This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program.

Name: Dave Robus

Niche: Selling Old Books



John Thornhill’s Coaching Programme is without a doubt the single most important thing I have ever signed up to since deciding to try and make a living on the internet. I have completed producing and am now regularly posting to my blog at which John has taught me is one of the most important things for driving traffic to a website. Also I have researched and produced my own product in the form of an ebook at and all within a couple of months of starting the course.

I learned how to promote my ebook online and now have it up for sale on ClickBank. A few short weeks ago I did not have a clue where to start and used to wonder where all the internet marketer’s got their experience from.

Now I know without a single doubt how to carry on promoting and selling it. More importantly I know and have the confidence to get on and produce even more products. I have gone from total beginner to being a confident internet marketer within less than sixteen weeks, all due to signing up to this marvelous training program. John has taught me how to build website’s from scratch, get them hosted after having researched and obtained the best domain name for a product, how to promote other site’s as an affiliate by doing reviews, in order to obtain great commission checks.

John has also shown me the simple ways to advertise my own eBook by using article directories and aweber as promotion tools along with a whole host of other ways. All this from “newbie” to “fairly expert” in under sixteen weeks. The learning process has not been without trial’s, tribulation’s and problems, but these have been mainly down to me as a totally green newcomer.I have overcome them all or am gradually doing so, with the certain knowledge that I can always refer back to John’s excellent weekly coaching sheets, weekly check sheets and marvelously east to follow Video’s whenever I need to. (You get lifetime access to all the material)

I absolutely recommend John’s coaching program and other materials such as Mentorship Monthly, Ninety Day PowerSeller and especially Auction Profit Streams to anyone having the desire to earn a living online. Incidentally I am sixty one years old, so no one can ever tell me that age is a barrier to learning and making money on the internet. If others’ out there want to see how simple it is then I hope they have the sense to try and get on your coaching program.

John, because of your program I know that anybody who knows how to use a computer would be able to “Just get on with it.” I owe a massive vote of thanks to you and Dan and I give permission to use my name in any promotion for this or any future product you wish.


Dave Robus

    3 replies to "Coaching Case Study – Dave Robus"

    • thelma

      Congratulations Dave on your new e-book! Looks like you did an awesome job!

      I hope you sell a million copies!

      Thelma Harcum

    • Colin

      Hi Dave. A great squeeze page – very professional. Sounds like the course is also well worthwhile, I will take a look!


    • Dave Robus

      To Thelma and Colin who commented here on 1st November.

      Thanks for your kind remarks. If I do sell a million copies it would be down to John’s teaching. If you got onto his programme then that is the best thing you could have ever done. If you did not, then get anything you can produced by John. You will find it all worthwhile.
      If either of you would like a review copy of my book please let me know by responding to my blog with a message.


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