Have you ever wondered why so many people sell eBooks with master resell rights attached? I mean, they start off selling the book for a nice juicy price, but then they give away resell rights and before long it ends up on eBay for just a couple of cents.

And it happens every time too!

I mean, it’s no wonder that if you spend any time on the forums you’ll hear people tell you that selling eBooks on eBay is dead. They’ll say that all the books are sold for 99 cents and that it’s a waste of time for everyone.

Don’t waste your time they all shout!

But here’s the thing…..

The REALLY smart eBayers give away master resell rights for a reason.

You see, while others are spending their time writing articles and doing other back breaking work, the smart marketers are getting free traffic from the links INSIDE the books which are being sold all over eBay for just a few cents a pop.

Having links inside viral eBooks on eBay is one of the most effective traffic tactics around….and it’s one of the most profitable too.

So how do you do it? How do you get your links inside ebooks on eBay and then watch as it goes madly viral?

Well, one man who has all the answers is Lee McIntyre

You see, he’s been quietly using these deep underground secret tactics in the teaching niche for some time now. And with brilliant results too!

In his hot selling Auction Secret Profits, Lee McIntyre reveals EXACTLY how he does it and how you can do the same as well…

He shows you his niche secrets and actually gives you hidden links to the books that make him the biggest profits each and every day

This book sells on Clickbank for $47 and at this price its packed full of value.

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