I first of all want to start with an important update to yesterdays post about the ticket system I have just installed. I can now say without doubt this will turn out to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made. The workload has dropped by at least 75% so like I said yesterday I can highly recommend you get a ticket system in place.

You may also have noticed today’s blog post is a little later than usual. This is because I have been busy all day working with Randy Smith on the new eBook we are producing together, more details can be found here. We have the sales page almost ready and the eBook has just had a final seal of approval from both of us and is now about to be proofread. It should be finished tomorrow and that will just leave a few small tasks before we launch. We are going for launch on Tuesday and I will give you all the details on Monday including a sneak preview.

I also made a big decision today by providing something for free that I previously charged for.

I created a 32 minute video showing how to list an eBook on eBay from start to finish. The video covers everything you need to know and can be viewed at:


No sign up is required, just click and watch.

This video was previously available to PlanetSMS Digital Mentorship Monthly members only but I have now decided to let anyone view it.

You may be wondering why I’m doing this for free. Well here’s why.

  1. It promotes PlanetSMS Digital Mentorship Monthly.
  2. There is a nice affiliate link on the Getting Started page for 1&1 webhosting.
  3. It shows I am prepared to give value to my subscribers.
  4. If anyone asks me ‘How do I get started’ I simply send them to the video thus reducing workload.
  5. I promote a product at the end of the video.

So as you can see by giving something away I will ultimately earn more money and at the same time make my life easier… Perfect 🙂

I’m afraid that’s all for today. I’m not sure if I will be posting tomorrow as the weekend is fast approaching 🙂

If I don’t post tomorrow I will catch you on Monday.

    5 replies to "Day 11 – October 11th"

    • Keith Bowman

      Thanks John for the video. I had never thought of using the search and replace in notepad to change the image url’s. That will save me loads of time!


    • Mick Menesse

      Hi John,

      I wondered if you had considered using videos hosted on youtube to draw extra traffic?
      I’ve seen a few recently but nothing particularly good or outstanding, maybe worth a try,any thoughts?

      Heres a question for you if you get chance.
      What in your opinion is the most profitable way to promote a new ebook you have written?
      Affiliate route? Resale rights? or PLR ?
      Interested in your opinions.

      Great blog, lots of food for thought.


    • Peter

      Hi John

      First of all thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to produce this blog which I have found most informative.

      I recently joined your digital mentorship monthly programme and again the content is such that I felt the investment made to be a wise one with the best item being the getting started video and I was so grateful I joined for that alone. Imagine my disappointment then when that which I hade paid for and presumably has only been available since the launch of the monthly programme has now been made available free to anyone on this blog. Whilst i appreciate that the business decision is yours I feel that to offer something that was previously a benefit for being a member and only available on this programme for free now is wrong and detracts from being a member of your monthly programme. I’m sure this will stir up a hornets nest but it is how I feel.



    • John Thornhill

      Mick – I have never really looked at places like youtube. I may be missing out but I stick to what I know works rather than trying new things and possibly wasting time on something that will never work for me.

      As an example. I know some people make $1000s each week from AdSense but I don’t try and do it myself. Now maybe if I put the effort in I could do the same but it would be at the cost of what I do now possibly failing. I hope that makes sense.

      “What in your opinion is the most profitable way to promote a new ebook you have written? Affiliate route? Resale rights? or PLR”

      You will find out next Tuesday, Randy and I have a nice twist planned to how we will be promoting our new eBook 🙂

      Peter – The getting started video is NOT what you pay for with Mentorship Monthly. You pay for a monthly digital newsletter.

      If you look at the sales page you will see it is never mentioned.

      That video is an added bonus so me giving it away makes no difference to your investment.

      I actually protect members investments by removing content each month so as you pay each month you know anyone new joining can’t download 6 months worth of content and cancel.

      I think long and hard before doing things like I did yesterday but I feel no harm was done and the only people that benefit are my subscribers.

    • Rico

      Hi John,
      Excellent “Getting Started” video,
      if I can’t do it now, I’ll have no excuse!

      Many Thanks


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