I’m going to start this blog post by letting you know I have been struggling for the last 2 weeks to get an affiliate program up an running. It’s quite a complicated program and it involves running a merchant account, hiring a programmer and trying to get 3 applications to integrate. Things have been incredibly frustrating and I reached a stage where I was about to give up, but then I thought how incredibly fortunate I am to actually be in this position.

You see, in the UK the holiday season is about to begin and today I will be packing my bags and shipping the family off to my holiday home for the weekend, everything is prepared and I will make sure I have a good time even if the weather forecast is not so good. It’s an incredible position to be in and in fact I still have to pinch myself to check that I am not dreaming. My dream has always been to own a holiday home of my own and as soon as I started to do really well online this was my first major purchase back in 2006.

What I find incredible is just a few short years ago I was working in a factory and was lucky if I got away for a weekend once or twice a year, I was stressed working shifts and hardly saw my family. Now I spend most weekends with my family in the country in my very own holiday home. All thanks to my Internet Marketing business.

Another plus side of this business is I can effectively run it from anywhere in the world, all I need is a Laptop and Internet Connection and my business is good to go.  When you think about that for a minute that is an incredible position to find yourself in. In fact within the next few years I am planning to go to Spain for a few months and I know it’s possible thanks to the type of business I operate. I can just see myself with my laptop in one hand and a cocktail in the other working next to the pool 🙂

It’s amazing to think that in this new virtual world you can run your business this way and we have to count ourselves extremely lucky to be around in the birth of this Internet revolution. It’s hard to believe that only 10-15 years ago this sort of lifestyle was not possible.

And this brings me to what this blog post is really about, if you’re still trying to get an online business up and running never forget that you are incredibly lucky just to be in a position to get started, like I have already said this was not possible just a few short years ago. Never forget that.

So next time you can’t get that file to load on your webspace because your internet connection goes down, or you find yourself struggling to come up with some content, or find that your computer doesn’t want to work properly and play that video you want to watch, or you can’t get your affiliate program up and running remember that you are in an incredible position just to be able to run an online Internet Marketing business in the first place.

Never forget that we can run our business from anywhere, it can run itself and it’s a business that grows all on it’s own.

I still have to pinch myself that I am in this incredible position and the problems I face running my online business are nothing compared to what I used to endure when I held a regular J.O.B.

Thanks for reading, I’m off to the countryside for the weekend, I’ll take my laptop with me and who knows, my affiliate program may be up and running before I return home on Monday 😉

I’d love to know why you consider yourself fortunate to be an Internet Marketer so please leave a comment and let me know what you love most about this business.

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    • Tony Shepherd

      I read this post with a smile and have to say I totally agree with the freedom that internet marketing gives you.

      It’s possibly THE subject that’s closest to my heart and I couldn’t resist a post. Grab the lifestyle while you can. When you’re grey and crumbly on your deathbed it’s not the overtime you worked that you remember!

      It’s the best reason ever to build your online business – because it WILL provide freedom beyond your wildest dreams – even if you’re only earning the same as you did in your job.

      It’s worth working hard for in the early days I promise.

      I spend most of my year working from various locations – home, France, coast and even a boat from time to time.

      If there’s one thing that an IM business provides above any other business I can think of, it’s freedom.

      The hard part is that it’s such an enjoyable business, it’s sometimes difficult to make yourself stop and enjoy the time that you’ve worked for.

      Enjoyed the post JT !



    • Omar Martin

      Great post John.

      I’d have to say it’s the Freedom.
      Money isn’t everything but I put it up there with OXYGEN, we need it to live!

      Internet Marketing provides me both the money and the freedom to enjoy it.

      Something amazing happens when you can completely remove the factor of money from the equation of your life.

      It is a feeling that I wish everyone could have. The world would be a better place if they did. Too bad 97% of people give up.

      To Your Continued Success,
      Omar Martin

    • Mandy Allen

      I agree, John. The flexibility is so liberating.
      There are very few occassions when we have
      to be anywhere at a particular time either.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • jon claude

      Hi John enjoy good time with your familly. I was 6 ago working for starbucks coffee in London I never had chance to have a really break.
      Even in my day off.

