When I first started out a lot of the website builders nowadays were not around and everything was a lot more complex.

Ignoring the Microsoft frontpage which was diabolical, I had no idea how to code so I was searching for a simple way to create a professional website without all the hassle.

These are the ones that I’ve tried and tested and moved forward to the one I am using to this present day.

Let’s start with Microsoft Expressions 3:

After doing 4 hours of research on this software I came to a decision, I decided to purchase this software as the reviews were saying how easy it was to use.

Getting all excited as I was going to produce a professional-looking website for the products that I was going to sell online, how wrong was I. This proved to be one of the hardest software’s I have ever used and uploading it to the web was just as hard, I had to learn code which I now know a little but I still to this day have no idea how to really code.

The Reviews were obviously from website developers who knew how to write code lol.

The question is, would I recommend this to a beginner? Answer NO unless you’re a coder.

Good software
Coders would love this

Not beginner-friendly
Not simple to use
Not drag and drop
No tutorials
Limited licenses



Artisteer was the next website builder that I moved on to with more of a drag and drop option, I loved this software and they had themes to choose from which made things a lot easier for me.

With an easy set up like a Microsoft word document things were starting to look up for my website designs, they were getting more colourful and more attractive to look at. I bought the smallest package for $49.95 and this was more than sufficient to do the job.

One of the challenges to creating your own websites on Artisteer and Microsoft Expressions was to use the FTP “file transfer protocol” like Filezilla to upload all your files to the web hosting, if you don’t upload the right files then this can be a headache and cost you hours of your time trying to figure out what to do next.

When I was at a masterclass workshop they mentioned using other software which I will move on to in just a minute. So would I recommend Artisteer? Yes I would if you still want to use an FTP.

Easy to use like a word doc
Drag and drop
Great choice of templates
More attractive sites
Excellent one off price

No tutorials to help
Have to upload to hosting
Limited licenses



Let’s get back to the masterclass workshop section, after attending a 3-day course I was listening to the speaker and he mentioned about WordPress and how easy it was which pricked my ears up. I decided to take a look at the WordPress platform and was so impressed by how it operated that I needed this to make my life easier.

Google for some reason loves WordPress which is a free website builder platform and after watching loads of youtube videos about how to use WP I started using it, I decided to upgrade my hosting to support WordPress but it was worth every penny.

WordPress is all online and can be edited in real-time showing on your website instantly, you can use different types of free themes which can be found in the library within the site, the only problems are you have limitations on how much you can change the themes.

WordPress has loads of plugins which are also free with the option to upgrade to the pro versions, different plugins allow you to do different functions on the website.
Would I recommend this? Yes, I would as this takes a lot of the hassle away.

Free website builder platform
All online
Free plugins (optional upgrades)
Free themes (optional upgrades)
Can be edited in real-time
Professional websites
Plugin functionalities
Quickly up and running

Themes are limited with designs
Plugins are limited with functionalities
Upgrading hosting to support WP


Have you ever used clickfunnels before? Well this is a brilliant online website builder with a real time editor and sleek with the drag and drop features but it’s hugely expensive to subscribe too.

At $97 a month for basic, $297 per month for platinum range and $1497 per month for collective range.

I started with the basic package and it got too much for me to keep it going as it had limitations to the amount of sites you could build. This was too much for me to take on so I needed to find something more affordable.

All online
Real-time editor
Sleek designs
Drag and drop

Expensive for beginners
Limited on the basic package


Optimizepress 2.0:

After Clickfunnels I started researching for a WordPress plugin that allows me to have complete control over the designs and layout of the themes like Clickfunnels had then I came across Optimizepress 2.0, I also wanted a membership functionality which OP 2.0 would also give me.

Optimizepress 2.0 is the best website builder I have ever used. I can create websites just like Clickfunnels but without the limitations, I can drag and drop, integrate with my autoresponders also integrate with payment options and create a membership platform too.

I would say this is the easiest way I’ve ever created a website without all the hassle that used to come with it. I would highly recommend Optimizepress 2.0 just because it’s worth the money and it’s user friendly too.

They have just updated Optimizepress to 3.0 which is even better than 2.0, the themes are smoother everything is very sleek and it has more functionalities, integrations couldn’t be any easier in fact it’s all round winner.

There are 3 costs which are $99 per year essential, $149 per year business and $199 per year for the suite which I have

All online
Real-time editor
Sleek designs
Drag and drop
Membership functionality
Reasonable price no monthly cost
Video set up tutorials
Constant updates
Great support
Theme library updates all the time

If you ever stop using Optimize Press you lose all of your work


OH – In case you’re wondering why I suddenly wanted to learn/use these tools
– it’s due to following the free training on this webinar https://www.l-g-m.net/2021

Because I’m now building my own online business.

If you’re considering doing the same, I highly recommend watching the free training or consider getting a coach as I have.

Steve Peters

This is a guest post from Steve Peters, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "Discover The Easiest Website Builder I Ever Used"

    • Henry Webster

      Hey John, I’m so glad you introduced me to OP 3.0. Before that, I was using 2.0 and found it frustrating. But after watching you use 3.0 and I saw how easy it was I had to get it. So I bought it under your affiliate link. I have to say, I’m not disappointed. It is amazingly easy to use.
      Thanks, I will never use anything else as a page builder. Although I have noticed that it doesn’t have the membership site builder anymore. So I bought lead pages as you recommended in P2S.
      Once again John Thanks.

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