To the Aspiring Affiliates,

Before we dive in, I simply ask you this:
Please do not let this valuable information go to waste.

What is contained in this blog is responsible for HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in commissions for people who have TAKEN action and IMPLEMENTED exactly what I’m about to give you for FREE

This information can change your life IF you learn it, understand it & ruthlessly implement it.

DO NOT let this valuable information go to WASTE.

Commit to reading, understanding than taking action today! If you can agree to that…

Let’s dive in.

I’m excited.

To your success,

Step 1 – High Ticket Monetization & Unique Offer Creation

Whatever your income goal is, Zero to $5k / month, $10k / month, $15k / month – the ABSOLUTE fastest way to get there is by selling high ticket products that pay you $500+ per sale. It’s simple math.

We see so many people struggling to try to make 6 figures by selling $100 products & making $40 commissions. It’s VERY unlikely to happen. Make life a bit easier for yourself.

More expensive products are NOT harder to sell once you know what you’re doing AND you need way fewer sales to make it happen (win-win).

So the first step is to pick a high-ticket affiliate product in your niche to promote that will pay you over $500 per sale in commissions.

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Firstly, add support for your buyers. This can either be one to one or group support. It’s up to you. The point is, offer support so they know you care, that you’re there to help & they won’t be left in the dark after they buy. This is a real simple, quick & easy value add that will help you stand out from the crowd. That is in a nutshell the make money online business to sell valuable information.

Secondly, add complimentary & high-quality bonuses. Now, this is really not necessary to move on to step 2 but over time you want to add resources that will help get your customer’s results FASTER. Bonuses like free training, case studies, interviews, templates, cheatsheets etc are all great ways to bump up the value of your offer, stand out from the crowd & help accelerate your customer’s results.

Do not overthink step 1. Just DO IT. Pick a high ticket offer. Figure out how you will offer additional support to your customers (group or one to one). Start brainstorming bonus ideas you can add to bulk up your offer over time.

Then move on to Step 2

Step 2 – Build an Audience

Once you’ve picked your product for your niche you want to Build

Build What?

If you want to not only hit your first $10k month but do it over and over and over and over again, you NEED to build an audience.

An email list, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, a Tik Tok account, a FB group, etc.

But not an audience of random people but loyal fans that ask for your affiliate link over and over and over again.

How do you think Apple get its customers to buy the newest Apple products on every release even though you may think it’s not worth it? They have a LOYAL audience. This
is the same with affiliate marketing

First, ask

What is your OFFER?

We begin with the end goal in mind and that is our right audience to sell our offer to.

To do that we need to know have clarity in what we are actually selling. This means how does this offer solve our audience’s problems.

We need to clearly identify all the offers features and on the other side write out the solution that this feature provides. Now you know clearly what exactly your offer is (features) and what solution it provides.

It’s shocking how many people only know the commission rate of their offer and don’t know what their offer actually is.

I hope this is making some sense to you and you are getting an aha moment.

Let’s continue

After knowing our offer inside out we move to the second step


Ask ourselves who is the best person to sell to? Our Ideal Customer.

We want to understand this well because when we are building our audience, we want to focus on finding people that would have the highest probability of buying from our link. Specifically, we want to understand their exact pain points, their desires, their goals, etc.

Having a deep understanding of these things will help us with our next step.


Where is your ideal Customer hanging out?

We want to know exactly where these people hang out, find them, and get them into our world.

Now whenever we bring this up, the next question is always.

”So which platform should I start with? YouTube? Instagram? TikTok?”

I wouldn’t know if YouTube, Instagram or TikTok work as I’m also a beginner just starting out like all of you. What I would advise is that you start with one social media platform in the beginning and choose one that you will have fun doing.

I can tell you the BEST and FASTEST way to build a highly targeted audience without spending absurd amounts on ads is Facebook & using your personal profile paired with a FB group.

Yes, that profile you used to post stupid memes and embarrassing childhood photos. That FB profile.

Why? Because you can attract your ideal customer without spending ANY money on ads and you DON’T have to depend on an algorithm. It is 100% in your control. And it works VERY well.

