Articles can be the ticket to a lot of targeted traffic for you website/blog, but, once you have an article written where do you go from here? What is the best way to distribute your article to the masses of people all waiting to spend their money on your next big product? Many of us have been here before and many people are still at the stage where they have their first article sitting in a file somewhere on there computer, proud of their hard work but thinking to themselves,

‘What Next?’

The first thing to do would be to find one or two article directories to upload your first article, this will start the traffic flowing to your website/blog. Now while that first article is floating around a few article directories you should work on your next article and repeat the process as much as you can, this will help improve your writing skills and you will naturally develop your own article writing style. Keep doing this until you have around 10-20 articles written and submitted to a few article directories. Once you reach this point you can choose to do one of two different things.

Secondly, you could become a member of an article submission site. This is a site which, for a small monthly subscription fee, will submit your article to 100s of different article directories for you. You may be thinking that this could be done by yourself as submitting articles is not the most time consuming task in the world. For example, say it takes you one minute to submit an article, not a long time really? But then imagine doing this 500 times over, is that small monthly subscription starting to look a little more attractive now? The benefit of these sites is you do a few minutes work submitting one article they do the rest. You can then move on to other furthering your business in other ways while they carry out the boring monotonous task of submitting the article to all the directories.

Third, you could pay a one of investment and purchase for yourself some article submission software. This has the benefits of being able to choose which article directories you would like your article submitted to. Also after a certain amount of time you will eventually make back your money on your initial investment and all traffic gained after this moment will be for free. The only downside to this option is the larger initial cost than the submission service.

We all know that that articles are an excellent way to generate traffic but to a beginner who has just started out using articles this way it can be a confusing time, wondering what to do next when really it is relatively simple. You just need to start submitting to one or two sites till you have a good amount of articles and experience then either use a site or software to make these submissions on a much larger scale.

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    • Terry Conti

      Hi John, submitting articles to article directories can be a lot of work because the more articles you submit, the better. It is most definitely certainly worth the effort.

      Submitting articles is one of the most powerful ways of generating free traffic.

      The pay off for your work is free traffic to your online website, blog, squeeze page, etc. The more articles you submit the more traffic. The more traffic the more sales!

      Thanks for letting us all know about using submission sites or article submission software. It sure will make life so much easier.

      Terry Conti

    • egrifey

      Hi John! This is already familiar to FM 2.0
      Dive, also wrote about it.
      Useful article for the beginner.

    • Andy Coates

      Thank’s for the info John

      I have seen article submission software and to me its a smarter way to get your articles out there! and the time saved can be used elsewhere. More article writing I guess would be a good use of your time !


      Andy Coates

    • Adwel Lo

      This is good advice John. I read at that they recommend you submit a hundred articles all at once and then consistently submit ten or more every week for the very best traffic results. It will take time to develop a hundred articles though, so most of us will be best submitting as many as we can daily. I aim to write and submit 4-5 articles daily because 20 or more a week is going to be a very good number a year from now! It is best to write on subjects you understand, love, and can teach on. I am very careful to do keyword research before writing any article so I can benefit most from high search engine rankings. It all seems daunting when you start out but the race is won by the runner who doesn’t falter – just keep on keeping on!

    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi John,

      Another good post. I got fed up of being rejected at Ezine Articles, but not giving up. Excellent post again mate.


    • Barry from Saskatchewan


      I was elated at being called an “article expert” and so dejected when Ezine Articles refused my fantabulous expose on bosses who are arseholes.

      To add insult to injury I wasted a bunch of time writing a long and retarded missive about why the editors should accept my article riddled with a word they found objectionable.

      Like most newbie authors, I got caught up in WHAT I was doing rather than keeping in mind on WHY I was doing it.

      But no longer, thanks to you JT.

      Have a grand day, pal.


    • James Stemp

      When making article submissions, do you suggest using any type of software or is it all manual for you?

      • John Thornhill

        Hi James,

        I use Submit Your Article and Article Marketing Robot.


    • Bill Murney

      Hi John

      As a new Ezine ‘expert author’ (one article), thanks for the advice on taking this essential part of traffic generation to the next level.

      An article submission site looks like a decent proposition to me.


    • Eamon Diamond

      Hi John,

      I agree articles are a great means of getting traffic back to your website or blog. I think Ezine articles are probably the best because of the recognition they have garthered throughout the years.

      However there are a lot more to be using and not just sticking with the one, it’s good to diversify and spread it over a few to get your article noticed.

      Great post John very inspiring.

      Eamon Diamond

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