This post is only aimed at people who still haven’t requested Butterfly Marketing 2.0

This offer will be gone forever in a few hours:

So I have to ask you, what do I have to do to get you to request Butterfly Marketing 2.0 through my link?

I’m afraid the only excuse you have for not requesting this software via my link is someone else has offered you a better bonus or you already own the original Butterfly Marketing and if that is the case that’s fine. Good luck!

However, if you are simply watching this opportunity pass you by you really do need a kick up the backside, seriously, what else do you want?

Do you think you can’t do it? Well maybe you can’t, but that’s why I am here, the step-by-step videos I will be creating will walk you through the process of creating a successful Butterfly Marketing website of your own. I have also written a killer report that will explain everything you need to know about Butterfly Marketing.

Do you think this is too expensive?
Well if you think spending $29.99 on your online business is too much your business is going to fail. I would gladly pay $1997 all over again for Butterfly Marketing 2.0 if I had to.

Is it because you are lazy and want everything done for you for nothing? Seriously, would you rather I came to your home and built your site for you? While that would be nice it’s simply not possible nor practical but I bet that would tempt you.

Are you a born moaner? Look at the posts in this thread on the Warrior Forum, look at the moaners who will ultimately fail. I got so angry when I read this thread I had to respond, if you fall into this category I feel sorry for you.

Or is it something else? The fact you are making excuses and something in your head is telling you not to go for this means you don’t have what it takes to succeed. I would suggest you give up Internet Marketing right now.

Or are you going to take the plunge and just this once say ‘Sod It’, I’ll give it a go? If this is you then I congratulate you, because if I never said ‘Sod It’ on the 31st of January 2006 when the original Butterfly Marketing was released I would not be where I am today.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to keep making excuses for your failure or are you finally going to wake up and see this offer for what it is and that this is the best deal you may ever see online?

My offer to help you still stands, just go here to find out more:

In a few hours time this offer will be gone forever and you wont be able to decide what to do, so decide now while you still can. And don’t forget I am here to help you every step of the way.

If this post has offended you then don’t go through my link, but for goodness sake don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

    68 replies to "What Do I Have To Do?"

    • Simon

      A great post John, yes you will probably loose a few subscribers, but the message you are giving is very clear.

      Oh and by the way I have signed up for the offer (I think what with all the website issues)



      Reply by John:

      Thanks for your support Simon.
      If you went through my link once you login to the Butterfly Marketing members area you will see the download link for your bonus from me. If you don’t see the download link for my bonus please let me know and we will fix it.



    • Keith Purkiss

      It’s a bargain.

      Already working on a site to use BM with,



    • Sheila

      The only reason I can think of for someone not to buy through your link is if they didn’t know of your AWESOME bonuses!!!

      I feel bad for the IM’ers who don’t know about you, but I’m glad I was lucky enough to get in on this promotion.

      The way I figure it, I can’t lose with your help, my effort, and BM – it was a real no-brainer to order through you . . . thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’m really looking forward to your upcoming videos!

    • Ray Johnson

      Well said JT –

      In my opinion, people who don’t see the power of BM 2.0 shouldn’t be involved in internet marketing at all.

      The list is the KEY to success and nothing builds it better than Butterfly Marketing.

      I should know John, right?

      I have a responsive 10K list now from buiding just a few of these sites and have gone from frustrated newby to making a KILLING online.

      If you want PROOF ask John!

      I was the top affiliate for his awesome Masterclass programme in the first month – banking a LOT of cash.

      NONE of this would have been possible without a list…

      …and my list wouldn’t have been possible with Butterfly Marketing.

      Enough said.

      Take it easy John and to the rest of you – GET BM 2.0 now through John’s link for an amazing bonus.

      I WISH I had the videos to setup my site when I started – and I paid $1497 last year!



    • Mike Bailey

      Hi John,

      totally agree, its a no brainer, yeh we had problems yesterday getting into the site, but it sorted now.

    • Mark Austin

      Well said John. I can’t think of one good reason for anyone letting this opportunity pass, c’mon…$30 for a $2000 product, if this isn’t a “no brainer” what is?

      As for your bonus, it beats anything I saw offered so thanks for putting it together!

      All the best

    • ProjectMinisite

      Good for you John.

      I am already an owner of the original Butterfly marketing script, I havent had as much success with it as you have but I think spending $29.99 for it would be a no brainer.

      If you need any help with helping people succeed with Butterfly Marketing let me know, you have my email

      Darren Kaye

    • Daniël

      Hi John,

      Nothing wrong with your offer and apparently neither with Butterfly Marketing, because I know you wouldn’t be promoting it otherwise.

      Thing is just …. Mike Filsaime doesn’t accept PayPal! And I don’t own a credit card and I like to keep it that way 😉


    • Barry Newton

      Sock it to ’em John.
      Like I always say on my Blog: If you do nothing, you get nothing, so do something.
      If anyone reads this comment, believe me John Thornhill is the best guy I know to help you succeed. Just ‘Go For It’

    • Nikki

      Hi John,

      I managed to sign up through your link earlier, so fingers crossed that it’s all being shipped across to the UK shortly.



    • Gail Goodman

      Dear John you are so right. If someone is at all serious about IM this is the deal to go for and its a one in a million chance since the servers creashed and he(Mike) extended the time and the number. I am on workers’ compensation and can’t have another income but still I bought BFM.

      I got on at 12:10 and just as I pushed pay it crashed. I stayed in my chair waiting for it to open. and I could get thru. I sat there til 7pm and then I got my BFM. Money is tight so I will have to cancel the magazine. And John I don’t even have a business but love learning and have helped friends.

