Curious to know the most effective strategies to increase website traffic? Discover 4 strategies that can get you some serious traffic.

The main thing an online business needs is traffic. Without it there is no chance in hell your business will survive. So if you’re struggling with traffic, pay very close attention to this post.

Before I start talking about traffic strategies, I need to talk about something important.

Not all traffic is created equal!

Whilst traffic is really a numbers game, it’s important you know that what you really need is TARGETED TRAFFIC!

You need people visiting your website who are most likely going to do the action you want them to take.

Otherwise, your conversions will drop drastically be it your capture pages, sales pages, webinar registrations, affiliate purchases, etc.

Targeted traffic is a must!

Now that is out of the way…

Here are 4 Highly Effective Strategies To Increase Website Traffic…

Strategy 1: Solo Ads

This is one of the most beginner-friendly ways to get massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website! If done right can be an excellent way to get regular targeted traffic.

The most difficult part of doing this traffic strategy is finding reliable solo ad vendors. Simple research from you and sticking to a budget help greatly.

Check out this Rolodex resource of trusted solo vendors.

Strategy 2: Facebook

Facebook can have some nice benefits, the main one being it can be a great source of FREE targeted traffic! So if you’ve just got started in your business, or you’re strapped for cash then look no further.

A good thing about free traffic is that it allows you to test the waters with offers before doing paid marketing to scale up.

Research shows there are about 1.8 Billion people using Facebook. That’s a very big pool of people. Facebook also has one of the best targeting options around to find ultra-targeted people who want what you’re offering.

Strategy 3: YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to get targeted traffic. And it’s one of my favorite ways to get extremely targeted traffic. A big benefit of YouTube is the organic reach and at the same time can build rapport with others.

You know… the ole’ know, like and trust thing. That is what I am talking about.

A quick way to get started is to set up a channel and start doing YouTube Shorts. Essentially YouTube shorts is YouTube’s version of TikTok. Currently, it’s being underused so there is a huge opportunity for someone to jump in and dominate.

Strategy 4: Google & SEO

“Just Google it!” How many times have you heard someone say that? Everyone does, and that’s a big reason why Google and SEO can be so powerful. It can be a source of automated free traffic that can come in for years.

There are people right now as I write this post typing in and searching for exact phrases & questions that you can help them with. This is highly targeted traffic!

The key to winning with SEO is consistency in releasing high-quality content over time.

You have to be creating really good content that people will find useful and over time Google will reward you with high rankings.

So there you go…

You’ve just read about 4 solid strategies to increase website traffic and get fresh eyes to your website. This is by no means all of them, but these are really good starting points for you to focus on first.

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