      I try to make money online I hope so figure out how thing working and have good live!



    • Keith Dean

      Hi John,

      Reading your post has inspired me at just the right time!

      I am one of your new Masterclass students this year and am 7 weeks into your program. I am really enjoying it but what you said about frustrations really resonated with me.

      I have been struggling with some graphics for my new ebook and then remembered that I should feel lucky that I am in this position. I gave up my sales job due to illness in January and started full time on the internet then. So I have been working constantly to improve my knowledge and skills for three months.

      When I look back to what I have achieved in that time I realise that I should be happy! I have two self written ebooks finished, two blogs set up and getting daily visitors, a twitter following of over 22,000, working on your fantastic course and mentorship, have wonderful online friends such as yourself, Kevin Riley, Imran Naseem and Jamie Gartside to name but a few.

      So that’s OK for three months work I think!

      Right off to do some blog commenting whilst I sit in my home office with the sun streaming in and knowing I don’t have to drive hundreds of miles a week at unsociable hours to get a sale.

      Speak soon
      Keith Dean

    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John
      Smashing post. While I still have a very long way to go along the road to internet riches, what I love about internet marketing (including eBay, Amazon, internet based sales of almost any kind) is the freedom and time to put money in its right place – which is not necessarily at the top of the list.
      While not yet earning nearly what I made in a moderately successful corporate career how else could I sit at my PC in my home office at 8.30 in the morning, looking through the partially opened patio doors with the sun reflecting off the dew on the grass and birdsong in the background. It really doesn’t get much better.
      I believe it’s all about quality of life and yes hopefully some more money will follow. But that’s down to me and the effort I put in. And that is definitely within my control.
      John, keep up the good work. Your down to earth approach and consistency of message is a beacon to struggling marketers like me.
      Best regards
      Doug Prentice

    • Jerry Holliday

      Thanks John,

      I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve nearly given up when faced with a wall or a block of some kind, but in the end I could never bring myself to give up (two words: no surrender)

      I bet any money you’ll come back and your system will be sorted, life just seems to work like that…:-)


    • Paul Lear

      Hi John,

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your affiliate program, I think I can guess which system you are trying to set up, doe it begin with ‘I’ ?? 🙂

      I’m sure things will work themselves out…

      However it is nice that you can go away to your holiday home, and still be able to run everything from there.

      I’ve only been doing this Internet Marketing thing for around about 9 months, and in the last 2 months things have really started to come together for me, and I’ve started to see some consistent small sales coming in. 🙂

      So like you, I just love the fact that I can just go on holiday at a moments notice, and still be able to over-see my business from anywhere in the world.

      I look forward to being an affiliate for your new program.

      Have a nice holiday,

      Paul Lear

    • Graham Chipperfield

      I really enjoyed reading the post John and the freedom is exactly the reason i am working to set up my own internet business.

      For 35 years i have worked in sales driving 800+ miles a week, which i love but turning 60 last year i realised that i could not keep doing that and had to find something else to do.

      I am now following John’s masterclass course and finding it incredibly exciting and rewarding, i can see my business starting to take shape before my eyes and i know with John’s support i shall be in a position, where i don’t have to get in my car to drive to see customers and instead pack my computer and go off for the weekend myself.

      Thank you John for all that you do for me and all your students, enjoy the weeekend you deserve it.


    • Nick

      Hi John

      Great post buddy!

      This is my goal too! I am one of your new masterclass students and I would just like to thank you for the oppoertunity to learn from a down to earth guy such as yourself

      Have a great weekend in the country!

      I live in the Cotswolds so the country is right there on my doorstep and when you need to unwind or get things into perspective a nice walk is just the tonic!

      Have a great weekend


    • Sue

      Hi John
      I have faced many programming frustrations and probably will to the day I die lol it is one of those things that teaches us patience, endurance and then what is really important in life 🙂

      I am a web designer and do IM for some of my clients and myself of course 🙂 and last year from the work I had done I bought a lovely house in France, my work online continues to pay for this and the upgrading that is required and every second is sooooooo worth it!

