Unless you have been hiding under a rock this week you will have received a ton of emails from marketers promoting Mike Filsaime’s Traffic Fusion.

Now I’m not going to talk about the product as I’m guessing you have either already bought it or have chosen not to, that’s not what this blog post is about.

This blog post is about the bonuses Mike is offering and whether this is ‘ethical’.

If you go to www.trafficfusion.com and then click the ‘package details’ link you will see Mike is offering the following bonuses if you buy Traffic Fusion.

  •  Butterfly Marketing 2.0 – I paid $997 for Butterfly Marketing back in 2006 and that software still makes me money today, and Mike has updated BM and it now has ‘one click’ upsell technology. It sells right now for $1997
  •   The 7 Figure Code – Again, I bought this and I think I paid $497 during launch week. It now sells for $1297
  •   I5 Gold Coaching Access, I never bought into this but I do know others have paid $7000 for this.
  •  ALL OF HIS OTHER PRODUCTS AND SOFTWARE. I am not going to list the products here as there are too many to mention. Most of these items sell right now for around the $97 mark.

There are also a ton of other bonuses, to many to mention here.

In total there are over $20,000 worth of bonuses, and these are real bonuses. If you bought these products separately that’s what you would have to pay.

Great you may think, these bonuses are awesome. Well my question to you is this:

If you have already bought any of the listed products does it bother you he is now giving them away with Traffic Fusion?

Or let’s put it this way. If I sold you one of my products for $97 and three months later I was giving it away with my next product launch would this upset you?

It’s personally not something that bothers me as I know the Internet Marketing world moves fast. Some products are dated within a few months but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, is this something you have done yourself? If so what were the results and did you get any complaints from previous customers?

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    • Gail

      John, Personally I think everything is over priced at this point but then that’s just what I think. If the market supports the price then who am I to say 🙂 On the flip side if I paid 997.00 of real money for a product and several months later saw it being given away as a bonus then a resounding YES. I’d be peeved.

      But if the original product was $17.00 I don’t think I’d be as disgruntled. Maybe the answer is attached to the cost of the original product.

      Guess that answers the question about whether I’d do it myself or not.


    • Carol

      Yes I’d say this action is questionable and insulting to past buyers. Also I’ve heard that there is very little in the way of support to USE the product and that it is not designed for beginners yet sold that way.

    • Randy Smith

      I wouldn’t be bothered myself for the following reason:

      Had I bought something like butterfly marketing software back in 2006 or even 2007 – then hopefully if I’d used it I would already have made back far more than my previous investment!

      If I’d only bought it in the last few months then I might feel differently – but that said , the same rule of thumb would apply… with months – it should have been put to use and the investment recouped!

      Personally, I’ve not gone for Traffic Fusion for reasons stated on my blog at http://www.randolfsmith.com/no-traffic-fusion-for-me/

      And the crux of that to me is the bigger worry.
      Will people buy because the bonuses are worth so much?… it is a heck of a deal…BUT – will they then go on to use the products and recoup the investment?..

      Or would they be better focusing on taking action rather than hoping there’s a magic button within Mike’s products due to the ways it’s sold, the packaging and the bonuses?

      There’s my tuppence worth John 🙂


    • Pippa

      Hi John

      I’m with Gail, I’m not sure I would pay those sort of prices even if I had the money. But if I had paid out hundreds for a product that months later was given away as a bonus I would start negotiating a big discount on the product that the bonus was attached to.


    • Stephen

      Hello John,

      I’m glad you brought this up. It does bother me since I paid good money for Mike’s early products — I feel he is devaluing them now by giving them away for free. I’ve stopped buying anything he puts out, and even unsubscribed from all of his lists, but somehow I still get his messages??

      I wouldn’t do that — I’d find a way to add value without devaluing my previous products. I now see others starting to do this too –giving for free last year’s $1500 packages (some folks I used to respect). We’re in an industry of copycats.

      Thanks again for airing your views John, Steve

    • Alan

      Hi, John I think if you paid $997.00 for the butterfly marketing system you must have thought it worth it at the time or you would not have paid that much.

      So now that you have now got the butterfly marketing system in your possession has it learnt you what you could not find out for yourself with out paying that price for it.

      If the answer is no then the price you paid for it was right as knowledge is more valuable than money as if you have the knowledge to duplicate what you have learnt then you can make that money back a thousand fold.

      But if the answer was yes then once you have spent the money the money has gone.

      Plus even though you spent that money on the butterfly marketing system its just another product that been in circulation for several months so it then just becomes old news.

      As you must know that all products have a shelf life its just that that one had run its coarse.

