This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching Program

Name: Alex Fyfe

Niche: Dieting/Health & Fitness


Product: A Fitter You Now!

From Alex to John:

Title: John Thornhill’s training course – My prayers answered!!

Hi John,

I would like to share my experiences over the 16 weeks whilst following your coaching program.

I am an IT Engineer by trade and am a complete “newbie” to the world of internet marketing but I do have experience in trading on eBay.

Being an “IT” person I knew the internet was the place to setup a business and thus decided to begin an online marketing business in 2007.  When I first started to look into what type of internet business would be worth running I was swamped with sites offering me the chance to makes $$$$ in months or even weeks!!

I felt completely lost. I spent (wasted!) a few hundred pounds and months signing up for this site or that product only to find these “make big money” sites were only making money for the person(s) who set them up.

I was on the verge of giving up when I found John Thornhill through a random internet search. I read a lot about John and found nothing but positives which is not something I’d found elsewhere. I signed up to his Mentorship Monthly website which I found was packed full of great information PLUS you had contact with the man himself who was always available to answer any questions you may have.

However, I still had not chosen what type of internet business I was going to setup. This is when I came across John’s 16 week coaching program. The program promised to teach me via step by step videos, email support and other methods how to setup an internet business from scratch. I thought back to the ‘other’ sites that had made promises but had not delivered however, my fears were quickly dispelled.

John had setup a blog site to allow for any questions that people had regarding the course and as I had the odd one or two I posted my questions and waited for a response. I didn’t have to wait long. John answered my questions perfectly. This left me with a decision….the price tag which after all I’d spent to date did worry me a little but considering everything I’d read about John and the answers he’d given me to my questions the cost was worth the risk…

From week one I was able to access to the training site chose my niche and follow the course without problems. Any queries I did have then John and Daniel (John’s technical assistant) were only an email away. They always provided the right amount of information (and more!!) that allowed me to setup my blog site I then went onto create my very first called A Fitter You Now!

Throughout the 16 week course John & Daniel consistently OVER delivered on their promises!! When we reached week 16 I found I was able to run a my blog site, maintain my product site and start work on my next project. None of this would be possible without John and Daniel.

The risk I took before starting this course has really paid off I’ve started to generate subscriber lists and income has started to roll in!!

I owe John & Daniel everything!!

Best Wishes

Alex Fyfe

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