I guarantee you that your ideal audience exists somewhere inside a FB group right now and if you follow the next step, you will understand how to get these people into your world.

So, start by listing out relevant FB groups that your ideal customers might be in.

The last step is


How do we attract our ideal audience?

Let’s cut right to it

Start having conversations with people on Facebook. Plain & simple. There is NO faster way to do it. Start connecting with as many people in your niche as possible each day to build relationships.

Find out their problems, find out their goals, see if your product can help them & if it can – get their permission to share your link (you will make sales doing this).

You can find people in free groups, paid groups & on guru fan pages.

This may sound stupidly simple but believe me it works if you put the work in.

If you talk to enough people & build and follow the process above in terms of understanding if your product can help them. YOU WILL MAKE SALES!

Do this consistently, and your friend’s list will turn into an audience full of potential buyers!

✅Your personal brand WILL grow
✅Your audience WILL grow
✅Your email list WILL grow
✅Your marketing & sales skills WILL improve
✅You WILL make high ticket sales

And if you want to step it up a notch, pairing this strategy with your own FB group will make things 10x faster.

A Facebook Group is one of the most valuable digital assets you can have, arguably better than an email list especially when it comes to building and cultivating your audience.

It gets even crazier once you get the group up to that 500+ mark because FB will actually start sending you FREE targeted leads!

Step 3 – Establish Know, Like, Trust

This is where most affiliates mess up when they first start off

You’ve probably seen it before.

You join a FB group with a generic name like Affiliate Marketing or Entrepreneur and all you see inside is a bunch of spammy links to these get rich quick schemes.

Or you accept a friend request from a random person and immediately they send you a LONG message with their insane story on how they made $10,000 in

2 days with this new bitcoin opportunity and tell you to join this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What is missing?

3 words.

Know, Like, and Trust!

Even though we have them inside our world, these people are still complete strangers.

They don’t know who you really are, what you are all about, and what exactly you do.

So that’s why before you start monetizing them, you need to put out relevant CONTENT on your profile and FB group to start cultivating them and turn them from complete strangers to raving fans of yours.

When you start publishing valuable content consistently, you will begin to build more know, like and trust between you and them. And whether they realize it or not, when they see you put out content, they will begin to recognize you as credible and someone they can trust.

But Aamir…I don’t know what kind of content to post?

Here are examples of content you can use to cultivate your audience and
turn them into raving fans.


These are posts where you are sharing strategies, the how-tos, quick tips on how to get XYZ results. The purpose is to educate your audience especially something new that others don’t already know yet so that they can discover something new in terms of the strategies and more of the business part of what you do.


This is mainly about sharing something about your life with your audience to build a more personal connection. This could be silly things like your hobbies, or even your favorite foods. Ideally, it is non-business-related.


Inspirational posts are the posts that inspire, motivate, and get people to take action after reading it. This is usually done through sharing our personal stories, struggles, and wins. These are the most powerful posts when it comes to content because it triggers your audience emotionally which gets them to take action.


These are simple posts to get engagement. It could be a question that you ask, a motivational quote… just simple things that drive conversation and get engagement.

Call To Action

The first 4 content posts are “cultivate” content, meaning its entire focus is to turn your cold audience into raving fans. The purpose of our last C, which is our Call to action post, is to start monetizing the fans that you have built!

What we are doing is using simple call-to-actions in our content to get our audience to raise their hands and say “I’m interested. Can you tell me more?” And from there get them into our sales process.

We will dive deeper into that in the next section

Step 4- Monetize

You’ve chosen a high ticket offer, built an audience through FB organically, cultivated them through your content, and started to identify the people that are interested in your CTA posts.

What is the best way to start making those high ticket affiliate commissions?

Is it an automated email sequence? Is it to build an automated funnel? No

Here’s where we get a bit controversial. If you are starting brand new into the affiliate marketing space and you have no experience and no following, automation will KILL your business.

Say what? Yes, I’m serious. Relying on an automated funnel and email follow up especially when you are trying to sell a product that is $1000+ when you are an absolute beginner is super difficult.