      I have the freedom to go to France about every 5 weeks! I have the freedom to take my laptop outside and sit in the sun listen to the bees humming and birds singing while I work for a few hours, then I have the freedom to have a glass of wine and know I did a good days work just the way I had planned it so many years ago!

      Anyone thinking is it worth my effort and time shall I do it I think all of the above messages that I just read says YES!!!!
      keep going you will get there – when you think you can’t do it any more look at your goals you set and acheive them one at a time not all at once! Step by step it works out and you will be and acheive what you set out to 🙂

    • Dawn Kay

      Hi John

      For me its the freedom of being able to work from home for as little or as much time as I want.

      If the kids are off school sick or on holidays I don’t have the worry of who’s going to look after them or have to pay for childcare and if I want to go away for a few days at short notice – I go.

      You don’t get that freedom when you work for someone else.

      Have a nice break John and have a few cocktails for me while you’re there.

      Dawn Kay

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      Switched my laptop on this morning, sun streaming through the windows, read your blog post then checked my sales.

      Todays income target achieved and I’m heading out to enjoy the spring sunshine!

      Thank you, John, for inspiring me with your own achievements and then showing me how to make it happen for myself!

      Enjoy your trip!


    • Mike

      Hi John
      I can almost taste that fresh air!
      I think we’ve all had those moments (a substantial amount of mine seemingly caused lately by the great Bill G 🙁 ) BUT I keep in mind the principals that I once read in “Think and Grow Rich”, desire, faith……. and drive myself forward no matter what.
      Have a good one.
      Best wishes
      PS Any room in the suitcase 🙂

    • Dan Briffa

      Hi John

      It’s funny you did this blog post today, the last week i have had the same problem trying to setup a new affiliate program and merchant account for a new project and it’s been frustrating so far, saying that it’s nearly there now… finally.

      Hope you have a good weekend John!

      Don’t drink too many coronas now. 😉


    • ross

      I still work full time, but devote most of my spare time to online marketing of my websites. It is such a great industry and I actually feel really lucky to be envolved in it!

    • Steve Wilkins

      When anyone feels like giving up on their Internet marketing dream they should be redirected to this post. 🙂

      I had struggled like many others in the earlly days of my online career but the vision of doing all the things you talk about in this post:

      The freedom
      The lifesytle
      The holiday home(s)
      Speding time with the Family
      Working anywhere in the world with just a laptop & Internet connection

      This is what keeps me focussed and determind, thanks John for another terrfic post. Enjoy you break!

      Steve Wilkins


    • Bud McKenzie

      Hi, John: I have to say that at the age of 60, internet marketing has opened a whole new world for me and my family. The right mindset is most important but also remember where you came from and focus on your goals and achievements to keep the desire burning. Through education, understanding and implementing the skills required to build a passive income online is a daily privilege. Focusing on helping others achieve their dream should be our dream. The money is secondary. Friendship and business relationships last a lifetime. Besides it’s pretty cool to see the look on other peoples faces when I tell them what I do for a living. Keep fit and stay healthy!

    • Randy Smith

      LOL – Been there done that and bought countless T Shirts…hehe

      Thankfully we now have WizardResponder on ClickBank and have ditched 3 different affiliate software programs that had cost us thousands in their combined purchases!

      So yeah – I know you’ll get there John (Or rather Dave will probably find a way around while you enjoy your break) 😉

      FREEDOM – has to be the word in terms of what the internet gives…

      Not just the freedom to work from anywhere, but the freedom to choose just how much work we do!

      I know I don’t earn anything like a lot of the guys who work long and hard at their businesses – but that’s the point for me!
      I get to choose to make enough to pay the bills and have some spending cash in my wallet, and then enjoy the freedom of doing whatever I like while ‘normal’ folks have to answer to an employer and have to turn up for work even though the weather is one of our rare Sunny days…lol

      Just being able to take my iphone to answer support tickets and then take a day out at a moments notice is the freedom I enjoy 🙂
      (Largely thanks to You John – so I hope people do take action on everything you teach!)

      I realise that some will read your post and are still wishing and striving for that day. and all I could add is to never quit on their dreams however large or small! – it is possible, and it’s great to read a post like this and be reminded of what life used to be like.


