I am delighted to tell you I have managed to secure you a 60% discount on Paula Brett’s ‘Operation eBook’.


Is Operation eBook for you?

If you have created your own eBooks in the past and have no problems when it comes to creating an eBook from start to finish then this eBook may not be for you. But there are still some real gems of info and even if you are an experienced eBook creator I know you will learn something.

However, this eBook is mainly aimed at anyone who has not yet written an eBook or lacks the confidence to get it going. I assure you that even if you can’t write, have terrible grammar or lack the skills needed to create an eBook YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CREATE AN EBOOK if you follow the instructions in Operation eBook.

Listen! I have preached from day one that to be truly successful online you need to be creating your own eBooks. As an example I launched over 10 eBooks in 2007. I am living proof it works.

So do yourself a favour and check out Operation eBook. It could be your most important purchase this year. And at the discounted price it really is a steal. The regular price is $37 but I have managed to secure you a deal which means you can buy the eBook for only $17 from the link below.


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    • Rob Emmerson


      I have downloaded Paula’s book, and I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the great tip.

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