In terms of modern history, blogging like the internet is just not that old. The Internet as we know it didn’t appear on the scene until the 1990’s. Blogging used to be a way for you to comment on a particular web site, it gave you a way to voice your opinions.

Well, what started in the form of single sentence commentaries has morphed into what can be multi-page commentaries on any topic one can think of. Being shrewd people, those in charge of advertising saw a goldmine in a Blog’s potential.

In the rest of this post, I am going to give you a number of reasons that you might want to think about in your decision to use blogging as your Internet Marketing tool of choice.

1) Blogging is simple.
No advanced skills of any kind are required. If you can read, write, or just click a mouse this is for you. You can write about any topic under the sun, somebody on the Internet will find it interesting. You do all this (sometimes) with the intention of getting the readers to try your product.

It is to you what you could consider a virtual piece of paper. Let your thoughts come out on any ideas you have, your experiences, and your ideas or knowledge on or about new products.

All you really need to blog is an idea of what you want to say and an internet connection. That’s it! That’s all she wrote.

2) Blogging is real/authentic.
I mean, who hasn’t questioned the way modern-day advertisers do their business, or even their credibility because advertising has saturated our lives.

You will find that the majority of bloggers are sharing things that have a very real connection to themselves being unaffected by all the paid advertising they are bombarded with.

In a way, you are reading someone’s very real personal experience. After all, you want to see/use something that really works, don’t you?

3) Blogging can be done for free.
Blogging has not yet become a mainstream online advertising media, but it is getting closer all the time. But most blogs are still used as an add on to the advertising they already use.

An opportunity to get some free web time/space is a benefit to anyone personally, as well as any business. Blogging can be a great way to generate more income if you wish to take it seriously, and not just a way to update your friends on your life.

4) Blogging builds credibility.
The longer you blog, the more you will realize that your blog readers will come to depend on you to supply them with the information that they need.

An after-effect of you becoming an expert to these people is more people will come to discover your blog, and so on and so on. They will definitely come to you when they need advertising for their products and so it goes around and around some more.

And as companies see your blog’s growth, they will also be wanting to get in touch with you about advertising on your site.

5) Blogging builds your market.
Unless you are some kind of V.I.P. there is a good chance that your only blog reader may be related to you. And if this relative really likes you, they may refer some of their friends to your blog.

But you should not depend on this to grow your blog. Below I will list a few ways you can build your market with blogging.

– Using your email – Although blogging is overcoming email in popularity. In this day of instant gratification, it just takes to long to open your email and react to it as opposed to reading a blog.

You can use email as a short teaser to have them want to click through to see your blog. If your email is on an entirely different topic than your blog, you should leave a link to it in your email’s signature.

– By using a subscription – A very simple way of getting info from your readers, is by giving them an opportunity to subscribe to your blog.

Strategically do not disclose all of the information you are giving them, and suggest that they sign up for your blog to get the extra info. Just be careful how you do this because you don’t want them to start advertising you as a spammer.

– Understand your readers – This can be done by conducting simple surveys that will help you to understand their advertising preferences.

Ask then for some feedback on anything that you may have shared. This has the effect of them being interviewed without the reality or intrusion of a face to face meeting.

– Join a blog network. These networks usually share a similar interest or reader base, and may also be in the same industry as you. On this point you can be certain, more bloggers are better than one.

– Use RSS. This technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies on the Internet. Having an RSS feed on your blog most definitely will generate increased awareness for your readership.

Creating a variety of feeds can also add to the interesting nature of your blog.

These are just a couple of ways to help you out, but they can give an effective boost to your blog marketing. But you want to start off on the right foot.

To do this you want to know the WordPress Blogging platform. Get that knowledge here.

This is a guest post from Eric Willms, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Bryan Stoker

      Hi John. This is an interesting post. Can you share your thoughts (or perhaps generate a new blog post) on how to find topics that will interest readers?

      Do you recommend writing about what others want to read or mostly about what interests you? Thanks.

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