Passive income? Forget about it. Chasing for automated passive income as a beginner will leave you broke, lost, and confused. It isn’t something you start off with right off the bat when you are a beginner. It’s something you build into and incorporate as you grow and scale.

So what’s the best way to start selling these high ticket products?


Start having conversations with the audience that you have built. There’s NO better and faster way to do it. Connect with as many people as possible in your audience each day to build relationships. Use your CTA posts and drive them to your messenger inbox. Then turn those conversations into actual sales.

During the conversation, your goal is to find out where they are currently, where they want to be, and see if your product or service can help them get there. If it can – it is your obligation to get their permissions and share your link with them. Then BOOM!

Sale closed.

Is it that simple? Yes, believe me. It works. It can work extremely FAST.

Start reaching out to people. Talking to people in the DMs, providing value.

Know how to close!

It will be super frustrating if you don’t because they will be the right buyers, and you know your product could help them, but you just can’t close them.

Following a sales script will be super awkward as half of the time you won’t follow the script.

So what is this almighty closing framework that we can be used to turn cold leads and conversations on messenger into consistent high ticket affiliate sales?

1 – Asking questions that are fact-based and are easy for the customer to answer. What it does is help get the convo started and helps determine whether they are a good fit for your offer. It’s kind of like speed dating. Within a few targeted questions, you want to see whether they are someone you should spend more time with. If they are, you can move on to step 2. If not, you can move on to the next convo.

2 – After you have identified that they might be a good fit, we want to ask about their challenges in our specific niche. Closing a sale is all about moving them away from their pains and challenges. In order to do that, we first need to have a clear picture of what their challenges are. It’s kind of like being a doctor. You need to know your patient’s symptoms before prescribing the medicine.

3 – This step is key. After identifying the challenges, before we present our solution or offer, we need to press on further. Meaning that we talk about what would happen to your customers by them not taking action that they won’t be able to achieve their end goal. We want to paint a picture of what it looks like if they don’t do anything about their situation. You are rubbing salt onto their wounds.

4 – After making them feel the pain, we want to start focusing on the positive returns of the solution you’re offering. Walk them through exactly how your offer or solution can get them from where they are currently to where they want to be. Help them envision what the staircase to heaven looks like.

5 – This is the all-important close question. You’re simply asking the customer how they would like to move forward. This way the answers come from the customer making it less pushy for them. If you do the Previous steps right, there’s no reason why the customer would say NO!

There you have it.

This is the almighty Closing framework!

Once you master this framework, closing becomes second nature.

You can throw away all those awkward sales scripts and finally sell with confidence.

Tip: Sell to people how you want to be sold to.

Now just to be clear. I’m not saying everyone can implement this in 30 days and quit their jobs. It does require a ton of hard work.

But the point I’m trying to make is this framework can work extremely well. And if you are looking to hit your first five-figure month within the next few months, this is hands down the fastest way.

If you talk to enough people & build relationships and follow the process above in terms of understanding if your product can help them. YOU WILL MAKE SALES!


Aamir, is it actually this simple? Can you actually build a $10k+ per month business with this 4 step framework?

Yes, you can. If you…

Decide on a high ticket offer that pays you $500+ per month…

Build a targeted audience by connecting with your ideal customer through the different FB groups…

Cultivate them by producing valuable & inspirational content to build trust, and Monetize by starting sales conversations with your audience,

these things will happen…

Your brand will grow.

Your audience will turn into loyal and raving fans Your sales skills will IMPROVE!

And most importantly, your affiliate marketing business will provide you with the FREEDOM you want.

It’s a simple process but simple doesn’t mean easy.

Most people fail not because they don’t have the knowledge. If you don’t have this one KEYWORD you will still fail.

That word is consistent. Consistency always wins in the long run. And if you can do these 4 steps consistently over the next 12 months, I guarantee you will see results.

So it’s up to you to decide what you want.

If you want to ask me questions and know more details about this hit me up on Facebook and if you want to join my group as that would also help me out tremendously
Just click the link below 👇🏽

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Thank you so much for reading!

Kind regards,


This is a guest post from Aamir Patel, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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