You’ve tried to build an email list. You’ve used Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, or you try running Solo Ads. Tou look and you notice your list growing and soon you have 250 people on your list, then 500, and soon you have over 1000 subscribers.

Advertising is where the dream of building an online income often stops. Advertising rates continue to rise on all three major platforms, and it often takes weeks or months of losses until the algorithms start to learn who your ad should be shown to.

You’ll slowly start to break even, and your list will start to grow. The problem is getting to that breakeven point.

The other option is buying solo ads. If you find the right provider you may break even or even see a profit, however, if you chose the wrong vendor you can easily feel like your burning through cash.

Your spending money and you’re list are growing. You’re sending your daily emails and you start to make some sales. Unfortunately, you not seeing anywhere near $1 per email per month.

Google, YouTube, and Facebook are all making money. The solo ad sellers are making as much as $1 for each email they send.

You’ve heard from the so-called gurus that each person on your list is worth a dollar a month. But you’re not seeing results anywhere near that.

What do the gurus know that they aren’t telling you? How are they getting $1, $2, or more per email lead every month?
Here’s what they are doing that your not.

Their lists are made up of buyers. Every month they create a new product that sells for between $5 and $20. Using JV ZOO, Warrior Plus, and Clickbank they have lots of affiliates selling their products. They offer these affiliates 50% – 75% of the sale and these affiliates can sell anywhere from 1000 to 5000 units. On a $12 product, the seller can make up to $30,000 just on the front-end sale.

What the product creator also gets is 1000 to 5000 product buyers on their list. These are all people who have already shown that they are willing to pull out their credit cards.

These buyers are different from your list where many may have only signed up to get something for free.
They now start emailing their list of buyers higher ticket coaching programs and then they act as an affiliate for other product creators.

Would you like to get on this train ride to a profitable list?

– Create a product
– Get affiliates to sell it for you
– Collect a list of buyers
– Offer the high ticket offers
– Sell other vendor’s products

Rinse and Repeat, and add another 1000 buyers to your list every month.

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Have a great day,

TG Cooper

This is a guest post from TG Cooper, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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