Just for starters I would like to begin with 1 BIG piece of advice: Stop buying the latest shiny object in the MMO space and focus in ONLY 2 ways to create a business online, until you succeed!

It took me 5 years to realize this truth, when I found myself going back to do stuff that I quit trying many years ago.

I tried everything you might think of, spent thousands of dollars trying. Now, at the end of my rope, with a topped up credit card, having just enough to pay for 3 monthly subscriptions that I really need (Autoresponder, Internet Marketing Mastermind for growing and tools and funnel creation) I decided first, not to quit, second not more buying stuff and third focus in list building to promote affiliate products.

I’ve known John Thornhill for years, when I got an email from him talking about product creation. He said:

“Do you know the one thing every
single successful marketer has in

Their own products.

Look, it doesn’t matter what others
tell you, the truth is if you want
to be successful YOU MUST be
creating Your own products.”

As I said I was trying to get into Affiliate Marketing when I read this, but I was curious, so I decided to attend the webinar. When I realized I found myself signed up and going thought the training and setting everything up.

As of today, I think it was the best decision I’ve made so far this year. After 1 hour I had all ready to start driving traffic to my link.

For my experience I can see the power of what I set up in so short amount of time, therefore I started looking for ways to drive traffic.

Following my own advice this is 1 of the 2 things I am focusing on: driving traffic.

I am part of Partnership 2 Success from Mr. Thornhill as well, which contains a very important module of driving free and paid traffic, so, good for me.

The other thing I am focusing on is email marketing because there are a lot of moving parts that I need to learn to become an expert on that matter.

Why? because I believe that my list can be my personal ATM. But understand that I will have lots of respect for that list. Not only is numbers and letters sitting there, there is people behind those emails, I have been one of them on many lists and treated like trash on some and treated with care and respect from many others.

Basically, the message that I want to get across here is that anything coming from John Thornhill is pure quality.

He is honest, has many years of experience and really want to help his human peers to make a living out of the internet.

You know by now that almost all of us are living in an special time, where many things are possible because of the internet, you just have to believe it.

I mentioned many of the learnt strategies so far without mention them on a specific way.

Below you will find them on a list one by one.

As you can tell I am not a professional writer and not sure if I can call all those “strategies”, I just wanted to share my experience so others see that they are not the only ones struggling to create a profitable online income.

Here you have the 7 strategies I learned from Mr. Thornhill:

1. Stop buying MMO shiny objects

I learned from John that so many offers are just reworded examples of the basics of selling or getting things done online.

But we all get caught in the trap of thinking this next one will be the one that shows us the easy ‘push button’ way!
In reality – there is no Easy Push Button way – just basic principles that are evergreen, and once learned, only require that we actually follow through and do the work!

So stop buying one after the other, get a single mentor and follow through with the work required to build your long term sustainable business!

2. Focus on just 1 or 2 things at the time until you succeed, become the expert.

Rather than try to learn everything about everything, which frankly, would leave Einstein scratching his head. It’s better to focus on 1 or 2 areas and become the expert in those.

This can be done quite easily these days by investing in 3 or 4 products on the subject matter and really putting the effort in to study and apply what we learn. And before you know it, we become experts that others come to for advice!

Leading to creating a product of our own and having people seek out and buy it. And to be honest…. The time and effort we put into trying to do everything, usually leads to learning nothing and becoming confused and overwhelmed. Whereas focusing on 1 or 2 things takes the same amount of time, but leads to actual results – which is what we all crave isn’t it?

3. If you already have your own products you are on the right path. But if you don’t it is ok, there is always time to start (The sooner the better, though)

As the old saying goes that in the Gold Rush those that became rich weren’t the miners, actually it was the ones selling the tools to do mining.

Just think about it. With your own product you can drive lots of traffic using affiliates, all this traffic you are getting it for free. And it is a lot of traffic and also lots of savings.

I am not saying that doing strictly affiliate marketing is not profitable, yes it is. But is lot easier and cheaper if you have your own products, trust me on that.

4. Follow someone who’s already got what you want or need.

I learned this from Tony Robbins. He said that to become an expert and have success you need to try and fail, then, try again and fail again, then… rinse and repeat, until you succeed.

But, in order to shorten this process, you must find someone whom already walked the path you want to follow and do exactly as he did.

In Partnership 2 Success program, John’s Thornhill put down his experience of many years on how to have a successful online business.

This program meets exactly many criteria that I was looking when searching for whom to follow. That is definitely the short and simple way to succeed. I didn’t say easy and work free. Requires work and commitment like everything worth it.

5. Never stop learning

Read everyday stuff that keep your mind sharp and curious.

Mainly stuff that teach you things about marketing, about yourself, and about your business. I follow people like Tony Robbins.

This advice goes along with saying that please enjoy life, enjoy and be grateful for your family.

Building a online business can be a lonely endeavor, even sometimes you might feel that nobody understands you.

But doubt not that your family is always there for you and you are always there for them and all is better when everybody is happy, fulfilled and together.

6. Subscribe to a Mastermind where you can get permanent training and tools.

As mentioned before constructing an online business sometimes you feel like a cast away. That is why is important to join a mastermind group. Find a group that feed each other member selflessly, where nobody is spreading pessimism and negative thoughts.

On the contrary, all the group members must support and learn from each other. Might not be easy to find a group at first but I am sure you will find one or more.

The Mastermind must have also tools and resources that will help you get closer to your goals.

7. Probably the most important tip of all: Never Give Up.

Took me years to realize this. For some reason I kept going and looking.

And I am happy I did.

For sure everyone experience is different, as we all have different paths. But no matter where you are now, the only way to really fail, is to quit.

For all this reasons is that I am so passionate about promoting P2S program.

For me, was the holy grail, it is the system that jump started the breakthrough in my laptop life style.

The other message that I want to get across here is that anything coming from John Thornhill is pure quality.

He is honest entrepreneur. Possesses many years of experience and he really want to help his human peers to make a living out of the internet.

You know, all of us are living in an special time, where many things are possible because of the internet, you just have to believe it.

If you want to take a look to Partnership to Success program Just Click HERE!

Thanks for reading my post


Johnny Andrade

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