Well, here we are in a new year and I would say from the conversations we have had this year already that there is plenty of optimism that this year will be considerably more positive and successful than last year.

Whilst I agree that some of the problems we all encountered in, for example, the UK last year made life difficult for all of us I can’t stop thinking that its more about the choices we make rather than the choices, political or otherwise that those around us make.

With this in mind, I have been focusing on what I want to achieve and how. By doing so I hope that those people around me will also feel the benefit of my endeavors. So, I have broken down my thoughts into 5 areas with the aim of having clear objectives.

1 – Revisit Goals.
We should all be doing this on a regular basis however I am guilty of putting stuff down on paper which ends up in a long list and part of which is unattainable because there is no natural progression or building towards these goals. I, therefore, decided to have fewer items on the list for 2020 but to make sure that the ones I did have were realistic and attainable.

This year I decided not to pledge to give anything up; instead, I felt it better to do the things I enjoy with a bit more moderation in mind. This way I will not be disappointed if I “fall off the wagon” as it were. For example, I am not giving up the drink but will try not to drink alcohol from Sunday to Friday. I have done this before, and it works trust me.

2 – Focus on Time Management
I have never been very good with my time however last year I started making an effort at being more disciplined. I have so many things that I am involved in from both a business and a personal perspective that I want to make time to contribute to each area that interests me in a positive way. There are many apps out there that can assist with time management, organization, customer liaison, accounting, and the list goes on. I will write a post later in the month about what I use but they really do help to get you organized.

In 2020 I am going to take advantage of these tools to achieve more and get more work done, leaving me more time to play! Without going into any detail, you can do a lot worse than check out google mail and the google suite of apps and tools to get your life in some sort of order if you are currently struggling.

3 – Complete Tasks and Gain More Knowledge
I have throughout my life been a terrible one for starting something new, getting bored quickly and not completing it. So, this year I aim to set myself tasks relating to my business life and in particular my internet business. I will read and learn about topics and methods and then complete the actions required to implement them.

For example, I started to work on the Partnership to Success course which is an online course put together by Top Internet marketeer and coach John Thornhill. I am currently on week 12 of a 52-week course and I am determined to complete it and then make its implementation a success. Actually, it is presented in such a clear and simple way that it is a lot of fun and not that difficult to do if you follow the instructions to the letter.

In reality that’s no different to anything new that you may want to learn. In other words, find someone who has already done it successfully and then follow exactly the steps they teach you to find a similar level of success.

4 – Financial Success.
This is an interesting one. It’s one that we all want to achieve, usually overnight and in doing so bank £1,000,000 by tomorrow evening at 10 pm. Life is simply not like that. You need to set yourself attainable financial goals and progress upwards until you reach and surpass each milestone. It may be through multiple streams of income from becoming better and more organized at jobs or businesses you are already involved in.

Or it may be that you are trying to replace the day job with an online presence. Either way, be patient and you will get there. Work out what works for you and your family and then set yourself a path to get there. Once you pass a lower milestone you can keep on going to achieve the next level.

5 – Give something back.
I have met a few successful people in my time, and the one thing that seems to help to drive them on is that they give something back. This can manifest in several different forms, but it amounts to the same thing. It’s not just about helping yourself; it’s about helping those who are less fortunate or less motivated, around you. This can be anything from spending a short time speaking to an elderly person who lives in your street and has nobody else to talk to. It can be contributing to your local community.

It can be donating or raising money for a charity that is dear to your heart, or it can be a mentor similar to John Thornhill who despite his own success and financial position in life makes himself and his knowledge available to anyone who wants to learn. The bottom line is that by giving back you feel empowered to be better and the result is that you do and achieve more.

To conclude, an understanding of these principles will I hope, help you to make a clear plan for 2020 that leads to greater success and financial independence for you and your family. I have included a couple of useful links and as always, I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and would welcome any feedback you may like to give.

This is a guest post from Nick Roberts, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "5 Actions That Will Ensure Success in 2020"

    • Ian Whyte

      Nick thanks for a well thought out and structured post.
      I think from time to time we all fall behind with our plans and actions.
      As you say it is good to re-focus on our goals.

      Like you I am at Week 12 of John’s P2S but lost my focus with the mind map activity. Then I became a little distracted as I looked around at a few other things. So essentially I have lost a few weeks.
      I will have to get back to it.

      Many years ago (I’m closer to 80 than 70 these days) I was introduced to a definition of success:
      ‘Success is the progressive realisation of worthwhile ideas AND being well adjusted’

      This has stayed with me over the years as a gentle reminder that firstly success is progressive but more importantly there is the need to be well adjusted. We can all probably think of someone who may be very successful, in say a monetary sense, but at the cost of things like friends, family or reputation.

      Your comment about giving something back is important. Like saying Hello to a lonely person. I do a little volunteering at a local nursing home driving a bus. Often with a few dementia folk on board. They often a great source insight with their sometime uninhibited comments.

      Thanks again for your post

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