This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching program.

Name: Tracey Edwards

Niche: eBay


Product: Auction Classified Cash

From Tracey

When I first got the email from John regarding his coaching program, I had been selling eBooks and digital products on eBay for over twelve months and doing pretty well at it.

At first I wasn’t sure if the coaching program would be right for me, not because of the cost – I actually thought the $500 was good value compared to some community college courses I had been looking at – but because I thought it might be a bit too basic for me.  However since I hadn’t yet created my own product, and I trusted John, I decided to give it a go.  I got up very early (I’m in Australia so it was released very early morning here) and was one of the first people to sign up.

Over the next few weeks I started to get very excited, I had chosen my niche product – I was going to write a beginners guide to selling eBooks on eBay via digital delivery, set up my blog, and was busy writing and putting the finishing touches on my eBook.  I was really proud of what I’d done and thought that I had created a great product.

We had just reached the week where we had to apply to Clickbank for approval when eBay made that fateful announcement that you could no longer sell ebooks except as classified ads, so immediately my eBook became obsolete overnight.  Not only that, but like many other eBook sellers, I got a 30 day suspension for feedback manipulation – what the!!!

I was feeling pretty devastated and spent the next week sulking and complaining to anyone who would listen.  After about a week of moping I was reading John’s blog and I had a light bulb moment when he talked about looking for the positives in this.  I was doing what many other internet marketers were doing by complaining when what I should have been doing was taking some initiative and action!

So the next few weeks I spent most of my time researching classified ads on eBay.  I wanted to find out: what were they best used for, how to use them most profitably, which ads got the most traffic – basically everything I could to making a successful classified ad.

I knew that I was getting behind in my coaching lessons, as most of the other students were already promoting and getting sales on their products, but I was determined to research my new eBook thoroughly.

By the time we had reached Week 15, I had just completed my second eBook on classified ads on eBay and Auction Classified Cash was born..  That meant that I was about five weeks behind – so I had some catching up to do!

Luckily I got approved by Clickbank quickly and so I spent the next fortnight completing the course step by step.  I think I did 6 weeks of coaching in just 2 weeks!  But I did catch up and I was really proud of what I had accomplished in such a short space of time.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the coaching program and John’s encouragement.  It certainly wasn’t too basic for me after all – it was the perfect level of coaching in just the right order as you needed it.

By the end of the sixteen week course, I had created two products (even though only one made it to sale), learnt a lot about internet marketing, and also learnt a lot about myself – not a bad investment if you ask me!


Auction Classified Cash

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    • Tommy McLaughlin


      Congratulations on overcoming your obstacales and getting your product out there!

      Good Job

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