HTML clipboardThis is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching program.

Name: Jeff Davies

Niche: Weight Loss



From Jeff

Of all the ebooks and internet marketing “how to’s” I have bought or subscribed to, and believe me it is quite a few, John Thornhill is the only person that has actually enabled me to get a product out on the market and for sale.

As I said earlier, I have bought many, many eBooks  and how to’s on internet marketing from some of the best known marketers around, some I’ve even read, but I’ve never actually managed to get that all elusive product of my own on to the market.  I will put it down to a couple of things but mainly because I am quite lazy.  There you go, I said it.  I work like a dog for my employer in my day (and night job) but when I get home I just flop in front of the television with a beer occasionally looking at my computer at the other side of the room and thinking I should get off my rear and go and do something more constructive.

The beauty of having a new lesson arriving in your inbox every Monday, without fail, is that it is like having John looking over my shoulder and waiting for me to finish and I was embarrassed if I was running behind with the last week’s lesson when the new one arrived, a great motivation to get working.

Also the other great problem I have with other marketers instructions is that they never seem to give you the whole story.  They will tell you that you need to set up an autoresponder and they will give you their affiliate link to whatever company but they all seem to stop short of actually telling you how to set it up. John Thornhill walked us through every single step of setting up an autoresponder and every other lesson that he gave us, nothing was left out.

We were also coached on how to set up a word press blog to enable us to raise our profile and also to get used to writing for ourselves.

I cannot recommend John Thornhill’s coaching program enough.  Whether you are a newbie or experienced marketer there is something in this program for you.

Jeff Davies

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