If you really want to start earning real money you have to sell something. You have two choices.

1. You can become an affiliate and sell someone else’s product and receive 50-75% of the initial sale, while the product owner gets the customer and the customer’s email address and the ability to keep selling more products to the customer you brought him,


2. You can become the product creator and have affiliates send you customers, thus keeping the emails and customers so that you can literally enjoy earning by just sending an email to YOUR list.

Here are some reasons you’ll want to develop your own digital product:

– When you have your own products, your name will begin to carry weight in the industry.
– When you are the affiliate you are fighting to get a fraction of the sales while competing with hundreds of other affiliates.
– When it’s your product it is unique, even in a crowded market.
– Once you begin to create a brand you have something that no one else can replicate.
– Every time you put out a new product your affiliates will help grow your email and customer list.
– Your email list becomes the ultimate source of passive income.

Most successful marketers not only sell their own products. They use their email list to sell as an affiliate with their customers ready to buy from them.

As your brand is built, your own website or blog will attract more and more potential buyers and you will be able to make money from ads on your site.

As a product creator, you’re in a position to run paid ads and because you can earn much more from a sale if you’re the product owner than if you’re an affiliate, you can spend more on ads and still make a profit.

Creating a product will give you a learning boost as teaching something is a powerful learning tool.

Now you might be asking, “Isn’t creating products hard?”

It’s Much Easier Than You Think.

Most people are intimidated just thinking about creating a product. They’d rather do something that’s seemingly easier. And of course, the Internet Marketing market provides an endless stream of such “easy” opportunities (most of which will never make any real money).

Businesses you can start without really needing to know anything, without really needing to learn anything, and without much work, almost never lead to success.

Pursuing the easy path is almost always a path to failure.

Product creators face less competition, earn more, build better skills, and creating your own products means you are building a real business.

Once you have a product idea you can find people who will create your product for you at far less than you might imagine on sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

You can certainly learn the right way to get started with product creation. =➔ Watch the free webinar here


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