It’s 7am here in the UK as I write this blog post, this morning I woke up at 6am and decided to write some content for my blog as it’s been a short while and I want to start with a question.

Do you really want to succeed in Internet Marketing, I mean really want to succeed?

You see, some people will tell you how determined they are then fail at the first hurdle. Or they may work hard for a short while full of enthusiasm then they eventually give up. We all want success right? However, some want it more than others and the people who want it the most almost always seem to make it.

It is very important you understand if you really want to succeed or if you just think you want to succeed.

An example of someone who ‘thinks’ they want to succeed would be:-

  • Someone who needs to learn wordpress then spends the day on the golf course.
  • Someone who is having problems building a website who then spends the afternoon in Starbucks.
  • Someone who knows they need to spend the day writing articles but then ends up in the pub.
  • Someone who spends more time on Facebook than the Warrior Forum.
  • Someone who buys into automated program after automated program to avoid real work.

An example of someone who wants to succeed would be:-

  • Someone who spends almost every day building their Internet business.
  • Someone who can ignore distractions and get their tasks done for the day. (Something that is very hard to do sometimes)
  • Someone who when faced with a problem will solve it no matter what.
  • Someone who does not even know what ‘it can’t be done’ means.
  • Someone who knows they need to work hard to make their business succeed.
  • Someone who wakes up at 6am and decides to create some content before doing anything else.

I’m sure you can see what I’m trying to say here.

There is a big difference between people who want it and people who think they want it. If you currently ‘think’ you want it then this may be your wake up call.

Remember! Making money online takes time, there is no magic bullet no matter what you keep getting told every day from most Internet Marketers. If you want it bad enough and are prepared to work at it then it will happen.

I go into this in a lot more detail in my report ‘You’ll Never Succeed Onine’, if you haven’t read it yet go grab yourself a copy, it’s free.

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    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John,

      The truth is everyone wants to succeed but not everyone has the desire, determination or dedication to follow through with what they really want!

      When I first started online, I would have all of these great ideas in my head but I didn’t start to see success until I followed through and actually made it happen.

      If you want succeed, think about what your doing right now that stopping you from reaching your goal…football game, youtube, should be getting it by now.

      Edson Buchanan

    • Daniel Sumner

      Hey John,

      I know the feeling of not sleeping and having so many ideas buzzing around your head.

      “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Edward Young

      We are all guilty of wasting time, but you cannot waste time all of the time. If you want to succeed you need to take the time to succeed and become a success.

      If you work hard and put your ideas into action, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

      Great post mate 😀


    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi John,

      Like you I was up very early, since 5am (UK) time. I read your article with great interest. Someone who does or think they want to be successful. I do spend a lot of time on the internet, more so in the last 10 months. I have to admit that I do digress and do other things instead of doing the things I should be doing. However, I am confident that in the next few months I will be further ahead in IM. I joined your Masterclass for a reason. I have said in the past that I know a wee bit about IM. My problem was “direction”, Where should I start, which way should I go. Your Masterclass does that. I take it week by week and do the “chores” as required. I am enjoying it and hope to progress.

      I also know that if a problem occurs there is a magnifcent support available. I have to say that Paula Brett does a fantastic job. She has helped me in leaps and bounds.

      I think that post could be a wake up call, it has for me. I need to curtail my visits to the pub. I was actually thinking of closing my Facebook account. That can hold you back somewhat. I’ll stop bleating now.


      • Ryan Ziems


        So much of your post rings true for me as well. ESPECIALLY when you speak of “direction”! That’s one reason I was very grateful when I found John’s Resell Rights Blueprint, it was definitely a step in the right direction!

        Also you mention Facebook. I hate to admit that I am guilty of “hopping” on FB ‘just to check’ that 1 or 2 people that have accepted your friend request … and a hour later I’m still searching for that guy from back in high school, or the friend from back in the day! When that hour would have served me much better had I been writing article content, or working on my website to make it better!

        Something I have decided to implement is to block off or schedule time for certain tasks I need to complete with my business, rather than simply having a “to-do” list of things that need to be done … should I ever have the time to get around to that list!

        I too have to agree with you about Paula Brett, she is incredible about getting back to a person quickly with a helpful answer! Plus Dan just helped with a technical question I had on my website.

        Mr. Thornhill, you ask us the question; “Do You Really Want to Succeed?” (I apologize to all if this is a poor analogy) I once had it explained to me like this; Are you the bacon or the eggs? Some will say they are involved in their business, and it’s very important to them. Some will say they are committed to the success of their business. Well in the production of a persons breakfast, the chicken is ‘involved’, while the pig is COMMITTED!

        Have a great day everybody!

