Welcome to my brand new blog, from now on this will be my new central hub for everything I do online and of course the place where I do my best to deliver valuable content that will help you grow your online business. I hope you like the new theme and layout, in fact if you do you can see exactly how I set this blog up and copy everything should you wish by watching the video I created here. The video walks you step by step through everything and is 100% free.

You may be thinking why the new domain and why the new blog? Well the old domain reflected my eBay business (planetsms) and to be honest I’m trying to get away from that and brand myself more. Also, when planetsmsblog.com was created I didn’t own the domain johnthornhill.com and as I do now I thought it was time to practice what I preach to my coaching students and install a blog on my main domain. So that’s the reason behind this blog.

You may have noticed something else. Where are the ads and banners?

Yes, there are no banner ads, no AdSense ads and no external links to other blogs or products, everything on here is all about me. I have decided that the best way to profit from my blog is to sell myself on it. This means no AdSense, no paid ads and no banners linking to other peoples products. If I believe in a product I will simply send a mail to my subscribers.

I will still promote the odd product through reviews, guest posts and posts that discuss a particular method but that will be it. The reason behind this is simple, you go to a ton of trouble to create great content so why should you send your visitors to other sites. Some people will disagree and some may even think this is selfish but the way I see it is this is my most popular site so why would I send the traffic elsewhere? Yes, I still have links to Facebook, Twitter and the like but it’s my Facebook, my Twitter and my other sites.

But John, you told me when I built my blog to put AdSense ads on it and link to affiliated offers?

That is true, and if you are just starting out it’s still something I recommend. However, once you have been online for a while you should have enough products and services behind you to concentrate on the most important thing in your online business.


So that’s it, my first post on my brand new blog is complete, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the look and of course on this post.

Oh! And although this is my first post I have imported everything from planetsmsblog.com, this means it’s still jam packed with the same great content so if this is your first time here feel free to have a look around. Also, as I have just launched this site there may be the odd bug or I may have messed up. If you spot anything wrong or have any suggestions please let me know.

    19 replies to "Welcome to my Brand New Blog"

    • Dee

      Hi John
      It looks great, much more inviting that the old one. It’s well laid out with a lot of content, but doesn’t look so cluttered. Will spend some time exploring when I have some time.

    • Steve Reh

      Hey John

      I love the new blog and layout

      As a new partnership to success member of yours I look forward to working with you and developing my own Blog like this

      Well done

      Steve Reh

      • John Thornhill

        I look forward to it Steve.

    • Dan Sumner

      Not bad at all mate. I’m impressed. I like the connect with John section ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well done!!

    • Danny Howard

      Hey John

      Great New Blog, I think you have made a great choice to only provide your content and products, because it focuses on you more rather than other products and services.

      The Flexibility Theme is fantastic for easy user-ability.

      The text is a little small, but other than that awesome John.


      • John Thornhill

        Yeah, the text is a little small, once I work out how to make the post text larger I’ll fix it.


        • Keith Purkiss

          John – It should be under
          Blog general settings
          Blog text size

          • John Thornhill

            Found it, how did I miss that? Cheers Keith. How’s that Danny?

    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      I prefer the new theme. What will you do with the other blog,
      will it be re-directed to here?

      I like the ‘connect’ box at the top with the buttons and there’s a few other ideas to ‘borrow’.

      I’m going to keep my blog roll linking to other people’s blogs though, as most of the links are exchanges I arranged with other people

      Thanks for all the ideas ๐Ÿ™‚


      • John Thornhill

        I’ll probably link it to this one from the home page Keith. I got the ‘connect’ idea off Dan Sumner.

    • Ron Barrett

      What took you so long to switch John? I love the flexibility theme and have been running it on my site for a couple of years now. I love the ‘flexibility’ of it and how you don’t have to go searching through code to make a small change (like the font :)).

      Keep up the good work!


    • Alex Jeffreys

      hey john,

      love it mate … i’ve been watching you from way back in the day (as you know) and always looked upto you for what you do/teach us.

      nice to see a REVAMP and wish you the best of luck moving forward buddy.

      peace and love


    • Mandy Allen

      Very clean look, John. Now I’ve seen this I’m seriously considering changing my blog to this theme, still using the Prosense theme you recommended, and I have a customised theme on another blog which works really well. There are some great features to this theme. Thanks for sharing.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Looking good mate,

      But yeah – I’ll wait til you’ve finished tweaking and changing it – and then watch the videos…lol ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Peter

      Hi John,
      Really like the new look and I think that it should help you market yourself as you teach others to do glad you got your own name .com
      Keep up the good work.
      Peter Whatley

    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi John,

      Fantastic site. Impressed with the theme. Might put it on one of my blogs.



    • Sergio Felix

      Hi John,

      To be honest it was a bit odd to watch you still at planetsms but I knew there was probably a strong reason behind and I just read about it on this first post of yours.

      It’s so great that you decided to remove all the clutter, the SEO link juice and all the AdSense stuff in order to provide a more professional looking place.

      Wish you all the best on this one, John!


    • Craig Pullman

      Hi John,

      I want to wish you a big Congratulations on your new blog! As one of your coaching students , I can say you have set the bar really high. You have given not only me but every aspiring internet marketer something to strive for. Well done!

      Craig Pullman

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