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You thought affiliate marketing was the perfect side hustle to bring in some extra income but it’s difficult, even impossible to make the kind of money you thought you would. You’re out there hustling, giving it your all, but it’s making you feel like you’ll never reach the sheer number of clicks it’s going to take to make any real money.

I completely understand. I’m Brynn Gestewitz, a pro affiliate marketer and lead gen specialist, and years ago the thought of creating enough money from my affiliate commissions seemed like the hardest thing in the world. I hated all the interaction I had to have on social media to get just one lousy click. I even refused to promote some good offers because I didn’t think I was up to the task of getting enough eyes on them!

It was frustrating to work so hard for just a trickle of commissions when the work I was putting in felt like I should have been earning a firehose of commissions. You’ve felt that before right? Like you should have made 100x the commissions for the amount of work you put in.

Creating Content Isn’t The Answer…

It’s exhausting to create so much content all the time, all the catchy headlines, all the right words to make people want to click your link. You’re tired and you wish it really was as easy as people said it was. It might even be making you feel like affiliate marketing isn’t worth the time or the effort, and that you should probably just throw in the towel and try something else.

The Secret The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know…

The reality is that everyone DOES make affiliate marketing sound easy. And the TRUTH is that the guru affiliate marketing pros out there are making an unspeakable amount of money by doing just one little thing differently than you…

And even the majority of people who teach affiliate marketing, DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW that different thing that’s actually bringing in the big money.

And that one little secret is responsible for…

…paying for THEIR kids to attend fancy private schools

…the incredible dream car sitting outside in THEIR driveway with a fresh coat of wax

…the infinity pool THEY enjoy, but have someone ELSE clean

…and never worrying about paying THEIR bills ever again

That little thing is so powerful, it might as well be a SECRET WEAPON

The Top Affiliate Marketing Secret Weapon

This secret weapon is literally the thing that means the difference between seeing your commissions trickle in and having them blow up your bank account.

And after all that struggle, when I discovered it, I was able to begin squeezing every ounce of profit I could from the people clicking on my links. It was like I was finally accepted into that exclusive club I yearned to join but was just never cool enough to enter.

The secret weapon is all about setting yourself up the right way BEFORE you send someone your affiliate link. It’s so powerful, it’s the difference between getting a one-off click from somebody and having that same person not only click over and over but BUY repeatedly

And the craziest part is that you set it up once and it doesn’t require any additional effort on your part. You literally set it and forget it. So for zero extra ongoing effort, you can count on taking your current affiliate revenue, and at least 10X it (or more) over time and finally be living the lifestyle you deserve.

The Secret Weapon REVEALED

If you’ve been sending your hard-earned traffic to your affiliate links directly, then you’ve been missing out on a boatload of revenue, my friend. To implement the secret all the gurus know (and which most try to keep quiet), you need to build your own email list.

Now, I know one of the big benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your own products. But you do need your own lead magnet to entice people enough that they’re willing to give you their email. And I don’t mean a garbage, fake lead magnet because this will end up doing more harm than good.

Building this email list that you can follow up with will exponentially grow your revenue from affiliate commissions. The reason for this is that you can actually reengage with these people over and over again – getting them to click on all your future links and buy your future affiliate offers. Building a list and emailing them will unequivocally launch your business to a whole new level – and that process begins with creating your own lead magnet.

Secret Weapon STEP 1: Your Very Own Killer Lead Magnet

Do you want to learn the secret to a money-attracting brand image that builds you instant credibility and trust as an affiliate marketer?

Your lead magnet has the power to brand you as an authority whose product recommendations can be TRUSTED. It can create a money-attracting vibe that draws in BUYERS who can afford higher-end commissions. And this is the key to making a lot of money with affiliate commissions. If you attract high-value buyers, you can offer high-value products that give you higher commissions. And it’s the same amount of work to sell low-value products as it is to sell high value.

Secret Weapon STEP 2: Build That List

Do you want a zero-effort way to get more people to click on your affiliate links?

You accomplish this by building your email list. Once it’s built, it’s a low-maintenance asset at your disposal that you can use to make money anytime you want. Building a list absolutely requires a lead magnet.

When you offer your lead magnet, it needs to have a high perceived value so that people will want it enough to be willing to give you their contact information. This requires you offer them something of value that’s going to actually help them.

And whatever you’re giving away for free needs to be good. Preferably you’ll overdeliver in terms of value. If you underdeliver, you risk losing credibility and it will hurt your chances of getting them to click on links for the products you recommend.

But with a high-value lead magnet that gives great value and is designed and branded in such a way that it appeals to people who can afford to buy your affiliate offers, you WILL build that email list. And it will be full of people who open your emails, trust your recommendations, and buy the things you offer them.

Secret Weapon STEP 3: Email Them Your Affiliate Offers

Do you want to 10x the amount of money you can make from each lead that clicks on your affiliate link?

Email marketing enables you to present the same lead with multiple offers, giving you more chances to get them to click and buy from your links. If you haven’t been doing this, then your leads might as well be going into a black hole.

Affiliate products from affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVzoo, and Warrior+ will often come with email swipe files. It’s extremely easy to plug your own information into the templates they provide and pop your email into an autoresponder. This should literally take you no more than 30 minutes max per day.

When you have an email list that trusts you, literally all you have to do is send out emails and it’s like you have your own personal ATM. But the success of this step hinges upon the strength of your lead magnet and whether it attracts the right people to your list.

Creating & Designing Your Lead Magnet

Now, you could create your own content and have it designed by a graphic designer, costing you a fair amount of money and time while you wait for your finished product – which may or may not be what you need to attract buyer leads depending on the skill and experience of the designer.

OR, you could grab a proven lead magnet template that has specifically been designed for affiliate marketers and then plug your own content (yours or PLR content) into it and be done. It’s a nice option for those who are looking for a money-attracting brand image for themselves, without wasting time or money on hiring a designer.

Get My FREE Lead Magnet Template Bundle Today!

It made such a difference for me in my business, that I have decided to gift it to you for FREE to use in your own affiliate business. You will walk away with a gorgeous, high-quality, money-attracting lead magnet that will automatically brand you as an authority in your niche, and someone they should listen to and trust.

And getting people to join your email list is easy when you have a high-quality lead magnet you can feel proud of. Start implementing the affiliate marketing Secret Weapon today and grab this FREE lead magnet template bundle while it’s still available. GRAB IT HERE!

This is a guest post from Brynn Gestewitz if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Jim

      Dear Brynn,

      I recently found your blog post about utilizing a secret weapon to boost affiliate marketing commissions quite intriguing. Your explanation of how building an email list and offering a high-quality lead magnet can significantly increase affiliate revenue was very informative and persuasive.

      As someone exploring affiliate marketing, I appreciate your insights and the emphasis on creating a solid lead magnet to attract high-value buyers. Your step-by-step breakdown of the process, from designing the lead magnet to building a list and emailing affiliate offers, was easy to follow and comprehend.

      To enhance the blog post, I suggest providing examples of successful lead magnets or case studies of affiliate marketers who have succeeded using this method. This would help readers understand the potential impact of implementing your secret weapon in their affiliate marketing journey.

      Additionally, sharing some tips on creating effective email content or subject lines that would entice subscribers to open and engage with the emails could be helpful. This information could further assist readers in maximizing the benefits of building their email list and nurturing a trusting relationship with their audience.

      Once again, thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge on affiliate marketing and the importance of lead magnets and email lists. I am excited to explore your free lead magnet template bundle and implement these strategies in my affiliate marketing efforts.

      Best regards,


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