      Yours Alan

    • Charlie


      I would be upset as well if I paid big money for a product, which was given away as a bonus 6 months – 2 years later. Longer than 2 years, then not a problem, as I should have earned my return on the product. In my mind, a discount should be offered to those who made those previous purchases.

      One person I believe in and follow (and purchase from) who does this (offer discounts) is John Delavera. Right now he is offering a tremendous package deal, with very significant discounts for those who purchased previous packages from him.

      Charlie Meyer

    • Paula Brett

      It doesn’t really bother me either, that’s marketing. They’re his products and he can do what he likes with them.

      When I pay 36 quid a month for Sky Sports TV channels and then I see that Sky is giving them away free for a year at Christmas if you sign up, yeah, I do think, “tch, wish I’d got that deal”, but that’s life.

      Incentives to purchase things are always used.

      Is it ethically wrong? To some it is. In the same way that carrying a gun, fox-hunting and abortion is unethical to some people and not to others.

      Is it illegal? No.

      I suspect that all those that got in on the deal are delighted with all the bonuses, it IS an incredible package; and yes, many of those who already bought those programs previously might be cheesed off; or, like Randy says, they’ve already made what they previously purchased pay for itself.

    • Jim


      Yes I would be upset…maybe if it was a year old it might not bother me.

      I do enjoy the dueling bonus wars between the affiliates where thousands and thousands of dollars of “Product” are used as bait…to make a sale. Kind of sad in a way.

      A Farmers produce market is probably the last place on earth where the principles of economics still hold true and integrity remains intact.


    • FreeAdvertisingGallery

      Good point, John.
      Never really thought of it that way.
      Had I bot one of his high priced items then later found out
      he was giving it away, I’d be upset. It’s natural to feel cheated.

      For the new buyers, they are getting quite a deal.
      It’s a two way street.
      Or, just like the stock market rally.
      You win some. You lose some. And the rich get richer…

    • Marge Little

      Personally, I think Mike Filsaime’s products are great, but knowing that he has devalued all his previous stuff, I think he will have a second go at selling traffic fusion, and then it will gradually get cheaper, down to free, so I’ll wait for that.
      But then, I’m a newbie, my site has not really begun yet…

    • Tony

      Every thing is over priced John, you know what I lost me job today because of my illness record lol. I use to work for thr NHS lol (what a joke). But I’m sick and tired of the so called guru’s selling the next best thing then months later adding it as a bonus to there next project.

      I’ve programmed meself to not buy products every time there released which I think evreyone should do.

      I believe in the the K.I.S.S system (Keep It Simple Stupid)

      It’s helped me so far!

    • Gary Packer

      Hi John,

      It’s not the fact that all those products are being given away free that upsets me, it’s the fact that the little guy doesn’t really get a look in. $1497 indeed – plus $249 every six months.

      If, on the other hand, I were earning $1,000s a month and this product could earn me more, then I would probably be tempted. But, struggling with IM as I am, then I will just let the big earners get on with it.

      Once I saw the price, I deleted every email that had TrafficFusion in it (and there were loads). I should imagine everybody is competing with their bonuses for a share in the commissions with that one.

      One day….



    • barney_blg


      I don’t find it particularly upsetting, although I do question why, if the subject product is worth having, there are so many high-end bonuses.

      However, I’ve had that question in mind for almost every product sale I’ve seen … and I’ve noticed that many folk have, by their own admission, purchased a product because they wanted something in the accompanying bonus(es), not the product being sold.

      Now, if MF started giving away these products to all and sundry, you would have occasion to be greatly wroth. But as long as they are bonuses for a high-dollar product, not that many of ’em, relatively speaking, will be distributed.

      MF has not devalued your purchase … by your own admission, you are making money with one or more of his products. If you were *not*, then I could see cause for high dudgeon.

      As to the question of ethics, I’ve seen damned little of ethical behaviour in the Internet marketing arena, but, then, I don’t expect to see such from the P.T. Barnum wannabes on the Web.

      I see this as MF trying to maintain his position of high visibility – remember Cody Moya offering an ATV as a bonus a while back? – and treat it as such. I don’t respect it, but I don’t see it as being any less ethical than any other promotion he’s sponsored.

      I think most of us are of a mind that we’ve seen so much of this sort of thing that we’ve become blase about it.

      Only way to stop it, short of government regulation, is quit buying from the folk who perpetrate such activities. And I don’t see that happening – even the high-end marketers are subject to hyperbole and wishful thinking – in some cases more vulnerable than the rankest newbie .