      People should not be afraid. Take that first step before its gone forever. I support your blog 100%. I opted for other bonuses that would serve me well but what you offered should have moved the hesitant. Feel free to publish this to your blog. What you did had to be said. Sincerely,Gail Goodman

    • Keith Blackburn

      Hi John

      Nice post – I don’t think you will lose any subscribers over it! I must admit I did ‘let loose’ and moan a bit in one of my emails to you yesterday. Sorry about that, I was just a bit worried that I would miss out. Thanks for all your help – I eventually was able to sign up.

      I hope people will take advantage of this last minute chance.


    • David Carter

      I posted in that warrior thread earlier today, like you I couldn’t believe all the whining.

      I don’t think some people would recognise an opportunity if it smacked them in the mouth. If they don’t recognise the value of not only being able to buy a two grand script for 30 bucks, and on top of that getting free training from a guy who uses it day in and day out to make money, then I think they are wasting their time being on your list.


    • Iain Ainsworth

      This is a no-brainer.

      With your excellent bonuses John, you’ve give me the opportunity to increase my online earnings to the next level and beyond. The BFM script scares the life out of me, but I can follow instructions and look forward to your videos.

      You’re one of my favourite online marketers – and British too! 🙂



    • Dan Ferry


      I got my copy of BFM 2.0 through you. Thanks!

      Really appreciate your video beforehand explaining how we can opt out of the newsletter. You did the same for Mike’s last launch (and the newsletter is unfortunately pretty lame, so I opted out).

      Your honesty and dedication to the people on your list are admirable.

      Looking forward to learning more from you!


      Reply from John:
      Thanks Dan, Mike’s newsletter has come on leaps and bounds since last year and if you just give it one issue you may be pleasantly surprised. Plus remember his next issue will be killer as he will want to keep you subscribed. Who knows what bonuses he may throw in?

    • Colin

      Hi John,
      I don’t blame you, if they leave more time to spend with us!
      No seriously I don’t think you will lose any subscribers. I guess some will feel sheepish.
      I went through your link in preference because you have put time and effort in to promote it, and, if you support video’s are as good as your Ebook2book videos they will be brilliant. Sorry Cheney, alexJ, Mike and others, we are on the best Horse this time.
      Best Wishes.


    • Ron Barrett


      Again, thank you for your enourmous generosity.

      Is $29.99 too much to ‘invest’ in your own business?

      I am sure that most everyone else who reads your post was inundated with bonus offers for you to buy through their own link…yours was the only one that I saw that didn’t require an additional purchase of another piece of software or ‘coaching course’. Ranging from $197 to $499.

      Why would anyone want to spend the extra $$$, when you are going to be providing the instruction that is necessary to make BFM2 a success for us?

      Beats me.

      Hooohaahh!! for you!!



    • chris

      Love to buy it. Unfortunately I can only pay by pay pal or British debit card, neither of which is acceptable at his site. I dont have a credit card and wont be able to get one in the near future as I’m actually living/sleeping in a small unit in Oldham studying IM 6+ hours a day. I have bought some of your products which are very helpful to me. At least I’ll have a good “before” story!

    • Robert

      I think I know the answer to your question. People don’t believe us. Sometimes we send messages and offers to our lists with the best intentions and those intentions are misread. Can you blame people? We have all been sold something (sometimes many things) that don’t do what they claim it does, both online and otherwise. I know that the honesty of marketers like you and I will come through in the end.

    • BJ Min


      man…i wish i bought it through you…i already bought the BF2.0 yesterday…

      then after i bought it, i FOUND OUT you give all these bonuses…i really need those bonuses man…because i’m not a very technical type of person…

      anyways, is there any way i can get your bonuses such as your video training by step-by-step for pay???

      i would purchase again but i can’t because mike filsaime says he will BAN anyone who tries to buy it twice…so it’s too late…

      anyhow, email if there is ANY way i can get your bonuses…and how much it would be to get your bonuses?


    • Kathy Keefe

      Hi John, I can’t imagine anyone would pass up this offer. I agree with you, if they didn’t, they aren’t serious about making it in internet marketing. I would have gotten this regardless, but your offer is THE BEST and I am so excited that I was able to get it. Yes, Mike had some site problems yesterday, but my thought was “I know what to look forward to when it’s my turn”:-) If anyone expects 100% cooperation 100% of the time they aren’t realistic about owning any business of their own. It’s how you handle the stumbling blocks, not the stumbling blocks themselves! Thanks for the wonderful bonus offer, $30 was really nothing to think about at all for a product and Bonus worth this much!! Thanks John, Kathy

    • Tom Aspin

      Dear John

      Excellent blog – the only people you should lose are the ones that aren’t serious. This is after all, for me at least, going to eventually be my sole source of income – probably a few months/years away from that yet. But I can see the potential already.

      I was one of the lucky ones and as a newbie (also on your masterclass course) I am looking forward to watching the videos – although for me no rush as I have brain overload.

      Regards & Thank You

      Tom Aspin

    • Mike

      This is an absolute no brainer…

      I have wanted this script for the past 2 years, but never had the money to buy it. I cant believe Mike Filsaime is giving this away for free…. im lucky enough to get through John link.
      So for those that havent yet signed up …DO IT NOW…

      Dont think you lose readers John, some people just need a reality check sometimes… as they so the truth sometimes hurts..
      Looking forward to your bonuses..

      Take care

    • Howard

      I go out of my way to find John’s affiliate link to any product I buy. I do not care what bonuses he offers, the guy is a great guy who helps any out who may need it. It is that simple!

