This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program.

Name: David Whittle

Niche: Digital Photography



From David:

As with many would-be internet marketers I have spent quite a lot of time and money chasing the internet dream.

I am a genuine newbie! Everywhere I turn, I come up against the wall of my lack of knowledge and experience.

I think it is fair to say that quite a lot of the downloaded information is fine  – up to the point where phrases like “just start a blog” or “just put up a website” or “just find a niche”  are found. Quite – but how do I do this?

And that is when everything comes to a halt – I do not have the basic knowledge to do this – and nobody is explaining how.

Two things are constantly repeated though – get a mentor and get your own product.

However, the one thing I have learned, by trial and error, is to recognize those people who are the “good guys” – the ones that give a lot back, and who will go the extra mile in helping people.

John Thornhill is one of those guys.

I have to admit that I have bought some of his products before which are still lying on my hard drive, for the most part, untouched (but not for long now).

But If nothing else I have learned about John Thornhill. So eventually when I had the opportunity to join John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program I grasped it with both hands as I knew this could be my chance at last.

To sum up, after 16 weeks I still have some tuning to do but I have a product (an eBook) on Clickbank, a blog,  a website with sales page, all of which are up and running on the internet.

John’s tuition has been second to none.

He explains everything in an easy to follow way, using short but very effective videos i.e. he actually produces a product and is also actually doing what he is teaching – and we are looking over his shoulder. Fantastic!

Nothing is missed – he goes patiently over the most minor details and afterwords these videos are always there for us and we can use and re-use when we do it for ourselves and need to check back.

If you are not quite sure, or forget something, it is just a case of just looking at the videos again to see how it was done.

You learn everything from the very beginning – how to set up a domain and email accounts, build a blog, create a niche, a product. a sales page, affiliates page, enrol in Clickbank, Aweber (autoresponder), write and publish articles, JV and much more.

I slipped behind and there was no hassle from John (only from me) other than his weekly message that if there are any problems just contact him, he is always there to help.

I can’t fault that.

Further to that Daniel, with the technical backup, is always extremely helpful and always available.

In fact it is comforting to know you are not “on your own” but that help is just an email away.

Perhaps one of the most positive things is that I feel so much more confident, armed with all the knowledge I’ve gained from this course and I have no doubt in my mind that I can now do this all over again – and again!

I think it is known as “rinse and repeat”.

I can’t recommend this course enough. It is everything that you have always wanted in order to get started.

John, you “walk he walk” and there is no two ways about that!

Thank you John!

David Whittle

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