    • Joelle Rene Hughes

      Morning John,

      Yes – Put me down for freedom! It’s what I desire most. Especially the freedom to live where I choose. I would love to move back to Santa Fe, New Mexico where the sun shines 360 days a year.

      To be honest… I would also like to succeed at something for a change. Thanks to your help I think this is my best shot at it.


    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John

      Great post… hope you get the affiliate programme sorted, is it InfusionSoft? If so it is PRETTY TRICKY from what I hear!

      No doubt you’ll have it done soonish 😉

      Have a chilin’ break mate.



    • Eddy Rush

      Hello John.

      Very timely post there 🙂

      As you know, I’ve been in touch with you over the last few days asking for advice on video creation and aspects of HTML.

      You were kind enough to reply and point me in the right direction and finally after hours of head scratching I overcame these obstacles.

      This is my first major product launch and it’s amazing how much there is that needs to get done – some of which needs to be learnt on the hoof as it were 🙂

      Sometimes it does get a little frustrating and I’ve found over the last couple of weeks that I’ve been doing this that I find it hard to switch off and just relax, I can’t stop until I solve the problem that’s been bugging me.

      However, the sense of achievement is amazing when you finally do have that breakthrough and in a way – even the frustrating problems are kind of enjoyable.

      I also used to work long continental style shifts in a factory a few short years ago, now I work from home as a freelance VA and I love every minute of it, plus it gives me more time to work on my own projects.

      I love this business and the freedom it gives me and I couldn’t imagine now having to give that up and go back to JOB – I’ll fight against it tooth and claw 🙂

    • Ken Soszka

      Hi John,

      How true. This was all a dream just a few years back, but technology and the explosion of the Internet has made it possible to do amazing things in a short amount of time.

      This is probably too much info for some, but I am writing this from my bathroom, on a laptop. I used to read the newspaper, but now I can work on my business, while I do my business! 🙂

      What I like most about being an online marketer is the freedom that comes with being my own boss.

      Thanks and have great vacation – do you ever make it across the pond to the USA?

      Ken Soszka

    • Craig

      Hey John,
      I have to say that the VERY best thing that Internet Marketing has done for me is…It has given me hope!
      I am one of your last years students and I must say that IMing has made some major differences in my life. I now work with people from all over the world and am enjoying every bit of it.
      I totally understand the statement you made of “Remember How Lucky We Are”. Just one short year ago I could not see a way out of the desperate situation I found myself in financially.Even though I do not make thousands per month yet, I see the light at the end of the tunnel now. HOPE!
      Thanks for everything John!…Thanks for giving me back my dream!
      Your friend in the business of working hard, to enjoy life!

    • Gwen Tanner

      Hi John,

      Thanks for such an inspirational post. I think the best thing about working online is that you give yourself so many different options as there are so many ways to make a living online. In traditional jobs, you can of course have multiple jobs doing multiple things – but there is a limit because there are only a certain number of hours in a day! Online, your business can practically run itself and therefore giving you almost limitless options!

      Also the education that those of us who can learn from internet marketers like you is priceless – that knowledge and honesty and support can’t usually be found in the “real world”!

      Thanks again for the post,

    • SEOGuy

      Hi John

      I’m troubled by your post.

      It’s not so much that you are wrong, nor for that matter do I consider you right. Rather it’s this life of glammour that many of us died in the wool Internet Marketers paint for those that read our posts. I believe this is giving a false positive message to those who are trying to build their own futures on the Web.

      No matter if you are building your own affiliate programs (which I recommend checking out http://www.PayDotCom.com for) or if you are running affiliate marketing offers for others there are key points people contiously forget.

      * Find a niche and stick to it
      * Write tight with bullets and short paragraphs
      * Informative content rules on the Web
      * Niche your ads to fit your audience
      * Do not over advertise on your Web creatives

      That’s just 5 of the many things I would keep in mind when building new projects. There are more, a ton more.

      With that said, I will say that once you figure out the “HOW” of Internet Marketing your success is indeed easier to obtain on the Web than with the old worn out brick and mortar stores of the distant past.

