The last day of the month, and what a month it’s been. I am not going to do a ‘what I did today’ but recap on what I did this month. I actually didn’t do a lot today anyway…

So lets go back to my initial post that I made on the 1st and see what I have achieved.

I said I planned to launch 2 brand new products. Well I got one launched and because of a change of plan the 2nd product is about 2 weeks away. But anyone who can launch a product every month will succeed. So if you have it in you try to launch a new product every month, or at least always be working on a new product. But never more than one at a time as this will only slow you down.

I also said I would create numerous new websites. I have created the following websites this month. (this is not complete yet)

I said I would add about 10 new eBooks to my eBay inventory. I actually only managed 4, I have no excuses for not doing 10. My target is 10 every month but I don’t always reach this target. Usually to me being lazy.

I said I would promote about 5-10 products. This I did manage, In fact I promoted 6 products via Broadcast this month and another 4 were added to my autoresponder sequence, 2 of the promotions were Blog reviews and another 2 were permanent discount offers. The reason I reached this target is because this is how I earn most of my money. Yes, the money really is in the list and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I said I would submit about 4-8 articles to the article directories. I submitted 7 and my future plans are 2 every week. As my articles are ghostwritten and I use an article submission service this is not really work at all. But is very effective.

I said I would work on my existing websites. I actually never got most of what I planned to do in this department done. Unless you can call working on this Blog working on my existing website 🙂

I said I would write my newsletter. I managed to get that done yesterday.

I said I would outsource most of my work. This I did manage. I got all my articles ghostwritten, got graphics created for 7 Elements and Resale Rights Blueprint and had the sales copy for 7 Elements written. (Thanks Randy, I owe you one)

I said I would seek new JV partners. Again, this is something I did manage, I set up a couple of autoresponder JV’s with Lee McIntyre. Created an eBook with Randy Smith. Promoted various marketers products (who now owe me one and I have a product launching in 2 weeks 🙂 ) And I also created an Earn Money section on the Blog.

Now remember when I said in my very first Blog post “I think you may be shocked by the end of the month but for now I wont say why.”

Well look at how much I have achieved this month? I have built my business so much. But I only usually work 4 days a week and for a couple of hours a day. Are you starting to understand the concept of ‘Do a Little Every Day to Build Your Business’? You have watched me build my business in real time this month and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do the same.

Remember, if you do nothing you will achieve nothing. I am living proof of what you can achieve with a little action. The rest is up to you.

On closing I would like to thank every single person who has taken the time out of their lives to read and comment on what I have to say. I couldn’t do it without you so from the bottom of my heart thank you.

And don’t think this is the end of The PlanetSMS Blog, this is only the beginning 🙂

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    • Mark McWilliams

      Thanks for the blog John! It’s been a GREAT month, and I’ve learned a lot…

      …It’s given me a real insight into how you do your business, and to only work for 4 days…[that aren’t even full working days]… 😛 – But I do understand that you have the majority of your business on autopilot.

      I’m glad that this isn’t the last of the PlanetSMS Blog! 🙂

      I had a reoprt that I was going to release…but my computer basically died on me! 🙁 – So it resulted in me losing about half of what I stored on it…and that’s quite a lot. It took the report with it, and now I’ll have to rewrite it…grrr!

      However…with that, I still plan to start up my eBay store in the month of November, I’ll be sending you some questions to your support desk I think…[so look out for me]…

      Thanks again John.

    • Keith Purkiss

      Thanks John,

      I can’t believe the month is over already. I tried to keep up – this is some of what I did:

      Launched one product (and added to it during the month)
      Found JV/Affiliates
      Started several email lists and went from 3 to over 300 subscribers
      Started 2 Blogs
      Setup Help Desk (Thanks Mark for the preview of SSS)
      Did two broadcasts and added 2 emails to my AR sequence
      Added to my ebay stores and ran various tests for a future product.
      Promoted my wholesale site (and started an email list for it)
      Worked on my next report.

      I think the main thing I have done is start building my list and gained my first sales from promoting to it. Now I want a much bigger list 🙂

      See you next month,



    • Randy Smith

      Nice ending to the post John….

      Nearly emotional … 😉

      A real inspiration though …. to think that you have so much family time and still make a very good living.

      Who wants to be a guru sending emails from an airport waiting room at the other side of the world – Yours is a lifestyle I’d rather enjoy.

      Looking forward to the blog continuing


    • Mike Selch

      I have learned a lot from all of your efforts. I am tahnkful that you are willing to tell us what happens in your business each day. What helps me the most is to see someone successful like you that has many of the same struggles as the rest of us.

      A large door opened up to my thinking about ‘development’ of products and the marketing. Somehow my mind ‘assumed’ that you had things much easier and less obstacles than the rest of us.

      I am not sure why we humans assume that those we admire and believe are successful have things much easier and softer than our own struggles.

      Anyway keep up the good work. I believe that as you share, more relationships and business will open for all of us.

      Thanks and God Bless.


    • Peggy Baron

      Whew, for a minute there I thought you were going to end the blog. It’s been fascinating reading – can one become successful through association? 🙂

      I’ve done quite a bit this month too; plunging into the deep waters of internet marketing. The water has been murky and cloudy at times, but never cold. I’ve found so many nice friendly people who have gone out of their way to help me.

      Thanks for sharing your internet marketing life, John, and please keep blogging. I’m close to finishing my list report, thanks for being a part of it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just ask Daniel Sumner. 🙂


    • Jo Blythe


      You certainly seem to have it cracked! You’re an inspiration to others in the online world and have certainly got me off my backside (does it look big in this?) and made me make a “plan of action” for the future. Let’s hope I stick to it.

      Look forward to further “adventures with John”.

      Great Stuff

      Find Out How a Desperate Housewife Performed Emergency Surgery on Herself Without Anaesthetic!

    • Lynn Norton

      It’s great to hear that the blog will continue. It’s been educational, inspirational and a pleasure to read. What more could we ask? 🙂

    • Simon Croft


      Many thnks for the insight into what your month involves. I keep saying that I intend to do this, do that, but things just seem to overtake. I have had the website for a couple of months and also a ebay store and the blog has given me the incentive to really get my head down, on my days off especially, and start building. I have also got literally hundreds of PLR products that I am goint to go through (check the licenses first obviously)and start creating my own products.

      Many thanks once again for the info


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