      Bottom line if John doesn’t recommend it and he is not an affiliate the chances are it is not worth its weight of the paper it is written on.

      If anyone or you ever gets the chance to support John in anyway you should jump on it-he is one guy I know that really gives back!

    • Julie Fletcher

      I bought through Johns link this morning just for the help that he will be giving us, it was a no brainer!

    • Tommy McLaughlin

      Hey John,

      I laugh at times with the WF and certain comments.

      As I mentioned on twitter yesterday – it was like a pack of seagulls chasing after a couple of chips on the pier …

      Where as I being as laid back took a stroll and bought the package just 10 minutes ago …. lol !!

      Anyhoos, it was via your link of course 😉

      Will read the BMSecrets in full, but as you state I will need to get me thinking cap on for what I will use BFM 2.0 for ….

      But rest assured, I will use it, (with your help of course.)

      Thanks for the offer and looking forward to your videos ….

      Those people sitting on fence, I would urge you get BFM 2.0 if you are planning on going forward this year ….

      Off to tell the wife I just spent $39.95 😉



    • Dave Nicholson

      Hey John,

      Well said there mate, as I said in my emails BM has generated me over 20,000 subscribers and well over $100,000 from BM sites alone.
      So if there is anybody else still a bit unsure then just look at the facts and they speak for themselves!

      Nice one mate!


    • William Metzger

      Thanks for the bonuses, the excellent pre-launch information, and your spot-on blog post and Warrior post. It is always refreshing to find straight-talking marketers, especially in IM that conduct business with integrity. I have been hoping to get BFM for a long time, but could not justify $2000, so to get it this way, with your support as a bonus really is a “no-brainer” (hate that term!).

      The only gripe I have with Mike or any other US marketers that sell physical products is not the cost of shipping, but the lack of PayPal (my bank charges £1.50 for currency conversion) and the extremely long time it takes to get the physical products. It is possible to ship from the US to UK in under 2 weeks at low cost.

      By the way Chris, the debit card problem can be solved by going to Halifax bank (you can apply online), and get an Easycard account which gives you a Visa Debit card, accepted anywhere Visa is, and there are no status or credit checks to get the account – therefore just about anyone can get one. Best of luck.

      Thanks again John

    • Ken Biddle

      Hi John,
      If you are saying that you have not got huge numbers of people using your link; then to be quite honest I’m flabbergasted.

      I have looked around at a lot of the bonuses that are available out there, and to be fair some are very good, but the bottom line is what are you going to do with the package when it eventually arrives on your door step?

      Wouldn’t it be better to have someone show you step by step how to leverage the best out of Butterfly Marketing by a real person that has actually used it (Highly successfully) over and over again.

      It doesn’t even stop there, with your bonus you are committing to help promote the butterfly sites to your current 50,000+ list and continue to do so no matter how big your list gets.

      What more could anyone possibly want?

      Perhaps they are looking for the push button solution. The product that costs them a one off payment of $27 that will
      • practically install itself
      • Automatically attract hordes of targeted traffic
      • Have a hypnotic sales page that forces people to buy
      • Never have to do anything with it from the day you set it up.
      • Makes you $20,000 a month.

      Well, when you find it please, please let me know because I’ll snap up a dozen of them.

      In the meantime I won’t be holding my breath. What I will be doing is working with John Thornhill on my new Butterfly Marketing sites, building a massive, loyal, targeted list and making real profits.

      Just to prove this is not just a simple comment I just thought I would throw in, check out my blog post here on my thoughts on the subject.

      I have my own JV link for Butterfly Marketing, but now John has announced his bonus package I am actively supporting John’s link because I believe it is simply the bonus that people will benefit most from.

      How altruistic I here you snigger. Well the simple truth is that one of the things this business is all about is relationships. If John’s clients do well then through my association with John, I will do well. Also people that read my blog will know that I am not just going to tell them anything just to get a few dollar commission. If I do not think a product or offer is worth it to the client then I simply will not promote it.

      See how it works? Adopt this approach and your clients will trust you.

      For anyone that is reading this I would like you to know that John Thornhill is one of the most down to earth guys you could ever wish to be associated with. Sure he is in business to make money, but unlike so many other “Internet Marketers” out there it is not at your expense. You see I know John Thornhill’s secret, and I’m going to tell it to you.

      In order to have a sustainable business in this area you need to build a reputation of honesty and integrity. You need to build a rapport with you clients, so that they come back to you time and again simply because they know that the products and services that you offer are worth every penny. These are all qualities that John Thornhill has in spades.

      So there you go, there is my little rant as well.

      If you really want to amount to anything in this business then for god’s sake stop sitting on the fence and take some action.

      If you still want more information then just have a look at John’s Videos.

      Now use John’s link and click on it while you still have the chance. Make today the first day of action, to make your online career a success.

      Ken Biddle

    • Alan

      Hi John,I was initially hesitant about Mike’s offer. Not because of my doubting the quality, but, knowing my history that I’m weak on the technical aspect. Having seen your bonus, how could I have any excuse!

      Looking forward to cracking the nut! Alan

    • Susan Owen-Thursfield

      Hi John

      Well said – and if it loses you some subscribers, they’re probably not in touch with who you are anyway! One thing I felt was that with all the server crashes and outages etc was just how quickly everything came back up again. It took me three attempts to “get in” – I only hope that one day I have the same server problems!

      And thanks for your bonuses BTW – I got the script even tho’ I’m some way off needing it but coupled with your videos I KNOW I’ll get there that bit sooner!



