We all have our favourite marketers don’t we?

You know…

  • The marketers who’s emails we look out for in our inbox.
  • The marketers who’s products we buy without even thinking about it.
  • The marketers who’s recommendations we seriously consider every time as we know they have our interests at heart.
  • The marketers who strive to be innovative and keep us one step ahead of the game.
  • The marketers who we can watch and learn from to grow our own business.

Want to know who my favourite marketer is who fills in all the criteria above?

Jim Cockrum.

Yes, I watch Jim like a hawk. I open every email he sends and I buy a lot of his recommendations.

But the thing I learn from Jim the most is how to treat my subscribers, you see Jim treats his subscribers with respect, and this is how he has become so successful. He makes sure the information he provides and products he creates will help them succeed. And this is what I learned a long time ago from Jim. Treat your subscribers with the respect they deserve.

And things are no different with Jim’s latest product. He reveals a method of marketing that most of us in the online world neglect.

And that method is marketing to businesses offline.

Yes, it’s a simple fact that none of us realize, most businesses are not online, and most businesses would pay a fortune to get their business online or to learn how to grow their business using the Internet.

Could you imagine spending half a day creating a website for an offline business and getting paid $1000 to $10,000 for your efforts?

Well it happens every day Laptop, many businesses are making a fortune showing offline businesses how to make money online.

And it doesn’t have to be hard, you could teach simple techniques such as:

  • How to create a simple 2-4 page website.
  • How to create online sales pages with a call to action.
  • How to capture email addresses and following up automatically by autoresponder.
  • Simple SEO.
  • Simple pay per click.

And this is the sort of thing Jim will teach you at his new site he has launched called offlinebiz.com

On this site you’ll discover reports, audio, streaming videos and a full discussion forum revealing the secrets ordinary internet marketers like you are using right now to make their livings in the very lucrative small business market.

These people are getting paid real money by real business owners in the real world…and you can too.

Here’s just some of the feedback on the site already…

“$1,500 the first day” “$3,000 with my first sale” “Got a great project with my first try” “Got paid on the day I tried it”

So you should at least check this out as this needn’t cost you a penny. And the best part about this is you can get membership for free.

Click here to find out more.

    2 replies to "My Favourite Internet Marketer is…"

    • Gavin

      Only you john

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      I too have Jim Cockrum high on my list of favourite marketers and think Jim’s latest venture is a real winner.
      I’ve learnt a huge amount about internet marketing during the last couple of years, a lot of it thanks to yourself, John so I’m excited by the idea of sharing my knowledge with local businesses and charging them consultation fees.
      This business model also appeals because it involves face to face contact with other business people which is something I miss with internet marketing.



      Visit my blog at http://www.stuart-turnbull.com for free internet marketing advice.

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