Todays post is a little early as I’m going to settle down to watch the football (soccer) match between England & Russia on TV. I have my junk food cooking and beers chilling as I type 🙂

So what did I do today? Well this is actually my 3rd post to the Blog today. I added a testimonial page for The 7 Key Elements Every Successful Marketer Follows

I’m doing this to gain social proof for the quality of the eBook. Someone saying how much they like a product always generates more sales. In fact over time I will add all testimonials I receive on the Blog to the home page of the eBook as I will be promoting the eBook via autoresponder series.

I also added the audio recordings I was talking about yesterday to the Blog. These can be found in the ‘Free Stuff’ section located in the top right corner. The audios were not well planned but do have some killer content. I would appreciate any comments (good or bad) you may have as I plan to do a lot more audios in the future.

I also submitted another article today. I did plan to do this on Monday but was so busy with the new eBook I forgot. Even though there was a reminder on my whiteboard. I must remember to look at it more often…

Anyway, that’s it for today, see you tomorrow.

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    • David DeWitt

      Hi, Everyone! John, what do you think of small auction sites that are owned by individuals as an income stream for ebooks? I ran into a small auction site that recently was hacked into and the owner lost about $20,000 by the time he stopped the hacker from going into his Admin area. His sellers weren’t harmed but he was when the site went down for over a month. He seems to be on the road to recovery, and offers free listings up to $20 for first time sellers, even a FREE STORE with only your own items in it! Are these types of sites worth joining if only to market your other products and websites on their pages? Check out this one at:

      What do you think?

      Regards, David~

    • John Thornhill

      David – I can’t answer your question as I have only ever used eBay. One thing I do know though is the traffic eBay receives is far greater than any other auction site and that is the main reason most people choose eBay.

      Maybe someone who has had experience with other auction sites will add their thoughts.

    • David DeWitt

      John! I mentioned this little site at out of curiosity about the value of a mini auction site that may have only 100 or so members to sell to. Compared to ebay, a site this tiny is non-existent but it would have members who are focused on just what is on their site and perhaps someone who sells there would sign up for a newsletter, or even purchase a membership. Is it wise or a waste of time to market to 100 people?

      I shocked myself by going online to see what the top twenty auction sites had to offer in the way of ebooks. MOST OF THEM don’t have a clue what an ebook is! Much less a digital product!

      The top auctions site are ebay, uBid, and

      Only ebay seems to be into digital products in a big way – the others, Yahoo Auctions (their US auction site is retired!), MSN Auctions, Auctions, Auctionweiser, AuctionAddict,Auction-Warehouse,,, FairAuctions, Auctionscape, Internet Auction List, It’s Gotta Go, Buyit Sellit,, AuctionPort, and Xuppa Auctions fill out the top twenty auctions sites, and have virtually nothing in the way of ebooks as far as I could tell.

      Maybe I am not looking closely enough but this is more than surprising to me. What in the world are these sites doing leaving this HUGE market to ebay alone?

      Perhaps the IM-er’s here are laughing their arses off at my “discovery”. But really, I just assumed that if ebay was offering ebooks and digital products on their site, everyone else was, too!

      Go figure.

      Best, David~

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