        Ryan Ziems

        • Donald

          Hi Ryan,

          Good post and I agree that one should schedule time rather than a to do list.

          One other thing I forgot to mention, better mention Dan Thompson, he has helped lots as well expecially the hosting side.

          Well done Dan.



    • Ludovic

      Hey John,

      Very nice article you have there! Totally true!
      I can relate it to my blog post about the success cycle:

      It does take hard word. However, if your passionate about it, then it won’t seem as hard in the long run.

    • Robert Simpson

      Hi John,

      I must be in your good books then, I was up at 4-30am this morning writing a blog post. I went over it a few times to correct all the spelling mistakes and didn’t get it posted until 6-13am. 🙂

      I’m doing some things right but lots of things wrong but, I’m learning all the time, visiting and reading posts like yours.

      Thanks again for attracting me to your blog to read another great blog post.

      Robert 🙂

    • Andrew Stark

      I think that procrastination is my biggest issue. I know that I need to do things, but like most things in my life they tend to end up half arsed rather than exceeding expectations.

      Out of all the hours online I spend less than 25% of the time is actually benefiting me. Even when I tried to outsource to get a job done I’ve lost 3 weeks due to making a poor decision to go for the cheapest option.

      Ultimately I missed my great chance in IM when it became clear that my sceince job was secure and there was no chance of a nice big redundancy payout – If I was forced into making this work to pay my bills then the urgency and gravity of the situation would make me succeed.

      I can’t even to manage to arrange the consultation with you that I paid for in the 72 hour madness. When you get that email you’ll know that I’m stepping up to the mark.


    • Andrew J Titcombe

      It’s not always the TV, the pub or Starbucks that distract small business owners. We also have to work 24/7 to keep the shop open – in my case the shop is now closed but the same applies to my selling on eBay and Amazon,
      Sometimes it takes a lot of time to read through endless sales page copy to decide what it it is all about – that is a time waster.
      My view is that so many “gurus” are simply high-pressure salesmen as as entrepreneurs we are naturally inquisitive to learn more. To someone who has done the 24/7 bit for many years then the “instant cash on autopilot has a certain appeal but, in my saner moments I realise that is work, hard work that earns the cash.
      If you are easily disillusioned by setbacks then the self-employed life is NOT for you but otherwise it’s a great life (if you don’t weaken)

    • Mandy Allen

      Hi John, I’m always having ideas at weird times. My first book title came to me in the middle of the night! One thing I find really frustrating is having great ideas while I’m driving, they grow and develop as the journey goes on, but I’ve often forgotten then best bits by the time I get somewhere where I can stop to write it down. So I bought a digital recorder and keep it in the door pocket. Part time effort produces part time results.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Ed

      Hey John,

      Its all just too true, I still do it to a degree however, most of the time I do get tasks done slowly but surely!

      I am one of them people who will put the hard work in, I just fail on direction, for instance some people know exactly what they need to do to succeed but cannot be bothered to achieve it!

      Whereas me Im full of steam to get stuck in but I am trying to get to many things done at once, and to be honest at times as made me down tools because my mind is to over populated, even though I am still willing to go at it1

      I believe one day I will get to the promised land, but it will be a long haul, you see its my nature to be through on detail when I set out on a task, and just the way I am!

      At this moment in time, I am 100% from my end doing it all myself just like some other people, and when you are in that boat it takes an incredible mindset to keep motivated!

      So like you say you either want it or you don`t!

      To a degree a lot of the so called gurus a few years ago have diluted peoples visions of being successful with the image of the ‘magic button’, so when these people realise that its not so easy to make it online, they are not interested!

      Marketers in my opinion, are now having to convince people that they can make it online but they do have to put the work to get there, the way they are doing this is by giving them more and more support with the product that teaches them HOW to make it online!

      However if the marketer does not follow through with the support like they should, the buyer WILL lose faith in them and the marketer will be reduced to one shot sales!


      So you could say to a degree, that maybe there are more people out there with the drive but not the support they need to keep them motivated, that depends on whoever the marketer is who sold the product in the first place, if people cannot see success within a time frame they lose faith and give up!

      And in some cases, these are the people that have tried extremely hard but unfortunately seen no results!

      Don`t get me wrong it is up to the person to put the work in but, to be fair there are other elements involved like customer support that will keep them motivated and put the effort in!

      Great issue raised in this post John….Ed.

    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John

      Absolutely right mate, success happens if you make it happen.

      There’s no better example than yourself, from which I have learned from and achieved what I have so far.

      If you want success look no further than this blog post and get out there and DO it.

      Talk soon JT,


    • “Someone who wakes up at 6am and decides to create some content before doing anything else.”

      Are you telling me there are TWO SIX O’Clocks in a Day John??!!