      Make a good day …
      … barn

    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John,

      Short and to the point. I agree 100% with Paula.

      That’s marketing and it happens all the time.

      Mike doesn’t care or he wouldn’t do it – it’s simply a mechanism to help him make more sales, and to tip the “fence-sitters” over the edge into pulling out their credit card.

      Mike won’t lose anything anyway – only the consumer WILL, IF they fail to APPLY what the information teaches. Bottom line and golden rule of Internet Marketing.

      Cheers mate


    • Candy

      Hello John

      Well I guess he is desperate to sell his newest Item maybe the competition out there is getting bad and this kind of thing has to happen for sales. You never know with internet marketing it is fast paced and everyone is trying to copy everyone else by way of products. If one is doing coaching they all start doing it .. if one is doing a membership site then they all do..

      He probably just trying to keep up with all the other monkey see monkey do things that make money.. I think a lot of the pricing of stuff is ridiculous cause if these people already have money why the big price.. I really don’t understand why some one will have a product that is 1200 and the next day another product that does the same thing sells for 97 ..

      He does not value the worth of them obviously anymore. or desperate for sales… one or the other.

      Good Question

    • Alexei Zoubov

      There were several points made by several people that I really agree with.

      I spend some time following Mike Filsaime methods, was subscribed for his newsletter and watched some of his movies – there is no doubt that he is a great marketer.

      Now, would I buy his products? No, and not because I think badly of them. I think they are probably grea, although what I have seen was of a very limited value.

      I believe they are enormously overpriced. Mike is pricing them based on name recognition. And the underlying idea is to sell “at any cost” so to speak. I bet that majority of his buyers buy only because of the hype and then end up not knowing what to do with the products.

      So, according to his own teachings, he adds a lot of bonuses that were already overpriced when they were introduced and now couldn’t be sold at 1/10th of the original price.

      But.. that’s how millionaires are being made. If your product’s actual value is $20, but you created enough hype to sell it for $500, why not? It is just “creative” marketing. And if you can overprice your next product by offering free bonuses, it’s creative marketing too.

      Alexei http// azsystems.net/blog

    • GregT

      John, as always I appreciate you looking out for us.

      In this case, it’s a tough call. Is it any different than Apple offereing the first iPhones for $499 and then dropping the prices six months later? Apple had to do some damage repair on that move.

      Most of the stuff Filsaime is “giving away” is outdated, but still useful. As Gail states, the stuff is hardly inexpensive as it is, so he uses the outdated stuff to sweeten the deal.

    • Morten Nielsen

      Hi John,

      Personally I think this is probably a matter of timing. If I had bought a relatively high-priced item the week before Filsaime started his whole campaign, I’d probably either be mad or contact him, trying to cut some deal 🙂

      But I think Randy raises a very legitimate concern about this trend. Being a smaller guy in launches like this, is a bit like being a rabbit trapped in the headlights of an oncoming car. You’re absolutely mesmerized by this tremendous bonus. Only, if you buy the product you’re probably still mesmerized for a long time afterwards, trying to tell head from tail on all the stuff you just bought – which is essentially a bad thing for you, as you should be spending your time doing something to alleviate your current situation, not prepare for what your situation might be years from now. (And don’t forget that Mike’s bonus wasn’t the end of it – we’ve all seen the insane extra bonuses from all the affiliates).

      In the end, those who already know what to do with a product like Traffic Fusion (and know they have the infrastructure, know-how, and capacity to do it) would buy the product without this huge bonus. Which leaves a lot of those who’ll never (for now) use the product effectively, but who buys because of the bonuses (which they’ll also not use effectively for some time to come).

      Whether that’s ethical or not – well, it’s all up to your own conscience right. Isn’t something I’d want to be remembered for, but it’s also worth noting that it’s part of a trend – and talk about snowball-effects!

      Didn’t buy the product myself – would probably have half a year ago, but I’ve begun frequenting sensible people since then 😉


    • Tim


      I couldn’t agree with more. I have unsubscribed to every subscription I’ve had with Mike because I’m very tired of his marketing techniques. It seems it’s all about his next greats software package and you just have to have it.

      Sorry to say I don’t believe he is the best and greatest thing that every happened to Internet marketing. I’m tired of his constant emails and his products. I wasn’t even reading most of them before deleting them anyway. One day he will likely try and figure out why no one is listening to him any more or buying his next greatest must have product.

      On a positive note I always look forward to your emails because they are always informative and to my benefit. You are one of the few that have realized people don’t want emails from you every day or some time 2 or 3 a day trying to sell you something.

