This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching Program.

Name: Amir Rimer

Niche: Dating


Product: The Dating Doctrine

From Amir

I have a small confession to make before I give my honest review on John Thornhill’s Coaching:

I have been trying to create an on-line business and create my own product for 15 years, and I was not successful (even before the Internet was popular I was trying to make money via an on-line venture – a BBS).

And now I think it is a good time and place to thank John for everything he did for me during the most exciting 16 weeks of my life.

As I said, I had been trying to establish an on-line business and write my own book for many years, and I had zero success to show for it. I knew all the technical stuff such as building a website, promoting affiliate programs, using ftp programs, working with autoresponders, using eBay, and etc.

Yet, I was unsuccessful in taking consistent action in order to accomplish my goals.

I understood that it is essential to keep creating new products if I want to succeed, but I couldn’t write even one word on a page without deleting it with anger. I also knew that it is important to write articles, post to blogs and forums, building a subscriber list, and establish myself as an expert in my niche, but I wasn’t able to accomplish these goals either.

I spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on eBooks, guides, videos, audios, reports, seminars, all sort of on-line guidance, all for the sake of learning the “secret groundbreaking bulletproof formula” for a genuine and ongoing internet success.

The results of all this frantic spending was one.

The bank manager called me to settle my affairs.

One day I realized that I couldn’t keep doing the things I always do, and expect different results (as the saying goes).

What I needed was a successful person who is willing to take me by the hand and teach me in a step-by-step manner, all he knows.

I had one problem though, franticly buying “money making” products on-line, has made my bank account rather empty (yes, the bank manager didn’t call me to invite me for a cup of tea).

Around this time John promoted his coaching program to his subscribers.

I knew John from his eBooks, and I knew that he is one of the most successful and honest eBook sellers in the world, and probably number one on eBay.

Moreover, the price John asked for his coaching program was ridiculously ludicrous in comparison to the other coaching programs available on the market.

After time my desire to enroll to John’s coaching program has become a true obsession (obsession may has a negative connotation to it, but it wasn’t for me anyway).

For me it was the first time in my life that I felt real enthusiasm that I am going to do things right this time. I genuinely felt that I could build a real strong on-line business and write my first ever book for the first time in my life.

So, I took a loan from the bank, went into debts, and enrolled to John’s coaching program.

As I am writing these Case Study now. I can honestly say that I can divide my life before and after I decided to enroll to john’s coaching.

John has delivered anything he promised, and ten times more.

I have two blogs, I have written an on-line course, numerous articles, a sales page, I have created a relationship with the top experts in the dating niche, and I have my very own eBook which is now selling on ClickBank (I have written numerous pages of content when before I couldn’t even write a single word!!!).

It is difficult to write these words without shedding a tear. I have achieved in 16 weeks what I was not been able to achieve in almost 16 years of constant struggle.

After years of trying to create an on-line business and write a book. I can now proudly say that I have materialized my dreams, and my zest is more powerful than ever!

I have been able pay all my debts, and when John presented to us, his coaching students, the option to receive further advance coaching from him. I was the first one in line.

As I see it, your question now shouldn’t be whether John is qualified enough to teach you, but rather if you are qualified enough to learn from him, and to take action on what you learn.

After the 16 weeks will be over you will be quite amazed.

Because you will see the same on-line world which you are seeing now, but with completely different eyes.

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