollar per year industry and it’s growing…

But of those that know this is WHAT to do, very few know HOW.

All you really need is to follow the proven blueprint of someone that has made product launching his entire business model.

That someone is Alex Jeffreys.

He’s got the launch model nailed and for the crazy price of $4.95 you’ll learn everything he knows about this and more.

Click here to check it out, I promise you won’t regret it.


    1 Response to "Don’t Be Scared to Hit The Send Button"

    • Sergio Felix

      Hey John, this took me a while to really understand (the power of daily mailing) but it turns out it’s completely true man.

      I only wished I had started doing that sooner because I spent a few years trying to only mail when it was something so big I just couldn’t use social media enough to let everyone know about it.

      Sure thing, some people will complain and even unsubscribe but a lot more will be really grateful to receive constant emails if they are to help them and reach their goals faster.

      Great advice and Alex Jeffeys’s Launch Bible is a fantastic training as well!

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