      I’ve had to make a rule of “Stop buying “ to prevent my hard drive from being overloaded with junk that I will never use.

      I appreciate that you had the guts to bring this out in the open for discussion.
      You are 100% correct; it’s a HUGE problem…
      Keep up the good work

    • Sandra Earle-Russo

      Hi John,

      Thought provoking post. For sometime now I have wondered what people thought when they saw something they had paid good money for going out free. (Whether for a bonus or for list building) Don’t you just hate it when the day after you purchase something the store has a sale 50% off. That’s life though.

      I personally don’t think the price is the issue. I think it is the lack of regard for the existing clients and despite the big prices being touted for the bonuses I think that they now have far less value. (and not just because of the age of the product) I know we could all list at least half a dozen others doing the same thing with their own launches. Some of the bonuses are possibly obsolete -some remain excellent products but we live in a fast paced world and the internet changes by the minute.

      Being on many lists (for all the great free content as well as learning from the marketing campaigns) I have received all the email about this bonus and that bonus as well. None of it affects me personally because I rarely put my hand in my pocket (so much great free stuff) and I certainly don’t buy anything in MF price ranges. (I often wonder though, how many other IM marketers have been car sales people? No offence to the car industry is intended but having been through some of the training I see some similarities.)

      I am slowly removing myself from all of these type of lists (they won’t miss me as I never give them any money) the lack of respect in much of their marketing is beginning to offend me and more to the point bore me.

      It is a given I am staying on your list of course.
      Keep up the good work and keep having fun,

    • Timothy Jordan

      Hi, I agree that this is maddening. I think as some others have noticed that this shows what the reality price/value of things are. I see junk being sold for $97.00 all the time. Do these people just think that folks are walking around with $97 dollar bills burning a hole in their pockets. I know that the market does what the market can, but like a lot of things the perception has driven reality a little askew. thanks tim

    • Manny

      It bothers me enough that i dont buy anything he sells.

      And i think some of his stuff is pretty good.I had a simular

      experience a few years ago Spent hard earned money on a product

      and about 6mths later it was a give away in his next big sale .

      If it had been 15or 20 bucks i might not have as mad but the

      result would be the same I think most of his stuff is good .

      but i have trouble spending three or four figures for

      something that can be outdated in a few months.

      he reminds me of Cory Rudle cory always had pretty good stuff

      and it had to be because of his prices .just my 2c

    • John S

      John, here in Belfast, 2 bed apartments that were being sold for £220,000 3 months ago new, are now being sold for £135,000 in the same block. Do you think the original purchasers are a little bit annoyed?? You bet they are. Any similarities here?? Keep up the good work and thanks.

    • Clint Herman

      Yes, this bothers me. There are actually several things that bother me regarding Mike’s method of marketing. I’m not saying he’s a bad marketers with bad products. I’ve personally bought several of them, but nothing for close to 2 years.

      Besides the bonus issue, I think he’s charging too much for his products. What’s with charging a recurring charge or charging for updates? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have to. All of these high-ticket sales are bumming me out. When I make it big, I will not do that!!! :0)

      And I don’t like it when marketers push a product in the beginning like it’s the next best think since bread, and then 3-6 months later it’s as if the product doesn’t exist. I’ve personally experienced not being able to get answers to help desk submission because the support staff is too busy with the next project.

      And what’s with marketers sending 2nd or 3rd emails saying their link was broken in a previous promotional email? I just unsubscribed from someone today who did that – he sent 3 emails promoting the same thing. The 2nd and 3rd emails said a link in the previous email was wrong, but I checked, and they were all good. Shame on you! I don’t have time for this kind of crap. 😉

    • Omar Martin

      Wow… some of these responses truly amaze me. I think many are missing the point and its probably why you’re online business is still not making you money while Mike Filsaime will earn 13 million this year online.

      As for Mike’s products being “over priced” well, anyone that feels that way is simply “under educated”. I’m not trying to insult anyone or be rude here. This is just reality. I’ve been using Traffic Fusion and Hyperjava for about 2 months as I was a beta tester and It’s already made me more than 2x its current selling price. What do you suppose will happen throughout the course of the year? lol

      As for all the bonuses that were given. Would it bother me? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have purchased pretty much every single product that John Thornhill has ever produced including his mentorship, coaching, and advanced coaching programs. As a result, I am proud to announce that I’ve been able to quit my job and I’m earning close to 6 figures online now. The point is, if John decided to give them all away as a bonus to his next product the last thing I would do is bitch about it.

      Instead, I would send him an email and ask him to explain how and why he did it so that I can learn and apply the same method in my own business. Why? Because he’s way ahead of me online and I’m trying to duplicate his success. Those that complain, whine and get upset are just missing the whole picture.

