I never thought I’d use a ‘death of’ quote but for me AdSense is now dead. Over the next few weeks I will be removing AdSense ads from all of my websites. Allow me to explain.

You may have noticed over the last few weeks I have not had any AdSense ads on my blog.

We all know AdSense doesn’t pay as well as it used to. My earnings have dropped over 75% over the last 2 years and if you have AdSense ads on any of your websites I’m sure you have seen similar results.

Well that is about to change.

Over the last the last 6 months I have been working alongside Dave Nicholson and Daniel Sumner on an ad system that can out-perform Google AdSense, we have spent over $10,000 developing and perfecting this system and the result is something that can out-perform Google AdSense every time.

This is also something that has never been seen before, while there are similar ad systems on the marketplace, we have found none that can deliver as much as ours, a system that uses the whole ClickBank Marketplace and also so simple to use.

If you can copy/paste you can use this system, it really is that easy.

The concept is really quite simple. All the ads you create are embedded with your ClickBank affiliate id. If someone clicks on an ad then buys the product advertised you get paid a commission.

Unlike Google AdSense the ads are keyword driven, for example the ads on my blog are using the keywords ‘ebay’ and ‘powerseller’. Try it, refresh the page and you will see the ads change. As you can see there is no danger of my site displaying irrelevant ads. This happens a lot with AdSense.

So for example if you had a weight loss website and used the keyword’ ‘weight’ and ‘loss’ you would only display products containing both those keywords.

The ads can be fully customized to reflect the look of your website, you can change the font, font colors, font size, border colors and styles, you can also choose the exact size of ads you require by title length, description length, word length, ad number, width, height, orientation etc.

But the real beauty of these ads is you get paid per sale and not per click. Why get paid a pathetic 10 cents for an ad click when you could be earning over $50 per sale as an affiliate.

Allow me to give you an example.

Let’s say you use ClickBank Ad Rotator and you promoted a $97 product offering 60% commissions that converted at only 3% (3% is a low conversion rate). Let’s say over time you get 100 clicks. At a 3% conversion this would mean on average you get 3 sales as an affiliate that would earn you over $150.

Now login to your AdSense account and see what you earned for your last 100 clicks. Probably around $10 – $20.

Only last week I earned $157 from the ClickBank Ad Rotator ads on my blog that usually earns me around $20 per week in AdSense. So I won’t be putting AdSense ads back on that site. In fact I’ll be removing AdSense ads from all of my websites.

This is so simple but so effective and I’m sure you want to get your hands on this incredible software.

Well I’m afraid you’ll have to wait 24 hours. On October 1st at 3pm EST we will be releasing this software and you can be one of the first to use it.

So look out for my email tomorrow when more will be revealed and you can be the first to start using this revolutionary  new software.

    12 replies to "The REAL DEATH of AdSense"

    • Peggy Baron

      This looks great, John. I’m looking forward to trying it out.


    • Stephon "Phon" Rudd

      Wow. I can’t wait to check this one out since we’ve removed so many AdSense ads from all of our sites. This should be interesting.

    • Eileen

      Brilliant! Congrats. PlanetSMS will rule the net. LOL. By the way, what does the SMS stand for? I’m going with Stupendous Marketing System.

    • Nick

      Hi John,

      As you said, there are other CB ad systems already on the market so it will be interesting to see how yours compares. If you have spent over $10,000 developing this system, it should be something special. I can’t wait to see what you have achieved.



    • Kerri-Raluna

      Hi John,

      I made the mistake of using the word “nada” in one of my blogs. The result was a sudden influx of adsense ads in Spanish! Obviously pointless to us.

      I like the way your system will link us direct with our clickbank id as well as letting us have some say over what is promoted through the keywords.
      Thanks for again recognising a problem and developing a solution for us all.

      🙂 Kerri-Raluna

    • secret marketing links

      I agree with you that Google adsense revenues lowered much the last two years, alos when you have a winning site it happens often that they delete it from the adsense system without clear reasons, and that they ban it from the system even if you make the changes they recquired.

      But at the other other hand clickbank doesn’t work in all fields, try eg to find good products on clickbank around diamonds or african art and you won’t find anything suitable.

      So I guess your system could work in some niches like loose weight or make money, but certainly not for all niches.

      Also it is not easy to find he right products with a good sales product on clickbank.

      A better idea would be to create an adsense like clickbank sales system where you can also choose to be paid per click.

      I myself tried to use clickbank adsense replacing codes, but they don’t generate as much as adsense for me on the long run.

      David Norden

    • Darren

      Hi John,

      This ad system looks really good – but as stated by others, it may not work in certain niches where there aren’t many clickbank products.

      Is there a way to cloak the links so that your ID is not seen?
      Also, does it still let you use the Clickbank Tracking IDs?


    • Peggy Baron

      Hi John,
      Question – can we use CBAdrotator on the same pages with AdSense, or is that against AdSense’s TOS or your TOS? I remember something about AdSense frowning on using ads that looked similar to theirs on the same pages.


    • Ray Johnson

      Hey John,

      Personally I have never really dabbled in Adsense on my Internet Marketing Blog or any of the CB scripts either. I do use the sponsorship method though.

      But I must say this script does look interstin and I may check it out,

      Talk soon,
      Ray Johnson

    • Gwen

      Hi John,

      I notice that all ads on CB are centered. Is there anyway to not make them centered? Everything else seems very customizable and can be easier than searching for products for each niche if it works the way I think it does.

    • Avril Harper

      Hi John

      I did buy the product and I love it. I haven’t done much with it yet except play around with it for a couple of hours, but I am spending most of this weekend adding it to some of my main web sites. One thing I will be doing is creating special sites based on some of ClickBank’s niche market subjects, like tattoos for example, and specific dog breeds.

      Thanks for creating it.

      Avril Harper

    • Dave Ovenden

      Hi John,

      This does look interesting.

      Until recently I was using BetterTextAds created by Dan Moran, for exactly the same reasons that you cite regarding the disadvantages of Adsense. Unfortunately Dan has now shut the product down and replaced it with EasyTextAds which allows you to create your own ads but it doesn’t use the Clickbank products database.

      I wish you every success with it!

      Best regards,
      Dave Ovenden

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