Everybody wants to make big bucks online and one of the best methods is to create an email list of eager buyers.

But what is not often discussed is how to make sure email is delivered to the subscriber’s inbox.

Email that winds up in a customer’s spam or junk folder is still considered to be delivered.

So Delivery rate tells you nothing about inbox placement.

To Improve the email deliverability and hence your sales, start with these 8 Hacks:

Hack 1 – Use a solid Autoresponder (AR)

•Awebwer, Get response, Converkit, Sendlane, etc
•In Poor AR almost 30% -40% or more emails are NOT Delivered

Hack 2: Uniqueness

•How unique is your content?
•How many times has google seen your content?
•You can reuse your best emails after 3 to 4 weeks but change subject lines

Hack 3: —Finding a good Subject Line. Subject lines should talk about

•Benefit (self-interest)
•Curiosity & Intrigue
•Uniqueness-Stands out! use emojis
•Urgency & Scarcity
•For example —-See sites like weather.com for ideas

Hack 4: Obtain Good Open Rates (The percentage of email recipients who opened an email after receiving it)

•Open Rates are impacted by Subject Line
•They are also depending on List sizes Assuming 10k subscriber list
•20%-30% great
•10%-19% Good
•5%-10% OK
•Below 5% –Problem— Will Get Consistently Blocked.

Hack 5: High CTR ( Click-thru rate ). Number of subscribers that have clicked on at least one link in your email marketing campaign

•Average CTR is 3.2%,
•Top CTR 10%
•Bottom CTR is around .2%
•Impacted by Length of the email ( 300 to 500 words)
•Also impacted by your offer and the link
•And Visual Flow
•Bold, italics, underline
•Bullet Points
•Short sentences
•Images ( avoid or max 30%)

Hack 6 Trigger Words—These words will get you into the spam folder or may not deliver.

For the latest trigger words Google it. Some examples
•Extra Income
•Income from Home …

Hack 7 Use Cousin Domain Sparingly Cousin domains are triggers for inbox providers.

•For example, Company.Com also uses company-mail.Com, companymail.Com, and companydeals.Com to segment different email streams
•Those extra domains could negatively impact your deliverability

Hack 8 Doing all this and still get low open rates??

•Subscribers are not engaged
•Provide them with a newsletter update on “what they’ve missed.”
• Share with them some customer testimonials/success stories.
•Regular list Clean-up ( email hygiene)
– Every 3 months delete subscribers who have not opened any emails
•Segmenting –
– Active (More than 1-month-old, open or click within 90 days). Send frequent emails
– Non-Active -no activity in the last 90 days. Send fresh content, and focus on good personalization techniques to get more engagement

So There you go.

Start applying some or all of these hacks and you will see vast improvements in your deliverability, open rates and click-thru rates which will turn into more significant sales for you.

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Bhadra Patel

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