This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching Program

Name: Edson Buchanan

Niche: eBay


Product: Auction Traffic Formula

From Edson:

When John told me that he could help me achieve PowerSeller Status on eBay in 90 Days selling digital products, The 90 Day PowerSeller Challenge did just that.

When John told me that the money is in the list and I needed to build a subscriber list. I followed exactly what john taught me and today get a check from ClickBank almost every month.

So when John stated that in order to make huge amounts of money Online, you’re going to need to create your own product and I will help you every step of the way, I didn’t even think twice about joining his coaching program, but there was only one problem.

When I received the email about Johns coaching program, I was working night shift and thought I had no chance to even join one of the limited spots available. You see, John lives in the U.K. while I live in the U.S.A. so the time difference would be a major road block for me. So I figured I had no chance of making it in.

When I woke up that Thursday (July 3rd) afternoon and checked my email, My eyes where wide open when I saw the email heading (One Spot Left) I immediately started clicking the order button. Even after receiving the first email about the coaching program I couldn’t believe that I had made it in.

So what has happened in the sixteen weeks of John’s Coaching Program?

Well to begin I don’t consider myself a beginner to Internet Marketing but I did learn a lot about Internet Marketing in the program.

Although I already knew a little about domain names, and webhosting, John was able to help me create a great looking blog within the first couple of weeks where I could post about my Internet business.

This was one of the best ideas I have never thought of. A place where all my eBay customers could visit and see what type of person I am before and after the sale. Not to mention that my blog would show up in the search engines allowing everyone to view my online marketer status.

Now that I had my blog up up and running, it was time to start on product creation. This is where John shines. He shows everyone how he creates his products and does not leave anything out.

Since I was already a PowerSeller on eBay, right away I knew I wanted to write a book about eBay. Now there are a lot of populated eBay areas where I thought  had way to much competition. Now after searching for eBooks about driving traffic to your eBay listing, I could only find a few. This is how Auction Traffic Formula was born!

Something funny happened when I was looking for a title. I emailed John and asked him what he thought about the domain name I purchased (AuctionTrafficExposed). John replied back that he thought it would be a good name for the type of eBook I was writing about.

Confident about my domain decision, I went off to bed. That night I was having a dream about John’s coaching program, when all of a sudden it was like John himself said to me, “Buy the domain name Auction Traffic Formula” I woke up and jumped out of bed. Once at Godaddy, I typed in the name and BAM! It was still available. I purchased and emailed John about my new name. John wrote the next day stating that he loved the new name.

After following every step John showed me, I’m very proud of my first product and I feel that it will benefit all eBay sellers new or advanced.

So after promoting my eBook for a few days after listing it on ClickBank, I am happy to announce that I have finally had my first hundred dollar day on ClickBank. Thanks John!

Would I recommend John Thornhill’s Coaching Program?

This is really a simple answer that I think you already know the answer. My success online is mainly because of John Thornhill and what he offers to everyone that wants to truly succeed online.

Like I have already mentioned, The 90 day PowerSeller challenge worked, I grew my email list and now I have my very first product all because of John Thornhill.

There are a lot of Internet marketers out there that talk the talk but only few actually walk the walk, John Thornhill is one of those that does both.

To Your Success

Edson Buchanan

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