    • Phill Hopkins

      Fantastic John.

      You just made an otherwise fairly dull day enjoyable.

      As for the comments on the WF, well I don’t see MF wiping anyone’s backside for them just yet, do you ?

      Some people aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about, and I genuinely feel sorry for them if that’s how they live.

      What ever happened to “the glass is half full” instead of “half empty”.

      Having said all that, I got mine through your link so when I hit the first 10K sales off BM 2.0 I promise I’ll be sending the champagne to you.

      What’s more it will be a pleasure !

      Onwards & Upwards.


    • […] If you want more of my insights then you should read my comment to John’s post. See John’s post here. […]

    • Alan Petersen

      Hi John,

      I love what your wrote in your WF post: “I think if Mike was including $100 bills in with the package some people would still moan.” Cracked me up. Sad but true. I was on the fence. I’m not a huge Mike F. fan but your videos were great showing how BFM has done for your business. Then you threw in your bonus to promote our soon-to-be BFM site to your 50K list and this makes it an absolute no-brainer. $2,000 software for $30 plus your bonuses, I mean come on people! Stop sitting idly by. Thanks John. I look forward working with you on my first BFM powered site/product.


    • Mark Himes

      Hi John,

      Actually rather enjoyed that a little. What HAS to be said,
      HAS to be said. ….. Fortunately ……

      1) I got my copy – Thanks to your incentives and real-time
      support during the START of the Crash … and to Mike for
      being bold to extensively EXTEND the offer under the

      2) I am REAL thankful I was able to get it through YOUR offer
      at the near last few hours just before it all started. Looking
      forward to your videos… (Take Your Time, I already have
      PLENTY to do with your class now and recovering from
      Monster Crash of MY PC… AND LAPTOP. But I am almost
      recovered. Another day should do it.

      I still agree with many others in our MasterClass on the forum
      that I HAD to get a copy (like many others) and put it on the shelf (for later) so I don’t get too far into information/training overload.

      How could ANYONE not be willing to spend a measly $30 or $40
      shipping to get something like that? And possible a month or 2
      of a newsletter subscription. I’ve already spent several hundred TIMES that taking risks here and there, getting “stuff” for this business, whatever…

      Anyway, don’t wanna go overboard here (or did I already ?)


    • Kayleigh

      Not everyone wants to use the Butterfly script, when you have scripts like the memberspeed script, although much more expensive but easier to work with and you dont need to be an html guru to use it.

      Also people dont always want to be locked into a monthly fee, now if you go for the Butterfly Marketing script version 1 and decline it you can get the Digital Version for $500 lot cheaper, and you get the upgrade as well.

      With the amount of “Best Friend” emails coming in the past few days about this spam filters are going wild just now. Continuity on a $40 a month subscription just to get the script, many people will be suckered into this.

      Myself i do love the script, infact i have both of them and think they are both good in their own ways, just make sure that its something your going to use, if you look in the BM Forums you will see people who bought the original still havent actioned it.

      DONT be one of them who buy and do nothing with then complain it did nothing for you.

    • Tim Brydges


      I originally attempted to order through your link, your name was at the bottom. With all the garbage that went on, I ended up ordering the package later in the day.

      I am not sure if you received the credit or not because I did not see a download link to your bonus. I may have screwed up royally. I have been a loyal follower for years and started drooling when I read your bonus offer. It wasn’t enough to get bfm for free, but to get a new bfm site advertised to your list! Amazing.

      If I screwed up and you didn’t get the credit, is there any way I can get in on this bonus. Maybe work out a deal? I feel sick to my stomach about this one. Hope to hear back from you.


    • Chris Ruane

      I am sad to see those posting here who would love to order but can’t through lack of a credit card.

      Then there are the glass half empty folk.

      “Seriously, would you rather I came to your home and built your site for you? ”

      Yes John they would rather you came around put the kids to bed built their site, worked their job, did their shopping….and they could still find reasons not to bother……

      The good news is that the future is in your hands
      The bad news is that the future is in your hands……….

    • Kevin Lyle

      Well John,
      Unfortunatley “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”
      This system will only be f use if you take positive action & your bonus of assisting us with your instructional videos is an excellent package.
      I think how often I have purchased something & struggled to get to grips with it.

      Thank you John.
      Keep up the good work


    • Andres Luna

      What a message John! I want to share my experience on this BM 2.0 I was on line waiting for the launch, can’t get thru it, e-mailed John and He answered within 10 minutes with reassuring message, (THANK YOU JOHN!)I’m in texas USA and time zones are different, when I finally got thru to it then I wasn’t able to get it because of the servers issue, I was so concerned about maybe not being able to get it since I had to go to work, (I work nights) I got home at about 5:30 in the morning next day it’s about 11:30 where John lives, got on my computer right away and was able to finally get BM 2.0 I had stressed my self all night thinking that I may won’t get it but as a very proffesional marketer Mike made sure that He will keep up to his promise of delivering to all of first 5000 who got in to it, but because of the server issues now He’s OVERDELIVERING to all who wants it thru Thursday, I have a thru believe on John to start with it even when I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Him personally, so Thank you again John for staying up on this also, I just have to wait to get the program and start developing my success with all your help, till next time,

      Andres Luna

    • Jim Parsons

      Hi John:

      There are many reasons that folk do what they do. Some are meaningful only to the individual.

      I am impressed by your bonus package, and would have liked to participate – but – my personal position would not permit it.

      First – I really had no intention to join the newsletter as a paying customer, although I probably would have paid for a couple of months just because I would have felt obligated to pay something.

