For many people, making money online writing a blog is a dream come true, but for you just starting out you’re not so sure.

You have been told it’s one of the fastest ways to collect customer emails, build your business, and make money. And I am sure you have been told that once you get a paying audience and you make a name for yourself with your blog you can quit your job spend a few hours a day or week on your blog business and spend the rest of your time with family and friends while taking back control of your time and living the life you want.

Yes, it has been proven over and over that you can make money writing blogs, just check out a few of the millionaire’s blog sites and you can see for yourself that it works.

Check your search engine for these millionaires, Igor Kheifets, Mark Bacak, Michael Cheney, Brian Clark, Neil Patel, and of course the blog site you are on right now

Let’s face it can be sooo boring and sooo hard to come up with good content for your blog when you are in the affiliate marketing space.

Not to worry, Sue to the rescue, I am going to remedy that for you with my (these just popped in my head) – “5 Ways to Have Fun Writing a Blog”

#1: Write Upside Down
I think you should get your pad of paper and pen or your IPAD and lay on your bed and turn the pad of paper or the pad upside down or turn yourself upside down and write. I mean think about it, all the blood is going to rush to your brain (with your head hanging over the edge of the bed) which could quite possibly make you a blogging god or goddess with the blood rushing to your brain the ideas should come flooding in, well at least before you may or may not pass out!!

#2: Write While Singing in the Shower
Take your phone to the shower put it on record (no naked videos please) and start singing your blog ideas, thoughts, basically whatever comes to your mind (remember keep it clean). Just think of the refreshing water flowing and the fruity smells of your shampoo or soap how much that is going to inspire you. You could quite possibly write your best blog ever.

3: Taking Your Dog or Cat for a Walk
Once you have your fur buddy hooked up in the harness go get your phone or recorder so you can capture all your blog post thoughts while walking in the fresh air (well depending on where you live) sun shining, smelling the flowers, car fumes, dogs barking and now you and your dog or cat are being chased down the street by the biggest darn dog you have ever seen in your life. But hey don’t forget to capture those blogging ideas, thoughts just scream them out while you are running for your life.

So…. isn’t this fun and inspirational?

You must be getting all kinds of great ideas for your blog, right?

#4: Grocery Shopping
What a great place to get your idea juices flowing then being in the fruit and vegetable isles.

Just think, while you are smelling the fruits and vegetables and squeezing them to check for (why do we squeeze, what is this telling us about our fruit?). Anyways back to the blog ideas, can you think of a better place to start sharing your thoughts out loud with your fellow shoppers? They might try to avoid you but again you never know you might get someone who tells you what they think about your talking or singing in the grocery store, it might not be the most constructive or even nice but hey its a review nonetheless.

Just remember. If you see shoppers pointing you out to the manager it’s time to drop those fruits and vegetables and get your butt out of the store tute sweet.

#5: Driving

Now, this is going to be the best content gathering experience you have ever had. You are going to ask drivers questions (if they have the window down). Think about it: you’re sitting at a red light with your windows down. It’s a beautiful day a car pulls up beside you and the driver’s window is down, you can yell out and say (hopefully the driver doesn’t have road rage) What is a good blog topic for affiliate marketing?

Hey, you never know until you try, you could get some good stuff from fellow drivers to write about in your blog, just remember it has to be PG13.

Final Thoughts of Wisdom and Inspiration
There are many ways to come up with ideas for content for your blog but you have to admit none will be as much fun as trying one of the five I have suggested.

However, if your chicken and don’t want to get laughed at or locked up by all means do it the normal, mundane, standard way, follow all the other bloggers, dont be an individual and go ahead and write your stupid blog.

You know I’m joking with you, right?

Don’t take me seriously and try any of these ways to get content ideas for your blog, well, unless of course you want to or maybe you have already tried some of these… have you? You have, haven’t you?…

So all silliness aside please click here to check out John Thornhill’s Free Webinar. He will show you how to create an online money-making online business so you can live the life you want.

Right on, pave the digital way, you non conforming blogger.

Someday they will write a song or book about you.

No. Probably not.

Sue MacMillan

This is a guest post from Sue MacMillan, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "5 Ways You Can Have Fun Writing a Blog"

    • Pauline Harris

      Hi Sue, what a fantastic post. You had me laughing all the way through.
      Just what I needed. I am ashamed to say that I have been taking the
      subject too seriously. However, after reading your wonderful post, I
      realise life is too short, and I must start enjoying what I do and not
      stress about it too much.

      I am still smiling. Trying to visualize John standing on
      his head whilst writing his blog. Ha!

      Thank you so much.

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