      As soon as I saw what Mike was doing I did the same thing and I offered all of my products for FREE as a bonus to anyone that purchases traffic fusion through my link. If you don’t believe me you can see for yourself here: http://www.omar-martin.com/trafficfusion
      Why did I do this?? Simple…. “If you want to have what a man has, you must do what a man does.” And you know what… my promotoin tactics far surpassed my expectations and I generated several thousand dollars in commissions in a few days.

      And thats all I have to say about Vietnam.

      To Your Success,
      Omar Martin

    • Louise

      Hi John,

      Definitely one to think about. Personally, I’m with Gary on this. Normal every day folk without that kind of cash didn’t stand a chance. I found the free videos interesting, certainly useful, but once I saw the price and the daft game being played, I started deleting every single email that mentioned it.
      Maybe it is just what marketing’s about it seems rather unethical even if it is legal.


    • Robert ODonnell

      Hi John,
      I’m all for IM when done with responsibility and honesty. Being from accross the pond what goes through your mind when you see the mess we are in here in the US because of Capitalism gone wrong?

      I should say greed taking over marketing.

      I will not touch this mans high priced products because he is a player in the American greed game.
      Marketing is a skill and talent. Greed is a sickness and I fear this country is quite sick at this time. This offer of M.F. is of no surprise to me.
      Thanks for listening John,
      Bob O

    • kerri raluna

      Hi John,

      The point Sandra makes is the most telling from my point of view,

      “I am slowly removing myself from all of these type of lists (they won’t miss me as I never give them any money) the lack of respect in much of their marketing is beginning to offend me and more to the point bore me.”

      Sounds like this new bonus system may be a recipe for reducing lists.

      While I found valid points in everyones replies the bottom line for me in this latest marketing technique is that it’s becoming more of a turn off to buying than an incentive.

      I think it’s because this “Bonus” system will make more people “fence-sitters” and less people willing to purchase now. If I truely believed I would never be able to get it in the future, I would have considered getting it now and hanging on to it for later.
      As it is, I’m with Marge and Ray. Why waste money today when I won’t implement it yet, and will be able to get it for free when I am ready.

      Just adding my thoughts,
      🙂 kerri-raluna

    • Avril Harper

      Hello John

      I totally agree with you when really high price items are ultimately given away free but in general I think giving freebies is a great way to generate sales and opt-ins. I think I have done much the same on just one or two occasions but the books concerned were never priced more than $20 or $30 dollars.

      From my point of view giving a freebie of some sort, usually NOT a book I previously charged for, I can triple or even quadruple my sales of ClickBank products. For me the freebie is a way or making sure people actually click on my link to buy whatever item I’m recommending so freebies are a great way to prevent affiliate hijacking. But high ticket items are an altogether different matter.

      If anyone is interested there’s a report at my site which I wrote some years back – HOW TO MAKE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A DAY FROM FREE BOOKS – which gives several reasons when freebies can be a great marketing device. It might just help someone. It’s at http://www.avrilharper.com/freestuff.html

      Thanks John for your comments which are always so helpful to the rest of us.

      Best wishes

    • John Godon - The Infotainer

      Hi John

      It’s John, The Infotainer

      You’ve received views on both ‘sides’ … which doesn’t surprise me. I’ll start by saying that I don’t like it. I think it’s disrespectful … but that’s a choice the seller makes and it’ll cost them in the long run. However, I DO think that IMs who act like this cannot care (deep down) and that they are happy to cream off what they can whilst having a pretence of caring.

      One of the problems is this now accepted use of ‘value’. VALUE $997? Who said so? COST $997 maybe, but the VALUE to me is something only I can determine!

      Part of this initial ‘value’ is the fact that the price will make it considerably more limited in its use and thus of higher value to the user (given it has some merit). To then lower the price, especially to give it away, TOTALLY DEVALUES IT and means it is now worthless. Sure we can all benefit from items that are free and have intrinsic value for us … but when the original seller does this as part of a carefully orchestrated marketing plan to sell the ‘next big thing’ …. it leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth.

      So now when I read “Only $447 .. doors will close on Thursday, it’ll never be sold again” … I read that to mean ….”but I will be GIVING IT AWAY soon for zilch”. And THAT has to harm everyone.

      WHY create and reinforce an image of IM as sharks who manipulate? The double glazing, used car salesmen, cell phone services etc all have a tarnished image …. do IMarketers want to be seen as spivs too?

      “Pssssst … wanna buy some manuscripts?”