      That’s me screwed then…lol

      I agree with most of what you say – BUT, I still firemly believe in living and enjoying life and Not spending every waking minute working!

      Naturally I’m no where near as successful as you so you could say that proves your point.
      However – I’m sure you would agree that you meant loving what you do and working your plan, which would also include enjoying life itself.

      LOL – It’s very rare I would would ever disagree with anything you teach John, thankfully I do agree with 99% of what you’re saying… but please don’t make me get up at 6AM!!



      • John Thornhill

        Hi Randy,

        I hear ya mate!

        The main difference was I chose to work at 6am this morning, no one forced me and I didn’t have to work so early. I just decided to generate some content while I had some spare time on my hands, but I do have to work whilst sometimes others are out enjoying themselves.

        Take right now, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m working on my sales page for a new product I’ll be releasing next month. The house is empty as all the family is out doing various Saturday afternoon stuff (that will probably include a Starbucks) while I work. However, I know that I will be rewarded for my efforts next month and will take a few weeks out to reward myself after my launch is over.

        BTW, working on a Saturday afternoon isn’t that bad, I’ve got Sky sports on and I’ll be watching the football results come in while I work. Hardly ‘proper’ work is it? 🙂

        • Donald MacLeod

          Good result for Sunderland John, beating Chelsea 3 0 at Stamford Bridge.

          • John Thornhill

            Lol, I know, shocking 🙂

    • LynnN

      Hey, what a lot of early birds there are here on this fine Saturday morning, a post and 8 comments before I was even out of bed 😳

      I don’t have a problem with desire; since I retired from my J.O.B. last year not only do I WANT to succeed, I NEED to succeed to keep the wolf from the door.

      I don’t play golf, or go to Starbucks, I only go to the pub two or three times a year to meet up with my old colleages, and I hate Facebook. And as I’ve never been a telly addict, I don’t spend my days watching Jeremy Kyle and Emmerdale.

      So why am I not up there with the successful marketers? It’s because I lack direction and I’m a serial procrastinator. I sit at my computer, spend half the time wondering what to do, then end up doing a bit of this, a bit of that and achieving next to nothing.

      I know that if I carry on like this I’ll just keep going in circles and never get anywhere so I really need to break this cycle. I’ve proved that ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’ so I’m going to write down my goals for the coming year, and a step by step plan on how I’m going to achieve them. Then I’ll write a daily ‘to do’ list. I’ve done that before, but this time I’ll actually read it an follow it!

      Your early morning blog post has prodded me into action and I need to stick with it because failure is no longer an option.

      Thanks John


    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John, wise words it takes effort over a long period to build the business, most people just look for the one big hit (that is why thaey buy into program after program) to make it on line, its important to make good deep foundations on which to build.


    • Brigita B Cardoso

      Hi John, thanks for writing this post. It really came at the right time for me, and I feel so encouraged to carry on and never give up, and above all to keep up the hard work. I’m one of your new student in the Marketing Masterclass programme(I’m at week 15), and I’d like take this opportunity to thank you. You are a great teacher a very honest guy and really inspiring. You really are the best teacher. Thanks to you and your wise words I’m more determined than ever to succeed, you’ll be so proud of me;-)

    • Ron Barrett

      Good points John. Reminds me of a message that I sent out to my list a few weeks ago and I’ll share here:

      Are you being told, or are you deciding?

      Becoming an online entrepreneur begins in your mind.

      Not with a website.

      Not with an autoresponder.

      It begins in your head. Entrepreneurs think and process differently than most of the population.

      Most people find out that there is a way to make some cash online. Are led to believe they can make it happen overnight. And think they have a right to it. Then get upset when it does not happen that way.

      Entrepreneurs want to build businesses. They know it will take time. They know work is involved. The results are their own.

      The majority want to sell an ebook (and think that’s all they will ever need to do). The entrepreneur wants to create an empire.

      As you can tell, there is different processing happening between these very opposite groups.


      Because one group has been trained as an employee. The other as the owner.

      One group is used to being TOLD what to do (employee).

      While the other is used to DECIDING what to do (owner).

      You can follow the herd or set the course – it’s your choice – and it starts in your mind.

      You can do what everyone else is doing or be different and brand yourself.

      Have a GREAT weekend!

    • Jeannette

      Good afternoon to you John:

      It is only 8:27 am my time on the West Coast of the U.S. I am way behind many of you this bright and early Saturday morning.

      John, I fully agree with what you are saying and appreciate the wake up call. The biggest hurdle is overcoming the fear that you devote all this time to this “Internet” thing and it doesn’t work. When someone needs results fast due to circumstances, choosing the right place to invest your time is very important. We hear everyone saying it works, but will it actually for “Little ole me”.