      Much success to all who follow their dreams

    • Eruwan Gerry

      Hi John,

      Thanks for reminding us.

      Sometimes it is really frustrating when there are challenges in our lives as an internet marketer.

      We should be thankful because we are still better off than many other people out there.

    • peter mcgrath

      hi John

      i always enjoy reading your posts and this one was refelective
      and also made me realise just how far i have yet to go in internet
      during 2009 i actually manged to get 3 sales of one site amazing
      first money i have ever made but it makes you realize that you cant relax but redouble my efforts to make a livible wage

      i have learned to focus and be more determined to see a project through to the end of course the skill is getting a profitable niche

      anyway John i shall use you as an example of where i want to be by the end of 2010
      peter mcgrath

    • Ed

      Hi john,

      This is the kind of post, that inspires and gets you all fired up for round two, i myself have only a little success to date however, i know in time things will change, and i`m not leaving this game anytime soon!

      Cheers John….John.

      Have a great weekend!

    • Richard Davy

      Hi John,
      I would like to agree with all the above comments! But maybe a little early for me. I know I have a mountain to climb BUT with the right guidance (yours, as I am on this years Masterclass Course), I am more confident of making a success of IM than i would have thought just a short 7 weeks ago when I started out on this fascinating journey.
      Thanks again John for your inspiration and that of those others who have commented here.
      Have a nice break

    • Emily Lye

      Hi John :

      I’m totally agreed what you had share..the beauty & freedom of Internet Marketing 🙂
      Attending your Masterclass made me feel proud of myself by following yr video training that i’m able to build a nice blog for myself !

      Hope to see more success for myself & other Masterclass Students,
      Cheers !

      Emily Lye

    • Gerry Nolan

      Hi John,
      That is a great post, sorry to hear your software internet marketing problem but in another way it makes me feel good because I was struggling all evening trying to put a simple HTML post (KISS – keep it simple next time, I should know better!) for on a blogger post for a self defense krav maga ebook…

      John Thornhills ebook package I bought back in 2007 and it got me turned on to the idea of ebooks, PLR etc. Now in 2010 I am an “advancing newbie” and got past a stage John mention where I reduced 90% reading up on internet marketing and now it is 90% work 10% education & I delete all those mega launch mega guru emails…

      My internet marketing sales in self defence martial arts niche ebooks public domain ones is only a steady $100 a month but it pays my internet expenses e.g. autoresponder etc and that will grow as I push on, and start creating products & growing lists…

      $100 a month (not counting an extra $100 – 200 from krav maga students generated from my web sites I physically train) so that for me is $200 – 300 a month from Internet marketing more that I was earning last year, its steady and will grown the more I work.
      AND 🙂 I live in Pattaya Thailand so a $200 -$300 goes a long long way more than in rainy Ireland….

      Thank You John Thornhill for the inspiration, you are one of the few genuine no BS internet mentors, and any newbie I tell you throw out all them BIG Launch hype email and read the planetsmsblog Johns up there with Marlon Saunders another straight shooter, and my other favorite Pat O’Bryan

      Best of Luck
      Krav Maga Pattaya Thailand

    • Barry Williams

      Hello John,


      I am going to make this business work even if I have to do so from prison because I’m about THIS CLOSE to wringing some “real” world necks!

      This morning greeted me with piles of completely unnecessary political bovine scat originating from one of my “real” world businesses. Oh, the horror!

      Instead of screaming foul language and collapsing all manager-like at my desk, I calmly sat down and rested my big, sore head in my hands and quietly thought about you and this business.

      And then I began to chant: I am one of the three percent. I am one of the three percent. I am one of the three percent who will make it.

      Whew! See? I feel better already!

      Thank you mister and have a grand weekend.

      Barry out.

    • Howard Piesik

      HI, Vacation Man

      Well if someone is worthy of a retreat, You are my man!
      Try putting that lap top away for a couple of days. After all
      That’s the point, of a vacation. Like your buddy Dave said in his Blogg, let it rest, and come back to it refreshed. Your idea’s will just plain come together, with a little break.

      So you tell all them great folks in the office, to run things to suit them self’s. And you grab your bags, Your great Family, and just, (how they say here in the USA), Get Outa Dodge City!