      Second – However, I have a strict policy re on-line purchasing. Paypal only. I do not issue my credit card numbers elsewhere, and I never allow anyone else to control my purchases, or shut them off. That’s my prerogative solely. With Paypal I can do that.

      Third – I read the terms of service for the site closely, which is my usual practice with any contract. I saw a thing or two I could not accept, therefore I could not put my little check in the little box. Non acceptance usually rules one out.

      There is nothing emotional about it. Just business. If I missed out on a huge opportunity because of my business style, then that’s the way it goes – and the opportunity is not intended for me.

      There will be another bus along in a day or two.

      Thanks for your communications. I enjoy your insights, and your rants. Look forward to your next newsletter.

      Jim Parsons

    • Chris Deals


      I originally did not purchase BM 2.0 because I did not want to buy another make money online program and have it sit on my laptop or book case getting dust.

      My MAIN goal for 2009 is to stop jumping from info product to info product, and say focused on what has been making me money online, and get better at it.

      I started my adventure with Internet Marketing August 2007. Since then I have bought close to $3,000 in info products, including several of yours. I found myself jumping from product to product, idea to idea, and not getting much accomplished.

      I finally found my way, and started making money in 2008. I actually made $42k profit in 2008. Most of it came from promoting incentived CPA offers, and Affiliate Marketing using articles.

      Article Marketing has been my main focus in 2009. But you’re right, Mike’s offer is too good to pass up, and couple with your bonus I would be a jackass to let it slip through my fingers.

      So, a few minutes I went ahead and ordered BM 2.0, and joined your list for the bonus videos.

      I have learned a lot from your products, and I’m looking forward to taking action when your videos are ready.

      Thanks for the rant.


    • Omar Martin

      Hey John…

      Ok it’s no secret that I’m on Mike Filsaime’s staff but before all that, I was and still am a student of yours. Unfortunately, many people are underestimating the power of BFM2.0 and that is a shame.

      The other thing that some people are dismissing way too quickly is the power in Mikes monthly magazine “The Best Damn Newsletter”. Let me put it to you like this… if you are an internet marketer and you don’t read this magazine every month, thats kind of like being a Stock Broker that doesn’t read the Wall Street Journal.

      Having the tools and training is one thing required to make money online BUT… to make money CONSISTENTLY one must always be “Sharpening the saw” to stay on the cutting edge of what works.
      We are in a fast paced industry that changes by the second. To be successful you must stay on the cutting edge, for what worked yesterday may not particularly work today.

      In conclusion, Mike has given us all an opportunity to try one issue of the “The Best Damn Newsletter” for FREE just so you can we can see for ourselves just how valuable this monthly tool really is. And by the way, lets not discount all of the “Unspoken Perks” that you get as a subscriber like… your own Instant Affiliate Website, The Seven Figure Secrets ebook and site membership plus a wide array of traffic generating tools and software.

      BTW… for the smart ones that take action here, be sure to catch my article series in the newsletter this month called “Internet Selling For Newbies”. I wish you all lots of success online.

      Omar Martin

    • Sue French

      Great post John. I finally got through hours after the server crash and got my copy of BFM2.0 through your link. Actually, the server crash was good for me, because in desperation, when I could not get through initially, I tried with Firefox, got through, signed up then discovered that my referrer was “NONE” (in other words, not you). I normally use Internet explorer, so I guess it must have been a cookie issue. However, thanks to the server crash, that order did not get through, and I was able to sign up later using IE, through your link.
      That was fantastic, because without your instruction, I know that I would not be able to take advantage of this great opportunity.
      I think the main reason that newbies end up with a lot of unused stuff on their computers, is that they have no idea what to do with the things they buy, or how to do it.
      John, your bonuses are priceless! Maybe people just don’t realise this. I feel sorry for those struggling newbies who have not yet found you.
      I’m looking forward to seeing your videos, although as a time challenged member of your masterclass, I will have to put BFM on the back burner so that I can do justice to your course.
      Thanks for your generosity and committment to helping your followers.

    • Colin Tazey

      Gan on John lad, there`s nowt like a good rant now n then. Admitedly some people will have specific reasons for not buying BM 2.0, but in general it really is a no brainer. It took me over 6 hours to finally get it through your link but i got there in the end.

    • storm walton

      Hey John,That’s a really good post because theres a lot of whiners and negativity out there and if your not willing to pay $29.95,Then you should get out the game,The problem is that i got threw Eric Holmund’s link,Sorry about that he got to me first and he as great bonuses also.But thanks for the heads up anyway your a great marketer and insperation to us all even thou im no NooB,Peace and good luck to john and all the positive post,Storm Walton.

    • Ken

      Hi John,

      Great post and more importantly GREAT bonuses! These bonuses made it a no brainer for sure.

      And great post Ken Biddle, I concur. I feel very fortunate to have become aware of you, John and have become a follower. I know that if I stick with you and follow your advice and take action on the help you provide that I will succeed.

      I am finally not going to let fear and doubt stop me from accomplishing financial freedom. We will all still have fear and doubt sometimes, but I read somewhere that this is just our normal guidance system alerting us that we are trying something new and plotting a new course. It’s a “captain we have changed course, are you sure” to which we confirm that yes this is the new course we choose to take.

      Good luck to everyone,

    • Patrick

      I bought my BFM through your link yesterday. You’re so right about the whiners, but I don’t think you’ll lose any subscribers. You offer such value anyway, and genuinely care about your subscribers. Always over delivering and again with your bonus. I think people who don’t order this are not serious about having an online business. Especially with the bonus you have offered. Anyone who follows you knows that they’ll receive more than you’re offering anyway, like the support that you’d have to pay an extra $300 for. The cost is negligible, considering it’s a 2k product normally.