      John Gordon
      The Infotainer


    • Dave Nicholson

      Hey John,

      Yeah, I hear what you are saying and to some people it will feel just wrong, but I personally think it is a great way of reviving old products, we all know nothing lasts forever and we all like a good bounus! 🙂



    • Alan Rogers

      I think that this is ultimately devaluing his own products. To me it is saying actually its not as great as my previous products so I will throw in all this other stuff to make it worth your money. And if you haven’t got his previous products then this would probably represent good value – if you are going to do something with it.

      But it would make you think twice before splashing out $1000 – $2000 on his next one. How is he going to up the anti for his next launch? And if you had bought these bonus products at their full price would you not have the same concerns about future value?

      I’m sure that Mike knows this and is two steps ahead of the rest of us. May be the days of a high price piece of software/report are coming to an end?

      I haven’t bought any of his products but you have to admit that he is good at what he does. He doesn’t force anyone to buy his products and offers a generous money back guarantee policy so thousands of people have discovered value in his products.

      But as everyone has said things move very fast in the world of IM, with the current trend to be to give away high value product for the price of a regular monthly magazine eg Mike’s 2Best Dam Newsletter” (which wasn’t) and now StomperNet’s Net Effect. Rich Schferen and Michael Chenney are using live video streaming…. marketing is evolving at break neck speed.

      The real value to us aspiring Marketers is not neccessarily in their PRODUCTS but their METHODS of promoting them.

      If we can study, interpret and impliment these methods into our business, before they become too ‘old hat’, then that is what will make us more successful in what we are trying to achieve.

      Cheers John for a thought provoking topic,

    • simon ellis

      hi john,
      I think in any business, it is an ethical point of respect for the prople you work with who have helped you in the past to be looked after in the future – nobody can build a massive empire with smash and grab tactics, surely we all know this ??
      personally, I would have offered massive discounts to my loyal customers, as otherwise where will they be in the future ?
      surely without the support of people purchasing the previous products mike would not have been able to fund development of the new product ?
      sounds a bit like – thanks for your custom, and for helping me develop new products with revenue from your purchases, I made a mint, and here’s something new to try – by the way, I can’t give you a fairer price, as I need as much as I can get so I can get developing the next product without having to affect my lovely lifestyle – after all why should i fund it ? thanks for your custom, please let me exploit you again soon –

      sorry if that sounds harsh, but come on people, we all know there is no honour amongst thieves ( not calling him a thief, by the way)but surely if the days of honour amongst business associates is gone – we are all doomed !
      keep it real, keep it fair – there is only one place that these tactics will get you, and that is in a constant smash and grab race for new clients all the time – but hey who cares – every year another bunch of lambs leave education ready for the slaughter –

      look after each other, support each other, build relationships – not palaces of fortune, – they will build themselves if we follow these basics – and above all remember the oldest one in the book – what goes around – comes around !

      strive to be happy 🙂

      john, to your continued success
      and thanks for your leadership

    • Steve

      I think I saw a comment or two sayiny that they thought that a lot of things are overpriced and in some cases overpriced.I aggree with their observation in most cases.And I think that that the reason that they post the new releases sometimes overprices is because they know that it will not take that long for oversaturation to occur.By this I mean that as far as the people that have bought it and are then trying to promote the affiliate link themselves they will notice that it is posted all over the place and when people see this they are a little turned off by the whole thing because they think it’s allready sort of old hat and no longer a valuable tool.As far as me personally I have frustrated a lot of the so called big time marketers because I told them not to feel very bad about their ability to sell just because I didn’t buy because I was the toughest person in america to sell to.
      Anyway John your prices are allways fair in my oppinion but as far as new people getting into the aspects of both producing and selling new informational products this segment is starting to get very competitive and this during this economic downturn period in the US to make them even harder to sell.But you seem to have done quite well so I wish you good luck and continued success.

    • Tom


      I don’t care and neither do you. This is merely a way for you to get people to click on your affiliate link to the product and the bonuses that come with it.

      It’s no different than the old “Is Traffic Fusion a Scam?” method of marketing a product.

      In reality, discounting prices happens all the time both online and offline. Should you be upset because some affiliate is getting 75% of the cost of a product you buy? Do you get upset because you spent $20 to see a movie the day it comes out, but a year later you can watch in on television?

      It’s called “OPPORTUNITY COST.” If you have to have the software, or the gadget, or whatever is the FAD of the moment, then you are going to pay big bucks for it. This is a very fast paced world, now and something that sold last year, especially in the IM arena, is quickly discounted as the crowd is on to the next great method or secret.

