You may remember this blog post I made at the start of 2011, we all start the year with high expectations don’t we? Well I have decided to give you an update on my progress so far this year. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of this and it may help you move forward. Also, as I make myself accountable to you it may help me to keep going.

Here’s some of the things I said I’d be focusing on in 2011.


I promised myself I’d do more webinars as it’s something I don’t do much. I started doing private weekly webinars with my Partnership to Success students in January and I must say this is something I enjoy tremendously. I also plan to start doing some free content packed webinars for all of my subscribers so watch this space.


I said I planned to be highly active on eBay, that is still planned and I’m hoping to get back on eBay in the next 6 weeks. I haven’t sold a thing on eBay so far this year but I am still a Top Rated Seller so hopefully if I move fast I’ll be able to keep my Top Rated Seller Status. Once again I’ll keep you posted.

Article Marketing.

I’m still doing a ton of article marketing, you can check out the articles I have submitted here. I aim to keep this up but as this is something I 100% outsource now the workload has not increased.

Product Updates.

I still haven’t performed any product updates yet but is about to have a major overhaul to bring it right up to date, I have acquired the domain and that’s what the new product will be released as, again watch this space.

Product Creation.

I said I’d release a record amount of info product this year and this will happen. I have already released my Partnership to Success Program, One Month Mentor and as of today The Affiliate Masterplan. Thats one per month so far this year. There are 2 more products in the pipeline that should be released in the next 6 weeks, although with one I am a silent partner so my name wont be on the sales page. (I’ll explain more about this later in the year)

List Building.

I said I’d be focusing more on list building, I still need to ramp this up but at the same time I still generate 100+ subscribers most days from all of my products and this blog, the plan is to at least double that intake by the end of the year and most of this will come from releasing more products.

Expand the business.

My plans to expand the business are well on track. I have 5 employees now and this may grow before the year is up. I have learned to outsource more thus giving me time to do what I do best and that is create more products.

Help a record amount of people quit their jobs in 2011.

The One Month Mentor program that started on March 1st is coming to an end and I will start to receive feedback over the next few days. I really think this program will help a record number of people this year and I aim to relaunch it very soon once I get some feedback. More to follow.

So there you go, once again I have made myself accountable to you and I am giving you an update, feel free to let me know how your plans for the year are going and let me know if you are on track. I am happy with what I have achieved so far this year, are you?

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    • I daren’t make a post like that john….lol

      I’m behind on every project I planned this year 🙂

      That said – what I have done has bene great, and the feedback is fantastic – especially for the site InternetMarketingApprentice.

      But hey – I seem to be spending a lot of time in my part time role with you!!!
      I have to say it’s fun and very satisfying, especially with the feedback from people I’m chatting with on your behalf!
      But boy could I do with someone to do the stuff on my sites so I can help you more…HAHA

      Have a great weekend mate


    • Paul

      Hey John
      Making yourself accountable shows real discipline and demonstrates how seriously you take your business.
      You can have some feedback on your One Month Mentor Course right now as I signed up for the Course. I have been online for some time now but I am more of an offline business growth consultant than anything else.I realised to help clients I had to understand online marketing.
      I was a little worried that the Course would be a bit too basic for me but I thought if I could learn just one thing major from it, it would be worth it. I certainly achieved that.

      I bought many of your products several years ago but like many others in the IM world I got diverted onto other things.I do believe that if you are trying to achieve a goal in life the easiest way to start is to find someone who is achieving these things and try to learn from them.(Find a mentor)

      Doing the One month Mentor course has allowed me to refocus which was one of my major goals at the beginning of the year.
      It also reminded me that for honest, genuine people with integrity
      looking to make an online income there is no better mentor than yourself.
      Thanks John and all the best,

    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John,

      Great post and yet an honest way to stay focus. Everyone that has a goal sheet should take a look at it and see how far they have come sense the new year started.

      I wanted to create a new product every three months and so far its been good. I just finished my guaranteed traffic formula course and now working my my list building course.

      I know as long as I keep this hard work up, I should meet all my goals by the end of they year…Now none of this would be possible if I Never Took Action!

      Edson Buchanan

      P.S. Its never to late to start a goal sheet, get a pen paper, and write down what you want to do and by when…

    • Daniel Sumner

      Well done JT, it’s about time you started to do some work ;-D

      It’s like I said when we spoke on the phone yesterday, you are really going for it this year and things are looking good.

      I’m working on product number 2 for this year already. I have accomplished what I set out to do so far this year and will continue to do so. It’s like you said it’s time to ramp things up!

      Dan Sumner

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      I find your personal business insights a great help with my own business planning.

      I too had a plan for various projects at the start of the year and continue to work towards them, I’ve actually published a business review of my own today at



    • Chris

      Hey John,

      That’s truly impressive what you’ve achieved so far this year and although I’m a tiny bit behind in my own plans, that’s inspired me to catch up in my project double quick.

      As one of your merry men on the PTS program, I’m very grateful for your personal time and input so thanks for that.