      Thanks Again John
      Howard Piesik

    • Dave Nicholson

      Hey John,

      Yeah mate, I too feel really thankful that I am in a position to run my business from absolutely anywhere. I remember when I was in Cyprus last year I was able to do a promotion from my iPhone while lying by the pool!

      I have to stress the words ‘don’t give up’ to anybody who is just starting out and finding it hard, we all had to get through the hard times to make it in this business, myself included!
      I remember working in the day job for 10-12 hours then coming home and working online for another 6 hours and just scraping a few hours sleep in!

      Have a good weekend,


    • Maddi Murtaza

      Great post John.

      The FREEDOM is inarguably the only thing that keeps me going to make it Online. It really is amazing when I sometimes stop and think about the empowerment we as online entrepreneurs have just by the mere presence of Internet. And it would not be possible to think of the lifestyle of working while not physically present in an office setting and doing business while traveling the world.

      It also highlights the fact that its not only the ‘money’ factor that the Internet Lifestyle gives you, its the Freedom and the power and the fact that you can be working from anywhere in the world without having to commute to work, without having to wake up early, without returning home from work after experiencing severe traffic jams and having no energy to do whatsoever.

      So anyone reading this post, if they take one thing away that has to be to ‘Never give up’ and ‘It is possible’ to have that lifestyle.

      Thanks John for a wonderful post.

      Have a great weekend.

      Maddi Murtaza

    • marcus passey

      Alright John

      Fantastic post mate,

      Thats my total goal to be able to spend more time with the family,

      I am trying to break into this business seen a little success, and thanks to you and David both wanting to help others I think I can make it this year,

      See money is not everything but my freedom is…

      Cheers John enjoy your break

      Marcus Passey

    • Terry Conti

      You know John what a funny thing I was going to work today and was thinking,dreaming about the same thing you wrote on your blog. It would be so nice to move, go anywhere you want and still keep working, unlike a traditional job. Thanks to the internet this is all possible. Thanks to your masterclass program I have a direction in which this can be achieved. Terry.

    • Lisa

      Hi John,

      Well that was a slap in the face! A good one, but nevertheless a slap! We should all be so grateful no matter what it is we are doing! Whether it’s Internet Marketing or folding clothes!

      We are very fortunate to have this opportunity and even more fortunate that there are folks like you who are so happy to help!

      Speaking of gratitude, one of my co workers who had been working with me for over 3 years got called back to Iraq (after all that time at home).
      Now, I don’t want to get into politics, it is what it is. I just want to make a point.

      I go to work everyday (in my new car, air conditioner blowing) to a job that is in a cushy office and absolutely no stress, while this kid is in a sand box thousands of miles away from his family, hot, tired, lonesome and wondering when he gets to come home.
      Thinking of him…I get real grateful! For little things. Like toothpaste.

      God bless him!

      Let’s just say when my computer is acting up or the internet goes down….it doesn’t bother me like it used to.

      I am home with my kids. And someday I will always be home with them.

      Thanks to Internet marketers like you, John!

      Take care and God bless!


    • Patrick Wooley


      While I’m not a retired millionaire yet, I see ordinary people everyday on the internet making a great living from their online businesses. It truly is a dream lifestyle and for the most part gives everyone equal footing. I feel very lucky to have discovered this and look forward to having the financial freedom this will help me achieve.

      It’s never too late to start and luckily we’re still in the beginning stages of the internet. I do feel fortunate and thanks you for your excellent mentoring.

      Take care and all the best to you.


    • Sue Schlaiffer

      Hi John,
      I feel very privileged to be building my business online, working the hours I choose to work and from my own home. My successes or indeed my failures are all my own, and so I feel the freedom to make choices about what to promote, or what to create myself. Without the technology we have today none of this would be possible, and I am glad to be away from the 40 hours per week I used to spend working in an accounts office on not particularly good money either. If I had to make the choice again about whether or not to look for another office job or to work for myself and build my own business I know I would choose the latter every time.
      Kind regards,

    • […] Hello everyone! I started this blog and journey to become an online marketer about this time last year. As most of you know, unforeseen things sometimes get in the way of staying on course to complete a goal. I started John Thornhill’s Masterclass last year and got so far behind beginning in the 10th week. As the weeks kept flying by, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed, so I quit moving forward. Then one day I blinked and 2009 was over! John published a great post to his blog that most people should be able to identify with. Read it here. […]

    • Alan Rogers

      Hi John,

      It felt like you were in the room reading my mind…
      and then I read everyone else’s comments as to what a common aspiration it is.

