There is hardly a day goes by when your inbox is not flooded with offer after offer from Internet Marketers promising you ways to make easy money on autopilot while sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail.

As far as I know there is not a program that exists that allows you to make a easy autopilot income while doing nothing or if there is such a program it is a very well kept secret. This is actually one of the biggest reasons people fail online. They get sold promises of easy riches for doing very little work at all when the truth is there are no easy ways to make money online.

I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate to this problem, you can be casually surfing the web and you come across a program online that looks like it could be perfect for you, it promises you overnight wealth and success and it requires hardly any work on your part, all you have to do is pay this product’s creator some of your hard earned cash and he/she will reveal to you the secret to easy wealth, so you decide to buy it. Only to find out things were not as they seemed and in fact there is a ton of work involved and things were not as easy as you thought, so you give up and keep searching.

The next day another offer lands in your inbox and the whole process starts again, and again, and again and before you know it your hard-drive is full of hundreds of products you’ve barely even glanced at, but worse still, you find you’ve wasted thousands of Dollars. I bet if you look at how much you’ve invested in these ‘get rich quick while sitting on the beach’ products and then look at how many hours you’ve invested in these products doing real work the cash would far outweigh the effort.

This is a vicious cycle people can easily find themselves caught up in, they chase the dream of easy riches and will buy into almost every program that promises them easy cash. If you find yourself in this situation you need to stop as you are doing yourself more harm than good. Just remember, there isn’t a product out there that can make you rich overnight, to become successful you must work hard and put the effort in.

The secret to success contains 4 letters.


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    • Ron Barrett


      You mean the promises of thousand dollar clickbank days while being holed up in your bedroom for 3 months are not true?

      Stop bursting my bubbles man!

      bright, shiny objects will never replace w.o.r.k.

    • Lisa

      Hi John,
      YES! I think everyone has jumped from product to product in the “get rich quick” scheme of things! Me included! 😮
      I am in your masterclass, really wish we had more webinars, (social butterfly in me!) But the content and videos you have made are way above awesome! I go back to the earlier ones time and time again.
      I went off on a little side track and you know what? Everything and I mean EVERYTHING people are teaching or selling, I can learn in your Masterclass. (I did join a membership site that rocks, you can see it on the blog)
      So there is no need to go off and think I can learn something else faster, better or new and improved. The class has it all! (unless I want to get into PPC or something which I don’t right now!)
      So if anyone is listening, John has it all in his class. No more “get rich quick” while you are at the beach sipping little umbrella drinks. Just some honest, hard work!!
      So, hop in, hang on and enjoy! :0

      Thanks John,


      P.S. One thing about John….he HAS integrity and is honest and doesn’t have to TELL people he’s ethical, his action show it! 🙂
      #1 in my book!

    • Vova Sirotin

      Hey John,

      I was suffering from this a couple of years ago and all I got was just “empty pocket”. That’s because there was no mentors or it was too difficult to find any “real one”.

      But today I’m sure anybody can start e-business as there are some good mentors like you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas.


    • Gary Simpson


      Good post. But I would add that some of the so-called “solution providers” are teaching really nasty stuff and black hat style techniques that will lead new or naive people down a path of destruction.

      Just because something makes money doesn’t mean that it is honest or ethical. I can see the CAN-Spam Act jumping all over some people.

      Becoming successful online is a process – despite what the peddlers of quick-fix products will have us all believe.

      Gary Simpson

    • John McNally

      I think subscribing to auto pilot riches, is part of a learning curve most of us newbies go through. 🙄

      In my naivety I actually believed some of the sales letters. Because it was in black and white it must be true, they wouldn’t dare lie, would they?…..Well they would for their personal god; money.

      You are ethical enough to mention the dreaded four letter word WORK. Once people accept this concept, they can get on with building a business. 8)


    • Omar Martin

      False promises – Exaggerated claims of near instant riches – and the worst of all… Newbies misleadingly positioning themselves as experts. (LOL don’t get me started John)

      The majority of people just don’t want to do anything but still get wealthy. So they chase the push button wealth fallacy.

      It easier to believe that you can make 2 million in 2 minutes with no email list… because when you fail you can blame that lying product maker that told you so.

      BUT… It is HARD to just put in the hard WORK yourself because if you fail you have to point the blame at yourself.

      It is fear that compels the lot of us. That same fear preclude most from success. BUT…..

      Learning to harness that fear is key. I for one was so afraid of failure that I FORCED myself to succeed by WORKING my ass off!


    • Barry from Saskatchewan

      Howdy John,

      From the get-go you told me that attaining success on the internet was difficult and requires plenty of continuous effort.

      You were absolutely right.

      Thank you, mister.


    • Paul Guilfoyle

      Good post John.
      Why is it that some people believe it entirely possible to achieve anything worthwhile without any effort or graft?I just don’t get it.

      I know exactly what you mean by not following the auto pilot dream. However, lets not get this mixed up with using automation to our advantage ie to make our work quicker and more efficient and our lives better.Just as we find for instance washing machines, dishwashers, computers help our daily lives there are many examples of useful automation in the business setting. Autopilot income is not possible but many of us aim to work smarter not harder so don’t rule out automation but obviously we need to take care, sometimes there is a fine line. Maybe that’s why so many people fall for the ridiculous sitting on a beach rubbish.

    • paul lombard


      If one really wants to start a sucessfull eBusiness, the main thing you need is capital, in terms of skills.

      It’s no use if you can only program, only design, only market, only do analytics, only blog etc.


    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John
      The accepted rule for starting an offline business is that you probably won’t see a profit for 18 months or so. So why do people sit down in front of a PC/laptop and expect these rules to suddenly not apply any more. Sure there are exceptions as in any wlak of life but for the rest of us it’s that four letter word again WORK.
      The first lesson I learned from Lee McIntyre was that there is NO EASY BUTTON!
      Oh butit’s so easy to fall for the siren call of these emails. Even reading them can be a serious time killer.
      So John please keep reminding us and build up our resolve.
      Best regards

    • egrifey

      Hi John!
      And what about your eBay income – the “buy now” or late.
      Washing, repeating and re-mail mail + business with you
      What is not autopilot!?
      Regards Alex.

    • Mike R

      Brilliant post once again John

      Thanks for making the path to success clearly visible, by your words, your example and your amazing products!


    • Adwel Lo

      I can’t believe the number of times I have fallen for the autopilot concept! But at the end of the day isn’t it always going to be more rewarding to know you did all the work yourself and everything you create is truly good information you want to share honestly with people online?

    • peter mcgrath

      hi John
      wellanother really good post especially like your article on automated income I must cofess that itsa caught me out quite a few times and cost good money
      I guess it human nature to want easy money with our lack of computer HTML knowledge etc etc any so called solution to this problem used to get me reaching for my paypal button
      John your post really made me pay attention there is no easy solution or quick fix to making money online
      have agreat wweekend here despite all ths snowhere in the UK
      peter mcgrath

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