      Tis the nature of the beast!

      Reply by John.

      Yes Tom, my link is an affiliate link, I’m a marketer, whenever I link to a product I will always use an affiliate link if possible. If I wanted to hide it I would have done a better job. That’s not what this post is about. If I wanted to make money promoting the product I would have been on board when it launched.

      Think about it…

    • William

      Sometimes I think IM Marketers need to get out into the real world! In any retail environment you will find items on sale at one price, and perhaps a month or two later find them on sale at a substantial discount. If you purchased at the full price it may irate you that you missed a substantial discount, but you would not consider it unethical. Our general tendency is to want things NOW rather than wait for them.

      If you are purchasing a product to help your business and it helps you generate income, then it is a bargain. If for example you purchased the Butterfly script for $997 and in the three months prior to it being offered for free it earned you $2000, then the purchase was worthwhile. If on the other hand, you just purchased it because of all the hype and did nothing with it, then it is not surprising you would be irritated if you then saw it offered as a free bonus.

      Personally, when I am buying something for the business, whatever it is, I check it out on the internet to see if I can get it cheaper, and then before purchasing, try and determine if it will help me generate income. If I am not sure, I don’t buy it. Simple and less stress.

    • John Collins

      Hi John –

      Doesn’t bother me. Mike can do what he wants and I’m sure he’s already calculated how many people will be upset and he thinks it’s worth it. Maybe business isn’t going to good for him. A lot of the stuff isn’t probably in big demand at this point. Look at his traffic sites something like 3 now. As soon as one doesn’t produce much he launches another one. Most of the people buying into the new one don’t even know he has others.

      One thing tagging on all those extras does is reduce refunds. Even if the current product is lame people will be hesitant to give up the bonus stuff. Then Mike can claim more success than he could if it was a stand alone no bonus product. Plus he can say 300 more people use each of those bonuses.

      As far as how much a person makes a year doing this stuff there’s a big difference between gross and net especially as the machine gets bigger. A lot of people brag in this business but they use the gross take without mention of the expense. You never here the net because it’s not brag worthy. Just saying. You gotta grease the wheel.


    • Lucille Crystal

      Hi John,
      No I don’t agree with what he did, and yes it would make me upset. I would not let him know that I am upset. I would act as nothing happened and the next time you get the chance to do it to him, DO IT!!!! Only really stick it to him. Maybe he will learn from it and won’t do it again.
      No way would I ever do that to my Marketing Friends and Co-Workers. I would not do that to total strangers I think that is un-ethical. Lucille

    • lee

      Wow! Lots of us $497 librarians. Worse yet are the sellers with work shops or boot camps that charge us for a whole new product when eBay makes their many changes. No support, just pay $497 for a fix. Thank you sir, may I have another!

    • Stefan Dyke

      Hi John,

      It’s a great question.

      In this particular case it doesn’t bother me, but that’s primarily down to the fact that I haven’t stumped up huge amounts of cash for any of Mike’s products in the past – although I will admit I am getting his monthly newsletter at the moment.

      The whole situation reminds me of one of the biggest issues I used to have with the mobile phone operators – the old new vs existing customer promotions. I used to get sick of coming to the end of my contract and learning that if I was a new customer I could have the latest and greatest phone for nothing, but as someone who had spent £500+ over the last 12 months I’d end up paying a small fortune for my ‘upgrade’.

      Thankfully this situation seems to have changed as a lot of the mobile operators offer the same deals regardless of who you are, and in the case of Traffic Fusion I do recall that Mike gave me an opportunity as a subscriber to his monthly newsletter to get it for half price – so credit to him on that front.

      I think the biggest risk in this scenario is to ensure that at least some of the bonuses haven’t been released before, I mean if I’ve been a loyal customer who has stumped up for everything Mike (or anybody) has sold in the past and all that they’ve done is make them the bonuses then they will hold no value for me whatsover.

      Of course the bonuses shouldn’t be what sell the product, but like most people in my case they can certainly help me to hit the ‘buy now’ button if I’m wavering for any reason. So if I already have all the bonuses and I’m on the fence about the new product you are going to have to do an amazing job with the salesletter to sell it to me, rather than rely on the old ‘with all these bonuses how can you say no?’ technique!

      Anyway, that’s my two pence worth – at the end of the day these guys are making millions every year so they must be doing something right.