      For those worried about the credit card issue, you can set up a temporary credit card number from your online banking area just for these type of occasions. Or go to the pharmacy and get a prepaid card. There is no excuse not to get in on this if you’re serious about doing business online. Opportunity will stop coming around if you don’t answer the first few times. Just my two cents, I may be wrong. Good luck either way.


    • Geoff Yarrow


      There were other bonus offers??? Wow! They were so pale in comparison to John’s, that I must not have noticed. And if anyone is offended that you are looking out for their best interests John, by recommending they get BFM2.0 along with your awesome bonus offer, they have my sympathy, and probably don’t deserve to be on your list anyway. I’ve only been studying and researching online-marketing for a few months now, but your honesty and integrity caught my attention early on John. I can’t wait to receive my BFM2.0 in the mail. Along with my newsletter. I’m ready to be one of your next success stories John. I know you will be the catalyst in my butterfly reaction.

    • Dave Smith

      Hello John,

      As many people have mentioned already I agree with everything you said, and thanks for the link to the Warrior forum, I couldn’t believe some of the comments, I didn’t know whether to laugh my head off or get angry, I guess laughter is the best medicine. I have now had a boost to my chances of making it successfully with IM as many of the people on the warrior forum haven’t the foggiest idea what it will take to be successful. If they don’t have the patience to wait and keep trying to get something free, then they have no chance. Many of them probably have never done any real work so don’t know that you actually do have to work at anything to be successful, and working for yourself (which internet marketing is) is the hardest, but ultimately most rewarding kind of work, and I don’t consider taking a couple of hours to make sure I got Butterfly Marketing through your link as work.

      I thought Mike Filsaime’s team were great under the circumstances, anyone who can actually read would have seen the clear sign on the webcam that everyone who wanted the product would get it, and anyone who could hear would have heard repeated many times that people should go and do something else for a few hours, come back later and then buy and they would be successful. You just can’t please some people.

      I am pleased I got in to IM through you and whenever I get distracted with all the other emails it is refreshing to be brought back on track through you and your friends.

      Many thanks for your continued help to everyone, and as many people have sadi, if anyone fails to take advantage that can (the credit card issue obviously is a problem for some people) then they are missing a great opportunity and probably aren’t cut out for Internet Marketing.

      Best Regards

      Dave Smith

    • Tracey Peapell

      Hi John,

      Great post, one of the things I admire about you is your honesty. I did manage to get a copy of BM through your link 🙂 Had it not been for your offers I would not have even gone there. I honestly thought I would miss out anyway so was very surprised that I just clicked the link and paid…that simple, possibly one of the benefits of living on the other side of the planet, you were probably all asleep at the time 😉 No other offer I saw came anywhere near what you offered and I thank you for that.

      You are right, if you don’t give something a go you will never know. I desperately want to succeed and so I knew I couldn’t miss out on this offer even though I have a lot on my plate at the moment what with your masterclass course, my ebay business and a 3 day ebay conference coming up next month…not to mention my fulltime day job…not to mention having a family to care for as well.

      I’m up at 6 in the morning and off to bed at around midnight, sometimes later. But I recognise that I have to do this to succeed.

      I am scared that I won’t succeed but I am equally determined to give it my best shot and I truly believe that my best shot is to follow John.

      If you haven’t bought into BM through John’s link, you just may be letting the best opportunity you are ever going to see online pass you by. I am in the middle of my second course with John and I can tell you that he is a great teacher and he makes it easy. He will save you months if not years of trying to figure it all out on your own. Following his videos sure beats reading an ebook.

      Go grab BM now, it costs b*gger all after all and I don’t know about you but I love a bargain.

      Thanks John, you’re the best.


    • Paul Winter

      Thanks John. Your post was enough to stir me into action! I bought a copy through your link. I look forward to your videos.


    • Gary Simpson

      Hi John,

      I ordered my BM2.0 through you on the basis of what my friend Garry Parkes said. So, I thought I’d better join your list while I was at it. Seemed only fair to me!

      Yes, I had extreme difficulty ordering my copy of BM2.0 and fired off an email to you (thanks for the reply BTW) but I persisted (about 20 to 30 times) and eventually I got it.

      Regarding your link to the Warrior Forum. Well, John, I have deliberately stayed away from that place for several years. The pettiness and attack-dog mentality of so many members there just annoys me. But (maybe against my better judgement) I went over and had a read of what others were saying.

      OMG! Nothing has changed. I read your comment and agree wholeheartedly with what you said. And I also read what Dean Holland wrote and absolutely p155ed myself laughing at it. What a classic!

      Then I got caught up in it all and decided to slam a comment down of my own – the first since about 2007, I think. Now I am strapping on my war helmet, my kevlar flak jacket and bunkering down over at my “temple.” Inbound missiles!

      Seriously, I just dunno why some people even bother to be so bloody nasty and negative about everything. What is wrong with them?

      Oh, and John… if by chance you do lose a few subscribers by the tame comments you made above – to heck with them. You will be better off without them. They would only waste your time anyway so good riddance. It’s good to flush the turkeys off the old list every now and then.

      Hope to meet you one day. If Parkesy reckons you are a good bloke and the real deal then that’s good enough for me.


      Gary Simpson

      PS: Sometimes we just need to get out of our comfort zones. I did this recently by making a video and uploading it to my blog. In just over 48 hours it has had 2210 views which really surprised – er, make that astounded – me! So, message… when we take action – THINGS HAPPEN!