      I know this is a fear that has to be overcome personally by each individual. I am choosing to put this fear behind me and jump in with both feet. Afterall, fear is simply “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

      Have a great weekend and good luck on your new product release.

    • Barry from Saskatchewan

      Howdy Sir,

      I agree with Randy and obviously Ed.

      If you can’t do this drunk then you shouldn’t be doing it.

      These days, with twist off tops on everything, there’s no excuse.

      And yes, keyboards still work after stuff is spilt in them so like you say John, just do it.

      Have a grand day pal.


    • Mike

      It never hurts to read the “do’s and dont’s” every so often, as shown on your blog post. We all face distractions like this in one forma or another. You’re right about the focus on someone who thinks they want to succeed, and someone who really is.

      I’m still “new” in internet marketing to a certain degree, but making progress all the time on avoiding the various distractions that take me away from projects at hand. The more practice and focus I get, the better the content will flow.

      Keep up the good work John.


    • Barry Wells

      Hi John,

      You’ve hit the nail on the head again, you sure you weren’t a chippie 🙂

      Since taking part in the Masterclass i’ve come to realise that i was playing at Internet Marketing before starting the course.

      I didn’t go to Starbucks or facebook but i did make excuses for myself, sometimes in the pub.

      Since taking part the course i see a much brighter future and no longer do i make excuses, (or visit the pub as often). I now work on my business in one aspect or another every day except Sundays (normally).

      I still find it hard to avoid distractions but am getting better at it, much to the wifes annoyance 😉

      I also now realise the amount of hard work needed to create success for my business and am making plans for a whole new project, as well as correcting some of the older ones.

      Actually John I was hoping to ask your advice on my new project but will do so through one of your help desks, if that’s ok?


    • Mark Flavin

      Great post John. There is a big difference between wanting to succeed & actually taking action & getting tasks accomplished. You can really want something but if you don’t roll up your sleeves & get working to reach your goal then it’s never going to happen. And in the hundreds of interviews I have watch with some of the worlds greatest business leaders the key is to “Never Give up”


    • Terry Conti

      Hi John, some people forget that this is a business and like any other business it should be run like one. The beauty is that you can work when and how you want to which can be very undisciplined.

      One must have the discipline to do the necessary things to keep your business.

      Setting aside time everyday and doing something toward your bussiness everday is key to success.

      Terry Conti

    • Adam Henderson

      Hi John, Its always hard when you read something in a post and you think yep that’s me, but you know its for not doing the right things.
      Its taking me a while, but its slowly sinking in getting there slowly. I have been guilty for putting the effort in the wrong places and jumping from one thing to another.
      learning to follow through on one project at a time!!! news flash it works. thanks for another bum kicking, always a good read.


    • Peter

      I often get up around 4 in the morning . I find that working for a couple of hours on my websites that time in the morning i get more quality work done.

    • John McNally

      I think all of us would want to be in the second list John, though sometimes they can overlap. I like to get my work done AND spend time in the pub. 😆

      I agree with you that we can forget automatic systems, and that there isn’t any magic bullet. However, I am promoting MAGIC ACORNS at the moment. 🙄 This could be the answer to your prayers. Just plant one in your back garden, grow a MONEY TREE, then pluck cash from it any time you like and spend all day in the pub. 8)


    • Bill Murney

      Hi John

      Having retired from the world of work three years ago and despite never having used a computer I decided to buy a laptop, mainly for an interest. After a lot of searching I came across the IM concept, I then wrote an ebook but didn’t have a clue how to market it.

      After more searching I came across your Masterclass course and enrolled – it’s the best thing I ever did, and although I am more of a slow and steady worker I now have three ebooks and another JV ebook to market.

      Some people are sprinters, others plodders, I suppose it’s all down to how desperate they are to make money.

      Fortunately I have not spent much on the guru marketers next ‘must have product’ but have to say your MC course is really all anyone needs if they are genuinely interested in making money online.


    • Eamon Diamond

      Hi John,

      I couldn’t agree more with your post, you certainly do have to put the effort in if you want to make it in this game.

      It’s also shows me why you’re a very successful marketer yourself, you wouldn’t have a touch of workaholic in you John 🙂

      Great post, it’s good to be reminded now and again what it takes to really make it big in this game.

      Eamon Diamond

    • Sherly Mackley

      I’ve been told that Clickbank makes it difficult to get compensated by requiring you to vend loads of totally different things via assorted charge cards and Paypal. I would really like to utilise Clickbank sadly I am concerned with this process. Do you know if it is the truth?

      • John Thornhill

        In my experience you are more likely to get paid using ClickBank so don’t worry about it.

    • Adwello Strategies

      The people who want success most make it!

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