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From Steve

Dear John

Well It was the best 16 weeks coaching I have had the pleasure of experiencing.
As a intermediate online affiliate marketer I have always wanted to learn the product creation techniques and get my own product online to bolster my monthly earnings. Mission accomplished as I have my own eBooks on ClickBank.

John takes you through the process from start to finish step by step. And I mean step by step. From setting up your first blog to product creation , getting it listed on ClickBank, to promoting your product for that all-important first sale and what a fantastic feeling that is.

I’m always willing to cast my net wide when it comes to my learning experience, and what I’ve learned from John will no doubt in the near future lift me to the next level in my online earning experience.

Throughout the coaching program john introduces you to established fellow marketers, and this is a real eye opener in itself. With access to their own products  given freely to you, and I’m not talking free reports here, theses are products that are selling on ClickBank free to you at no cost. Not to mention the surprise waiting at the end of the sixteen weeks coaching.

Dollar for Dollar this is by far the best coaching program I have been involved with, I have learned a lot, started to earn a lot, and my future is looking good.
My advice to anyone just starting out or is intermediate or you want to learn how to create your product and sell it, jump on this bandwagon now.

Ho! and by the way, you get full access to john and Daniel (John’s technical assistant) for sixteen weeks through a student only private email address, yep there all yours to torment for a full sixteen weeks so make the most of it 🙂

Thanks a million John for the last sixteen weeks. And for all you out there sitting on the fence, If you want to get ahead in your online earning life. Get a John Thornhill in your life full stop. For sixteen weeks at lest.

All the best,

Steve Wood.

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