    • Simon C

      Well said.

      If you do lose a few subscribers, o what. They would only be the ones that wouldn’t do anything anyway and are useless on evey one’s list. Remember all the moaning last year after 7 Figure Secrets was launched?

      Still trying to work out if I have been lucky. No confirmation from the payment processor but had email to say would receive package in 10-14 days. Also didn’t get the upsell or downsell pages. Daren’t try and order anoter in case both cancelled. But on the other hand desperate not to miss out.

      Good luck everyone


    • Daniel Howard

      Hi John

      You are spot on bud, I think mikeis one great guy for giving this INCREDIBLE software for free. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

      And for the bonuses like you did with the 7 figure secrets and now butterfly marketing I want to thank you for your time and energy for over delivering on both.

      For the people who don’t get this INCREDIBLE software don’t see the power in this. And shame on them.

      As always john thanks and looking forward to the videos


    • Niche Store Journey

      I did not locate your offer until I had already ordered BFM through another affiliate (for a bonus which turns out to be pretty lame).

      I would have signed up through you, and really regret not being able to learn from you!

      Hope to still be able to get info from ya in the future!


    • Terri - The Gallery Sites

      I couldn’t believe all the whiners on the warrior forum either!
      They just can’t see the true value in this product and always want something for nothing. Oh well, no need to bash the bashers, so I didn’t join the conversation. We’ll let BM’s profit potential do the talking…

    • Louise

      Well said John and I have literally just this second ordered through your link. I was sorely tempted by Gary Ambrose’s bonuses as well lol but you won out simply because I’ve been subscribed to you longer and already trust you. Can’t wait to get my copy and get started on a site. The only drag about this is the international delivery time.

      Oh yeah and a heads up to anyone else in the UK who hasn’t ordered yet… it’s not $29.95… it’s $39.95 for us. It’s still a no brainer though!! Go get it!

    • Mary Jane

      Dear John,

      Yes, this is a “Dear John” letter! 🙂

      I know you are very enthusiastic about this.

      Let me be straight with you. I have a job and am also in two concert orchestras. I have to juggle sleep patterns in order to function properly, especially play classical concerts. To one who is not a musician you have no idea how hard we work to make music.

      Having said the above, this is not an excuse, but a reason. It is called TIME CONSTRAINTS. It seems everyone represents themselves as being the most important thing and should consume ALL your time and attention. Imagine if I said to you there was nothing more important than listening in depth to my musical performances and critiquing each one, taking the good points into consideration to enhance your own artistic enjoyment. I can imagine what you would say.

      To carry this further, what is the purpose of having money? It is to enjoy life. An artist enjoys life (usually) in a non-materialistic manner. I heard one prominent musician say to me that “Cruises were the most boring excusions known to man.” There is nothing special about a man who advertises the fact that he has the *money* to go on a cruise! I can think of better uses for money myself.

      People on cruises spend a lot of money and some of it is for excessive drinking. It seems that is advertised as a goal for a person of wealth via the internet? Come on! Believe me, I have been there and I have been sober for over 10 years now. In fact, a personal relationship with Jesus is the real freedom in life. All else pales by comparison. There is a spititual clash indeed between the ways of the world and the way leading to Heaven and union with your Creator.

      Back to Butterfly Marketing: Some people do not have the money to pay for it, me, for example, speaking of money. If you get something for “free,” like you say, there is always an expense later on, an inducement to get you to part with your hard-earned money. That’s okay, but here, as far as I can tell, there is no substance. Butterfly Marketing is like a conglomeration of everything all rolled into one. By the time you know what you are doing most people are taking small, sensible steps and doing the same things themselves: On the other hand, some people might swear by butterfly marketing — kind of like twittering — what will be the next buzz word on the internet — some of this is very funny! 🙂

      Very simply, marketing can be boiled down to:

      1. Finding something people want.

      2. Presenting it in an artistic and attractive manner.

      3. Making it easy to obtain, and *understand,* after the obtainment process is completed.

      4. Stating to your client what he should be doing next, to keep his interest for your Next Big Thing.

      I think you get the point. Maybe I am oversimplifying, but if I saved some people some valuable time that would be very nice. Maybe I am all wrong, don’t know yet! 🙂

      Everyone’s “subject” is the most important subject in the world and you cannot understand why people don’t just drop everything and say to your ego, “What can we do to grovel and wonder at your intelligence, entrepreneurship, and your infinite wisdom about all mysteries of the internet?”

      You seem to need an audience. You have one, you really do. I am part of that audience. Hmm . . . 🙂

      With best regards, Mary Jane

    • Steven Wood

      Already own BM original for a long time.
      It’s a fantastic script to have.
      And I would recommend it to anyone.

      But there is no way that I would pay $29.00 for Mike Filsaime
      news letter. I just don’t think it’s the best damn newsletter I have ever read.

      I reviewed it on one of my site after trying it out which I like to do if I’m going to recommend a product.
      My recommendation would be to take the offer up on Mike Filsaime
      BM 2, AND ANY HELP from John is the best damn bonus you will ever get.
      Unlike the news letter.

      Reply by John:

      I think Mike was the first to admit that the quality of his original newsletter was not as good as it should be but things have changed since then and his monthly newsletters are now much better and I suspect they will improve even more with this new influx of subscribers.

      I would say give it at least one issue to see what he has to offer.