      Prepared to work hard – because there is no other way – but working smart and on own our terms.

      We are very lucky, not only because we have the life we dream of within our grasp – but because we have put ourselves in this position.

      As Omar said – 97% either never get this far, or give up. That is just so sad.

      Like you, one of my main aspirations is to be running my business from beside a pool for part of the year. Certainly I aspire to spending 4 – 6 weeks away from the UK winter – working in the sun during the day and wandering down to the local restaurant/bar in the evening.

      I’m still very much on my journey – but at least I’ve boarded the plane.

      All the best


    • Tom Harvey


      Enjoy the break, and good to hear your truthful views.
      Too often we are sold this easy lifestyle and dream which paints over the fact that some hard work is required along the way, so its interesting to hear the trials and tribulations affect everyone regardless of experience.
      Enjoy the break


    • Vivien Tan

      Well said John!

      Indeed, you are living a lifestyle that many people are dying to have. A lifestyle whereby u decide what time you wake up, what time you have your tea-breaks and how many hours you want to work everyday.

      What I really love about Internet Marketing is that it creates automated streams of income, something which a regular 9-to-5 job would never give us. Enough said, it requires a certain amount of hard work. Once we find the method which works for us, we just need to keep repeating this method to generate multiple streams of income.

      I’ve not reached that stage yet, but I know I will eventually, as long as I continue learning and don’t give up! As a full-time working mother to two young children, I am looking forward to the time when I could sack my boss and work from the comfort of my own home. I hope this Masterclass can be a turning point for me in 2010.

    • Andy Burton

      Very inspirational John, as always.
      I remember a few years ago when I didn’t have a clue about creating a website but plugged away at it until I learned, imagine if I’d given up back then, I would have missed out on the thousands of pounds that I’ve made over the years.
      Thanks John, keep it up, regards Andy

    • Lisa Fair

      Great article John. Freedom. I don’t have to trade hours for dollars anymore. I remember so well the early ’90’s when I had a boss I didn’t like and a job that didn’t pay me enough for the amount of work I did. Sometimes I would go hide out in the back room and daydream of my time actually being my time and not owed to anyone else. When you have a normal JOB, they own you. Yeah, it’s the freedom that means the most to me.

      Lisa Fair

    • Cliff Truss

      Hi John,

      Heard a bit about you recently so I thought i’d pay a visit.

      I completely agree with your sentiments regarding how lucky we all are to be in this position.

      In fact I was thinking only the same last night.

      You see, i’m a relative newcommer to the IM game and I completed my first on-line journal last night, which I posted to my blog.

      Now, it’s true that I haven’t made a penny just yet, but I know that will change, I’m convinced of it…

      and when I completed my journal I was amazed at how far i had actually come over the space of about 3 months.

      Anyway, enjoy your time away John and thanks for the great content.


    • Ben Brooks

      Hi John,

      Thankyou for such an inspiring post, I was a roofer in the construction industry until August 2009 when I had to quit my job due to chronic back pain.

      When I lost my job I got into internet marketing to try and earn some money to basically survive and support my young family so I started building my optin list and so far my list has grown to over 18,000 subscribers.

      The freedom that I now have because of building my list and growing my online business is incredible.

      Like yourself I too can now take my family away on holidays at a drop of a hat.

      Take care,

      Ben Brooks

    • Joseph Daugherty

      Hi John
      Great information and question on how I feel about Internet Marketing? I will send out email’s to my list just to say hi not selling anything. It is about helping people less fortunate and giving a hand up isn’t it? And your post about “Infusionsoft” priceless, blogging is here to stay and it work’s quite well in getting a message out.

      Thanks again, Joseph D

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