    • Dan

      I don’t care what Mike does or doesn’t do. I just read it, interesting stuff.
      After spending some time here reading the comments, I wonder, what makes people shutting their blinders and behave like lemmings. Looks like our democratic IM world order develops to an online guru dictatorship. Or no, it already happened, as all these brainwashed salespage pitchpage addicted followers of IM fashion are commenting.
      Why do I write this?
      Because I would like to see here some comments about info products inflation.
      If you don’t get, what I mean, go on and follow the guru traps, or as we call it here in Germany, the “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”.
      YOU don’t need THEM, THEY need YOU!
      That’s why they give away for free stuff they worked for hard for like hell.
      If this bonus and giveaway crap goes on the info product business will only work in future for a short time, if you give MUCH more for free in bonuses, than your actual product you want to sell is worthwhile. This becomes insane. In the virtual IM world maybe it will last fo a while, but think about it: in the real world, would you sell 4 car tires for some bucks and give a car for free as a bonus? Is this a business model? Only to sell your tires, no matter what??
      What a bonus humph anyway besides of that Mike’s stuff is. In case of Mike’s bonuses it will take you about one year to read all that, and about 10 years to apply all that, and it will be outdated next year anyway, and it will keep you from applying this traffic fusion thingie, whatever great stuff that maybe, I don’t care, I just want to be informed about it.
      I have about 2gigs of bonuses on my HD, I did not even look at most of it yet, and I probably never will. Bad mistake to waste all that time. Or no, now I know better. All I need for my business is up there between my ears, not on my HD.
      And all these giveaways anyway. Give away something for free for an email address to build a list of schnorrers, who don’t want to buy anything anyway. And what to sell to them, when they can get it for free next month anyway?
      Folks, this will not work anymore very soon.
      Soon you will have to give away your cow for free today in order to sell more milk tomorrow, that’s the future business model, great…
      The gurus with their monster launches saw the branch not only they themselves, but all we IMs are sitting on, great job, thanks!

    • Alexei Zoubov

      I already posted my comment once and came back to read more of readers’ comments.

      It looks that the majority of respondents think that Mike’ products are overpriced. I absolutely agree.

      If you watch his videos, that’s what he teaches – how to build a better mousetrap with a better bait and how to be enormously greedy about everything. Does anybody remember Ferengi from Deep Space 9 (Star Trek)? Profit, profit profit!

      Onr would think that with all these millions Mike makes, he could be more reasonable. But.. that’s how he is making millions – the bait is there, get in and get trapped.

      This reminds me about the mortgage crisis we are now in,

      I personally unsubscribed from all Mike’s lists and any offer that comes from him goes directly into the trash, where it belongs. I won’t support greed, even if it profits me.

      I wish more people do the same, but: “Nobody ever got broke underestimating… ” and so on

      Alexei http://azsystems.net/

    • Ray Johnson

      Hey John,

      I have to agree with you! I think this is just classic internet marketing, you see alot of the bigger marketers doing this all the time when launching new products.

      Giving away anything online though is a powerfuly tactic, particularly when used on an Internet Marketing Blog like yours.

      Ray Johnson

    • Dave Ovenden

      Hi John,

      Like you, I bought BFM when it first came out and so I know first hand what a powerful script it is. Does it bother me that it’s now being given away as a free bonus? In a word, no! It’ a tactic that many business use both on and offline because it works.

      If I buy a product and pay full price for it then I do so conciously and with a view to using it and getting maximum value out of it. What happens to the product after I’ve bought it has no impact on my original decision to buy. I know some people will get upset and feel ripped off but you can’t change the past so my advice is to keep looking forward, not back.

      On the other hand, if I am buying a product and it comes together with loads of bonuses then I am even better off. But, I would never buy a product just to get the bonuses. Either I want the product and I’m prepared to invest the asking price in it or I’m not.

      Great question to pose though!

      Best regards,
      Dave Ovenden

    • Ken Biddle

      Hi John,
      Ha Ha, you seem to have created a little hornet’s nest of comments here, excellent. My views are simply stated really.

      I remember just before Mike announced here was giving away BM 2.0 I received several emails from him telling me I could get BM at a massively reduced price because the packaging was damaged. Now If I had bought that and just before BM 2.0 was given away for free then I guess I would have been a little upset at the timing, but to be honest these thing happen all of the time.

      You can go out and buy a new stereo or computer and then next week a new model comes out and the one you bought suddenly becomes old technology. It never seems fair but I’m afraid that life.

      Before anyone criticises Mike then perhaps they should reflect on the amount of money he is making with his marketing tactics.

      You said yourself John how successful you had been with Butterfly Marketing so in your case it was money well spent.

      Anyone out there that has got their copy of BM 2.0 should now sign-up for your course and learn from someone like you with first hand experience how to apply it properly.

      Ken Biddle

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