This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program.

Name: Marijo Jilek

Niche: Selling on



From Marijo:

I was in the middle of an internet marketing project I had been working on, just finishing an eBook after several months of writing it, when I suddenly found myself stuck!  The ebook was created, but where did I go from here?

At the same point in time, I had received an email from John Thornhill stating that he was starting a Coaching Program, and it went further into detail about what he was offering.   I realized that the material John was going to cover in his program was exactly what I was needing to get my product online and selling in the marketplace.

I didn’t need to check John Thornhill out before joining his coaching class, as I had known about John for some time, I had been receiving his PlanetSMS Newsletter and had purchased several of his eBooks and other products.  From my interactions and experience with John Thornhill, I knew that he was a reputable person that could be trusted, as were the products he sold… Besides the fact that he had the backing of other well-known people in internet marketing, such as Jim Cockrum and Lee McIntyre, and I didn’t need to think twice about anything John was offering.  So I jumped on his coaching class!

I had taken other mentoring classes on internet marketing, and each teacher and class had something different to offer the students, no two classes are ever the same.  I can honestly say I learned valuable information from each teacher, things I needed to understand about how IM works, but at the stage I was at with my product creation, John was offering a more step-by-step type program, a ‘let-me-take-you-by-the-hand’ mentoring, which was exactly what I was looking for.  It was the missing piece of my puzzle.  There’s the saying that what you’re searching for, finds you…and John had found me!

Needless to say, I joined John’s Coaching Program, and from this point of having my eBook completed, I was now in need of everything else from A-Z in finishing my project, ranging from graphics for my cover and for the eBook itself, a sale letters, opt-in boxes, understanding Aweber, ClickBank, autoresponders, affiliates…and everything else that goes along with getting a product online.

John’s Coaching Program afforded me the opportunity to get the information I was needing from his weekly mailings, which included written materials and easy-to-understand-and-follow videos, product tools that were needed, and his personal email if you needed help from him individually.  He always made himself available when called upon.  I was able to get the firm foundation I needed, and build from there.

I now have an eBook created and online making money!  I am also in the  process of creating other products related to my eBook which will enhance my original product and help my customers in making money more efficiently online also.  I’m learning about new avenues of internet marketing, and about the use of new tools that I have not tried using before.

Internet marketing has a never-ending learning curve.  That’s probably why I love it so much!  But it can get scary at times when you’re overwhelmed and not quite sure of what you’re doing or where to go next.  One can get easily lost at various times throughout the learning process, almost to the point of giving up…I know I’ve been there.  This is where the value of John’s Coaching Program comes into real-life play.  His program is sound, and he leads you through the IM jungle, and you feel safe and secure while you progress forward.

After taking John’s Coaching Program, I realized the importance of a good foundation and in having someone there when you really needed them and that you can trust to point you in the right direction.

When completing the Coaching Program, John offered continuing coaching services for a Lifetime!  John doesn’t just take you through four months of training and then drop you into the playing field to sort the rest out for yourself.  The continuing offer of John’s hard-won wisdom and experience in internet marketing is, to say the least…Invaluable!  And there’s a forum of people to talk things over with who have varied experiences, advanced videos to watch and materials to read…and most importantly, John’s hand to grab hold of when needed.  That…is not easy to find!  I’m fortunate to have done so.  Thanks, John!


Marijo Jilek

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    • Milton

      G’day John,
      I would just like to wish you a Merry Christmas
      and say thanks for all the wonderful
      tips over the last year.

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