This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching Program

Name: Robert Chenery

Niche: eBay & Internet Marketing



From Robert:

“Wow” that is what immediately springs to mind when I think of the process that John (Planetsms) Thornhill has taken me through over the last 16 weeks in his Personal Coaching Program. I just can’t believe how much can be achieved in such a short space of time.

I first came across John when I was browsing around eBay. John trades under the eBay ID of (planetsms) and for those of you that don’t know he sells eBooks on eBay, or now fully interactive CDs that have the eBooks on them since eBay’s rule change banning digital downloads.

One of Johns auctions back then was to become a member of his NinetyDayPowerSeller website. I read Johns sales page and decided to join up. This is one of the best membership sites that I have joined and inside you will find a wealth of information.  He even provides you with and teaches you how to set up your own eBook website and the forum is invaluable.

What I like about John is that he is so approachable and if you contact him via email or on his forums he always finds time to answer you personally.

I knew that John had previously run a personal coaching course but unfortunately I missed out on it. So when I heard that he was running it again I jumped at the chance and am really pleased that I did.

In these few short weeks I now have my own blog at and I have created my own digital product that is now up for sale on ClickBank at

You will learn a wealth of information on this course such as:-

  • Creating your own product
  • Creating a sales page
  • Hosting your own website
  • How to FTP your files
  • Purchasing a domain name

And much more….

Don’t worry if you are not technically minded John and Daniel (John’s technical assistant) are always there to help you. There wasn’t one question that I asked that I didn’t get help with.

The course is delivered to you via the Internet every week. The tutorials are on short videos devoted to a single small step in the process. You can view these videos on your PC. Each week you are given projects to complete before you get the next part of the course. I found this way of being taught excellent because you can physically see what John is doing on his computer screen. Another thing I love about the videos is that he speaks clearly and slowly so as not to lose you while you are learning.

During the course John delivered way above my expectations and he even managed to minimise any additional costs by arranging for heavily discounted or sometimes FREE products that also help you through the process.

If you are on the fence about this course I can highly recommend it. You will be taught a process that John successfully uses himself and once you know the process you can just keep on duplicating it.

Here’s to your success

Robert Chenery

    2 replies to "Coaching Case Study – Robert Chenery"

    • Dennis R Peltier

      I am sorry I just don;t have the money to invest. I do have the need to earn some extra income but things are tight and everything offered on the net requires money. I guess I am just going to have to sit it out of a while.

      Thank You,

      Dennis Peltier

    • Caro

      Robert, you’re a lucky man. I, sadly, have missed the boat and the training course is full up.

      John, do you have a waiting list? I really really am burning to get up and running right now. The step-by-step guidance and knowing I’m not alone is exactly what I need. If any spaces become available PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

      I look forward to hearing from you!


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