    • Steven Wood

      John I have absolutely no problem with you or the quality help you provide for people trying their hardest to make it on line, ( Your bonus of help with BM2 will be of grate value to those who went vir your link ) and I would most certainly recommend your mentorship, been there and done that,

      But Mike is a veteran marketer, and he should know above all others that you only get one chance with your pitch. The first copy that I read was very low quality and no where near worth the subscription cost, However his products are of a high standard and wouldn’t have a problem recommending them.

      But what worries me is the fact that people seem to be under the impression that this is some sort of miracle software, well it’s not, it’s a script that funnels people thorough your web site, that web site dose not build it’s self, there are no magic buttons to press,

      But you can not go wrong at $29.00 for BM2 I paid a hell of a lot more then that.
      Just can not see anyone sticking around unless you are right john, and he as made some big changes to his news letter, maybe he should send a free updated copy out to all those that cancelled the first time around, and if it is now the best damn news letter now I wouldn‘t have a problem updating my first review of it.

    • Garry Parkes

      Hi John,

      Excellent post. Sometimes people need a good slap around the head to get them to wake up, LOL.

      To me the BFM 2.0 was a no-brainer. Anyone serious about building a successful online business just couldn’t pass an opportunity like that by.

      Yes, sure it was frustrating trying to get my order through but rather than whinge about things I just persisted until I did. I put a post up on my blog that rather than look on the negative side of things, the problematic launch could be a ‘silver lining’ for many people if only they would grasp the opportunity. And they still can I see when I go to the site this morning.

      Oh, and signing up through your link was a no-brainer too John! Your bonus of promoting to your list is awesome and is actually worth a lot more to someone who makes the effort than the cost of the original Butterfly Marketing Course itself!!

      And as I know you personally John, I know you are a very genuine, sincere and honest guy who will try his hardest to help others succeed. I loved our train journey back together last month after meeting up with Alex Jeffreys. You were very generous and open about the information you imparted to me and hope we can get together again real soon.

      All the best,

    • Keith Alston

      Hi John, I agree with every word you say above and also agree with Garrys comments and most others too.
      I too cancelled my subs to Mikes newsletter as the quality was very poor and aimed at those who have a better than average knowledge of site building and editing. I only cancelled last month, just before getting the revamped version of the newsletter…It was a huge improvement so I was already thinking of signing up again when this offer for BM2 came up. As already stated…A No Brainer !
      I have never used BM but have never heard a bad word said about it. I am sure that with your training on how to get to grips with BM we are all already on the way to success. I have never met you(yet) but feel you are already a great friend as your sincerity flows through cyberspace and out through our pc’s. I feel lucky and proud to be one of your students. Cheers John

    • Fandro Lame

      A lot has been mentioned about the extreme poor quality of Mike’s earlier magazine and I have to agree as I was also one who bought expecting great things and canceled within 20 minutes of receiving it.

      Omar mentions how important it is to be on the cutting edge of technology and I have to agree, but the Filsaime and Stompernet “profit is all that matters” marketing machine needs to take a step back and remember their customers are human beings and not a wallet to be prised open according to Jeff’s Profit Launch Formula.

      They can actually take a leaf out of YOUR book John who has consistently over the years given sound, (and often free), advice and have always had time for your subscribers whether they have bought or not. There are a number of people like yourself who, although profit is a consideration, (it is your business after all), are more information oriented than profit motivated.

      Just setting up a dozen RSS feeds from people like yourself and we have top industry news delivered straight to our Google Reader and we don’t have to wait a month for the information to arrive.

      The only reason I took part in this launch was because I saw you were promoting it otherwise, in all seriousness, I would have passed on this one.

      The loyalty of your list and the respect you have earned shows your business model works. As I type this the post directly above from Keith says “but feel you are already a great friend as your sincerity flows through cyberspace and out through our pc’s”.

      That is priceless. I feel that this is actually true of the majority of your subscribers and although some of the other marketers can generate huge buzz and frenzy for a short time until the next product launch, they don’t even come close to understanding the meaning of building a loyal subscriber list as you demonstrate on a daily basis.

      Anyhow, my test for Mike’s monthly offering will be to take it to the local newsagent and place it alongside other, (relevant!), magazines, and say to myself, “Is that worth the $30 it will cost me to receive it?”

      It actually raises the issue of whether an online marketing magazine being shipped out via snail mail to be read offline is actually of any use whatsoever but that is another topic for another day.

      Thanks for being a genuine stand up guy. Always look forward to your emails and posts.


    • Richard Moloney

      Hi John

      I must have had 30+ invites to get BM 2.0 from different marketers. I am not sure if you were amongst the offers or not. I signed up with one of them and managed to get a copy shortly after it went live ( ie after the crash)

      I hope to be able to use it to improve my existing site for affiliate products. As has already been said above it was a no brainer to get it, although I will not be keep on with the newsletter as by the time it arrives here in N Ireland some of the contents are out of date.


    • Robyn

      Hi John –

      I would love to get bfm and get your bonus’s but I am so weary of giving full cc details online.

      I wish there was another option like paypal.

      I am still pondering and will check back later to see if any cds are still available.

      Am I being unnecessarily cautious about cc…? (5000+ don’t seem to have a problem with it….???)

      Any input would be very much appreciated.


    • Hi John,

      THANKS for the fantastic opportunity…

      Smart move to offer training for BFM.

      I have a little question… (BTW, I already
      ordered through you – can’t wait!)

      What sort of sites does BFM work best with?

      Do you recommend I brainstorm some domain names
      for my BFM site?

      I know you said think over the OTO and initial
      free report…

      To give an example, would BFM fit ok with a
      website in the photo niche?

      Or a review site?

      Thanks John, thanks a million…

      Martin (in Thailand) 🙂

    • Google


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