When Jim Cockrum releases a new product I am the first person to take notice as I love everything Jim does, I have said it before and will say it again Jim Cockrum is one marketer I look to online for generating new ideas and methods. Also, I still regard The Silent Sales Machine as a must read eBook for anyone who wants to do business online.

However, Jim has gone and released a new eBook titled 20 Ways To Make Money NOW On The Internet. This eBook is full of useful ideas that can get you started making money online right now. What I love about this eBook is the way it uses what Jim calls ‘the low hanging fruit system’

This means:-

  • Each method WORKS consistently when tried.
  • Each method can be automated as part of a multiple income stream strategy. In other words, “set it and forget it” is possible so that you can go on to establish additional income streams.
  • Each method is not complex to learn.
  • Each method can be implemented quickly.
  • Very little, if any, investment is required to get started with each method.

I also love the way each method has a scale of 1 to 5 meaning:-

  • Difficulty – 1= Simple 5= More Difficult To Establish
  • Set-Up Expense – 1= Cheap 5= More Expensive
  • Set-Up Time – 1= Quick And Easy 5= More Time Required
  • Skill Level Required – 1= Little Skill Needed 5= More Skills Required
  • Can It Be Automated? – 1= Easily Automated 5= Requires Steady Attention (Keep in mind ANYTHING can be outsourced or hired out!)
  • Time Before Earning/ Time to Payback – 1= Start Earning Very Quickly 5= Takes Some Time To Establish
  • Interpersonal Skills Required – 1= Can Be Done almost Anonymously 5= Requires a lot of interacting With People

This really is a unique system I have never seen before.

So if you want to learn 20 methods that you can implement right now

I highly recommend you check out 20 Ways To Make Money NOW On The Internet, it will open your eyes.

    7 replies to "20 Ways To Make Money Online NOW!"

    • Ed

      Hi John,

      I received an email on this from Jim Cockrum, it reaslly does look a good product, as for Stuart way to go to getting a good foot hold with connections like that!

      Cheers John….Ed.

    • dave barber

      I agree all the way Jim Cockrum is one of the best in the business I started on ebay and found his stuff great he goes from strengh to strengh

    • Robert Corrigan

      Hi John, I have downloaded the first 5 chapters of this in return for a sign up. I can really say that this is real world stuff and the scoring system makes it very easy to choose an idea that fits your skill levels. It also (and I really like this) gives lots of food for thought to tackle the more challenging and more profitable ideas. Well done Jim and Stuart.


    • Robert Deveau

      I would be more inclined to purchase if it were your book.

      Your products are always on the mark.

    • Pol Bablak

      Hiya, just been to look at the book and ended up accepting the offer of free chapters! Looks good and I know my bank balance would not complain about getting more help to keep breathing!

      This is no excuse and I am not waivering from my main task of the moment. Procrastination is long dead to me!!!

      thanx for the excellent content, again

      be safe Pol

    • Joelle Rene Hughes

      Hi John,

      Yep – Jim Cockrums products are excellent. I just purchased his new book and look forward to diving in and learning his 20 best techniques. I also agree with you about The Silent Sales Machine being a must read. It was my first peek into Internet Marketing Strategies and ultimately what led me to your excellent Marketing Masterclass.

      Thank you for everything.

      You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had.


    • Steve Wilkins

      Hi John,

      I have a copy of this and I have to say this is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to start making money online.

      The scoring system makes it initially very easy to choose the type of business opportunity you want to venture into and with most of them you can actually austomate that business and move onto another one listed in the PDF document.

      It’s all about creating multiple income streams and I just wish I had a resouce like this when I first started out online.

      Steve Wilkins.


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