Have you ever grabbed a ‘buy one get one FREE offer’ from the store that ended up filling up your garage because you just could not resist?

There is nothing wrong in doing so, but it’s kind of weird, isn’t it?

We all lose rational thinking and hop on to a FREE offer for things that we use as well as for things we never use.

That’s why marketers of the old and the new use FREE offers to get attention and then open the opportunities for paid offers.


Why do we need a FREE offer for our online business?

You may see good organic traffic on your site, or you may send paid traffic as well, but if people do not subscribe to your email list, that traffic is meaningless.

Online or offline, the marketing is aimed at selling to real people who can be motivated to buy.

When the people are real, not bots, they will subscribe to FREE offers and become leads for future promotions.

This FREE offer is called the lead magnet, which we will discuss how to build.

Before we get into the details, here is a gift for you- John Thornhill’s FREE webinar on how to quick start a 6-figure online business, that you may want to adopt for the fastest results.

Here I have laid out 5 steps of how you can build an irresistible lead magnet.

1) Select your audience
2) Solve one dire problem
3) Storyboard it
4) Choose the presentation format
5) Choose a production software

Select your audience

You must select an audience that is willing to spend money on your offers eventually.

Some people call it the buyers’ list.

It sounds counter-intuitive, right?

How do you find people who are willing to spend using a FREE offer?

As crazy as it sounds, it is possible.

You will send a relevant FREE offer to those people who are already spending money to solve a certain problem.

For example, people are struggling with learning about cryptocurrencies but are they spending money to solve it? If they are, that’s a great niche to sell a course on.

Therefore, a little FREE offer on crypto problem solving will attract the right kind of audience to subscribe to your email list.

In other words, select your niche where people are spending. Just google it and you will get a ton of ideas.

Solve one dire problem

Solve one dire problem that you know most about from a list of problems.

If you are an expert in crypto, you may create a lead magnet about ‘Become an Expert in Crypto Investment’.

This topic is too vague, and you probably need to write a 300-page book on it. People may feel lost by reading the title of your lead magnet and will not click on it.

Instead, you should narrow it down to ‘Beginners’ Guide to Crypto Investment’ or ‘Best Crypto to Buy in 2021’ which people can quickly relate to and are more likely to click on.

Storyboard it

Create a super-specific and valuable storyboard that is quick to digest and promises a fast result.

You should storyboard the sequence of how you will present the story using bubbles and arrows on multiple pages presenting a chunk of the story on each page.

This is how you will be able to present a complex topic in a simple way and therefore demonstrate your skills and authority through the lead magnet.

Choose the presentation format

There are many options for how to present the lead magnet topic and the most popular are cheat-sheets, template, and web app.

Cheat-sheets or checklist gives a list of guidelines or a process that people can follow repeatedly to achieve a specific result. This format is very popular as it makes stuff easy to understand.

Templates or swipe files are also very popular as they can provide an outline or ready to use content that people can readily use to create their own things and get results instantly.

Web apps are techier, but it is getting much easier nowadays to build one without coding yourselves.

The advantage of a web app is that it does not need an email address for download from the app stores, but then you can mandate it for logging in.

Choose the easiest format to suit your situation for fast results.

Choose a production software

You must create you lead magnet look attractive and valuable using the right software and depending on what kind of file you want to share.

If you are producing slides for a PDF file, you can use Canva.

If you are producing a video file, you can use KineMaster.

If you are producing a web app, you can use BuildFire.

All the above software offers both FREE and paid options.


The temptation of a FREE lead magnet is simply too strong for people to ignore, thus a sure-fire way to build your email list fast.

Also, make the FREE offer is delivered right away and instantly accessible and useable, as people love the instant gratification.

These leads will be nurtured as your email list for selling amazing things!

John Thornhill is one of those guys who made millions and millions doing this exact same thing and helping people like me and you.

John is a digital product creation and marketing guru who is among the top 1% Vendor and top 1% Affiliate on multiple online marketplaces.

Again, here is John Thornhill’s FREE webinar on how to quick start a 6-figure online business that you may want to adopt for the fastest results.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck in your online business adventure!

This is a guest post from Zulqar Helal, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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