In doing a little research, I’ve concluded that there are 2 types of people as far as results are concerned: the Ordinary and the Successful. We are the ones to determine which group we are in.

The major factor that influences where we fall is our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our actions and our talk.

Ordinary people turn over their negative thoughts and muse upon them, claiming them as the ultimate truth. They then act and speak on these self-made truths.

Every aspect of their lives is influenced by this. Successful people, on the other hand, don’t give negative thoughts a chance to grow. They dismiss them right away and look for the positive in all situations. They make a special effort to influence their thoughts and not allow their thoughts to influence them.

Ordinary people find themselves talking about and judging people. Gossip is one of their pass times. They live to impress and please those around them. So they seek to be better than others.

What others possess is what they seek. Because of this, they lose confidence in themselves. Successful people, on the other hand, spend their time discussing ideas. They evaluate and judge themselves daily to see where they can improve and encourage others to do likewise.

In addition, ordinary people are complainers. They see the glass as half-empty. Instead of taking responsibility for where they are in life, they seek someone to blame. It is never their fault.

While all of us find ourselves in unfortunate situations at times, successful people face what happens and seek ways to move on. The glass is always half-full for them.

Ordinary people love the comfort zone. They are afraid to venture out to do anything that would challenge them. They are afraid to do anything differently because of what others might say.

As I mentioned before, they are people pleasers. Successful people, on the other hand, love challenges and often create their own paths. No matter the situation, they have a “Never give up” attitude, and find a way out. Even if they fail, they try until they succeed.

Another difference is the way they picture the future. Ordinary people are dreamers with no actions. Of course, we all dream of a better life, good health, financial freedom, etc.

Successful people are creators. They act on their dreams. One step at a time, they create the future they want. They do this with detailed planning and investing the time and finances necessary to make it happen.

This brings me to my last difference. How one spends his or her leisure time also tells a lot about whether they are ordinary or successful. Ordinary people choose to watch TV every day. This activity hardly adds any value to you.

Successful people, however, read books or listen to podcasts daily. This brings immense value to life. If you see yourself as ordinary, after reading this, there’s hope. I used to be an ordinary person; still am in certain aspects.

However, I see myself more on the side of success than ordinary.

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Juel Daniel

This is a guest post from Juel Daniel if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "Are you Ordinary or Successful?"

    • Loraine Marshall

      Thank you, Juel Daniel. Yes, successful people are determined, they are creators. Successful people will be more positive in their outlook and will act on their ideas.
      Best to have a plan, and know where you are going and what you want to do. You will accomplish anything you want to as long as you BELIEVE you can.

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