    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      The article marketing sounds interesting, it would be good if you you could do a webinar about it…

      Hard to believe a quarter of the year has gone already 🙁

      I’m on target for my monthly newsletters, and just about on target for doing 8 webinars this year.
      My other targets I havent done anywhere near a quarter of yet so I’m going to have to speed up as the year goes on…



    • Don

      Hi John,

      What a great report. But how would you like the Government to pay you to start a business based on what you have already done?

      In Australia this can happen as it has happened to me. I built a business case based on your ethical principles and techniques and it has been accepted. I will now get paid for the next 52 weeks to set up my business. At least I can eat whilst establishing myself in the marketplace.

      PS. The Australian Government Program is called NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme). It is open to anybody who is currently unemployed and can provide a viable business case.

      • Chris

        Hey Don, that is brilliant news so good luck to you on that.

        I would love the Government to pay me to start a business but I don’t see Mr Cameron doing that anytime soon 🙁

        ….I sure wish I lived in Australia; great weather and freebie money? You’re in heaven friend!

        Best regards,

    • Hi John

      Great recap of the year so far. You have been a busy lad.

      I am on track so far this year with my goals, One of them eas to be more focused on getting results and not to bet distracted with all the hyped product launches flying about every 10 minutes 🙂 lols

      So things are looking pretty good so far, another thing I made my self more accountable for things on my to do list, thus creating a more achievable list of to do things, instead of a list with a zillion things on!!!

      Wishing you all the best for the rest of the year.


    • David Taylor

      Hi John, great post and it has made me look at my goals.
      I have a project with other Dave from APF and we are quite excited about it. It is due for release in around 6 weeks if all goes well.
      I also want to build my list and have been adswapping regularly. It’s going well so far though I never put a figure in as a target.

      Thanks for your help, both personally and through your products, look forward to chatting more as the year progresses.
      Best wishes,


    • Joe Myers

      Hi John

      I,ve been doing your One Month Mentor program and i must say its the best thing i,ve done online,i now feel as if i have some direction and guidance instead of jumping from ebook to program to latest software etc etc and not knowing where to go and an empty bank account to throw in for good measure.I now have all the tools and information to start making a good,honest online business.I,m from the north east myself so its good to listen to people from my area,down to earth,honest and reliable.

      Thank You

      Joe Myers

    • Terry Conti

      Hi John,

      Wow! The year is just moving along isn’t it. If you don’t pay attention time flies.

      You got a lot going on there. Outsourcing can surly help giving you more time for product creation.

      I’m moving along OK. Ups and downs like everyone else. Have to give outsourcing a thought.

      It will surely give me more time to create product.

      All the best,

      Terry Conti

    • James

      Hi John

      Great post. Looking forward to seeing you get your ebay store back up and running.

      Things are going well this year, got my blog up and running and hope to get some more websites set up.

      Wanting to launch my first big product this year too preferably before the summers out.



    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John,

      I feel really lazy reading this, but as an example of what you can achive with determination it stands as a shining light and the fact that you are continuing to develop your business and record it here gives us a road to follow.

    • Keith Mason

      Hi John, great to see you leading by example, and setting the pace for us all. Your 1 month mentoring program must be a steep learning curve, I am doing your 9 month masterclass program and that is fast enough for me so far.
      Cheers, Keith.

    • Steve Wilkins

      Hi John,

      Just goes to show what you can do when you hold yourself accountable to others. #I was one of those who took note of what you said a the beginning of the year and this has easily been my most productive year to date and we are only 3 months in.!

      So far:

      -I have set up my new offline business, shipping high-end niche weight loss equipment across the UK.

      -Hired my very first employee for my online business and we are working together now on a number of exciting projects.

      -I have sold several of my affiliate websites which is directly funding my new business ventures.

      -I am in the middle of creating my brand new affiliate assasination programme which is due to be launched in the next 2 months.

      -I have also doubled my list building efforts with fantastic results.

      A lot of this was motivated by your post at the beginning of the year so I thank you John and I will be back to see how you are doing again in a few months time. It’s all about keeping momentum and right now, like you, I have it in abundance!

      Steve Wilkins.

    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi John,

      There’s nothing much to say that hasn’t already been said. You seem to go from strength to strength. You seem to be flying this year. A reason for the rest of us to carry on and not give up. You’re an inspiration to everyone. I have purchased a couple of your products this year. At least I have some tools I can use to move on.

      Watching your videos has helped me a lot, especially using Aweber adn uploading. I have moved a wee bit forward since December. I am promoting one of your products so hopefully I’ll be able to get a wee bit of income from that.

      Good luck in all your quests.


    • Alex

      Hi John,

      I’m your New Student … and I’m just waiting for everything here Online…something new. Webinars are good Idea, when you give away a lot of Information, then is something Special. I expect from your Training a lot and I think that will be fun, too… but mostly work for every day.


      Very focused and very honest! Looking forward to reading your 2nd quarter results. Wish I had a list like yours …


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