I am guessing by now we all know what Private Label Rights (PLR) products are but a lot of people are not really sure how you can use them to their full advantage?

There are a whole host of things you can do with PLR to make the most out of it, but you have to remember content can become used over and over again if taken from the wrong places. You can’t simply download PLR product, leave it as it is and expect it to be fresh and earn you a ton of money! What annoys me the most is all of these free PLR websites and $1 entry websites claiming to give you 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars worth of ‘TOP Quality’ PLR, which will make you a fortune upon resale. That’s absolute bull…

You have to remember that providing fresh never seen before PLR each and every month costs a lot of money to be created. The costs are usually well over $1000 for a couple of eBooks and top quality graphics! So how can these sites possibly provide up to date fresh content and graphics? I know for a fact that any cheap site offering ‘TOP Quality’ PLR is simply getting the material from another PLR site or has purchased a bundle with ‘unrestricted PLR rights’.

To make this a little clearer and put things in prospective. Only yesterday I was looking for PLR competition to rival what I believe is the best PLR site out there www.PLRMonthly.com I came across a PLR website and I’d take a look and see what was on offer.

I was promised the earth on entry to this free PLR and resale rights website, the freshest PLR and most up to date content. How I was shocked when I found a fresh eBook called ‘How to become a Mystery Shopper’ packaged into the bundle and being sold for $197 as a gold package upsell. This eBook is over 5 years old, if fact I was selling it on eBay in 2004. The rest of the eBooks for sale in the bundle were also very old. Now don’t get me wrong, done right you could probably do something with this ‘old’ material but the point I am trying to put across is this was being sold as  ‘TOP Quality’ PLR.

After almost ten years in the Internet Marketing business and around five years working with PLR material, I do find it hard to understand how you can provide a good product and service to your customers selling such poor quality material?  This is why when you choose PLR you must choose wisely to provide the best fresh content and graphics to use as your own.

How can you use PLR to your advantage?

  • Place the material on your blog. However I would advise editing the material just a little to add your own style of writing, but the bones of the PLR is there for you to use.
  • Take the full PLR package including graphics and sell it as a mini site. You can tweak the PLR eBook to have your own links inside i.e. affiliate links and back links to your blog. Be sure to link back to relevant products or blogs of your own. I have been guilty in the past of placing non related back links in any content I could get my hands on. I recall my younger days placing my blog link on a health and fitness eBook?? My blog is about marketing, as you know! It makes you wonder but in my defence I was very inexperienced in my younger days 🙂
  • Freebies. What a lot of people fail to see here is also the potential for freebies to your list or for ad swaps. Say you get your PLR eBook and graphical sales page. Why not put an op-in on the page and give the eBook away as a freebie? All they need to do is sign up for it by giving you their email addy and it’s theirs. Ask another marketer in the same niche if they want to give a freebie away and send them to your opt-in. This technique can be done for every niche, just because you are not in that niche doesn’t mean you can’t setup a list of auto responders behind the opt-in and start a small affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Create a Home Study Course. You can create and sell home study courses with the help of PLR. Package your PLR onto a CD, box it up with check lists and help manuals and you can create a home study course which you can sell for a lot more than a digital item.
  • Create a Mini Course and Distribute Them to Your Mailing Lists – Convert your PLR to a mini email course and send it to your subscribers. This really makes PLR work for you. This comes into the freebie category again and will provide a lot more value in the form of a course. Again you can tweak and add your own links and comments every week, day or month depending on the frequency of delivery.
  • Create a Video Series From Your PLR Content – If you have a good informational PLR eBook why not use the information to create a video series? This will have a much higher perceived value than a regular eBook.

What I want you to take away most from this is the fact that with a little work PLR material can be extremely useful. In fact to prove it I am going to reveal that I didn’t write most of this blog post. My good friend Daniel Sumner wrote it, you can see the original blog post on Daniel’s blog here.

Daniel originally asked me if I’d let him use his post as a guest post on my blog to promote PLR Monthly, however, I thought I’d prove just how useful PLR material is for creating blog content and this blog post is the proof. If I never told you would you have guessed someone else wrote most of this post? You see all I had to do was read the post and add my ‘spin’ to it. The result is a high quality blog post that gives the reader value.

So if this blog post doesn’t show you what you can do with PLR material nothing will. Imagine if this was a quality eBook I had PLR rights to? I could have enough blog posts written for the next 12 months.

BTW, PLR Monthly is by far the best PLR site out there and I fully endorse it. If you’re interested in joining you can get a huge discount via this link.

Thanks for reading and as always your comments are welcome.

John Thornhill

    24 replies to "The Advantages Of PLR Material (With a Twist)"

    • Ed

      Hi John,

      I can`t do nothing but agree, PLR is going to be part of my business plan in the future, i have your video course on stand by ready for that, i`m going to use PLR to fast track my business a little mixed in with my own product creations as you know i learned how to do that from you in masterclass!

      Anyway great post, would love to see more posts John, solid advice as usual….John.

    • Dawn Kay

      Hi John

      Just shows what you can do with Plr content when you think outside the box.

      You can also use your Plr for audio products, for webinar content , for squidoo lens content and for membership site content to teach your members the basics.

      Thanks for the great content and I loved your Plr blog post twist bye the way.

      Warm Regards

      Dawn Kay

    • Lisa

      HMMM…So I went to Dan’s blog and checked it out and…yep, it’s the same stuff only John Thornhill-ized!

      Now I know what you are talking about when you say spruce it up a bit in your own style!

      I really like the home study course idea. And the mini course. Oh heck! I like all your ideas!

      Thanks John for showing us how PLR really works.

      Appreciate that!

      I am so glad I am in the Masterclass…I will be learning all these things that y’all already know how to do!


    • Paul M Pepper

      Great post John, like you say there are many uses and advantages to PLR material and anyone thinking of using PLR should grab a copy of your “Profit From PLR Video Tutorials” I can fully recommend them as they have helped me create 3 sites so far. Anyone can create a great looking website and product with help of your vids, check out my latest site here SEO Expert

    • Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso


      I agree.. There are so many ‘sources’ of rehashed stuff sold as original fresh PLR time and time again…

      But I think it is also the fault of the lazy marketers who won’t bother to change anything, even when a PLR is really new and valuable content.

      Anyway, the best trick is still to change the media (transform an ebook into a video series, etc…)

      In the end, not much of the original PLR remains this way, because usually the new ‘author’ won’t simply copy the content, but in fact, they would produce something new – even if the main idea behind may not be unique (but after all, how many things still are, these days?)

      Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso
      Helping YOU To Get Found!

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, what a way to get the point across, excellent!! Full of good sold info and some very good ideas for people to follow up on, myself included.

      I will be following the advice and putting it to good use.

      Spot on John, thanks mate

      Regards, Barry

    • Richard Davy

      Hi John,
      What great ideas John, thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas.
      As a recent recruit to your Masterclass I know all this info will be of great help to me.
      I know I have a lot to learn?
      The way you break things into easily understood language is superb.
      Thanks again, John.

    • Ken Soszka

      Hi John – what perfect timing! I am going to use all of your suggestions.

      Right now I am adding content to my brand new Internet Marketing site. It has areas for eBooks, audios and videos, so I am using PLR content to create some new stuff for my visitors to download.

      Thanks again for some great advice.

      Best Regards,

      Ken Soszka

    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John
      A great point, magnificently made. As you so often try to impart to us, it’s all about putting a bit of yourself into what you do and doing the basics well. Not about getting sucked into the next bright shiny EASY button.
      Thanks again John for diverting us back to the straight and narrow.
      Best regards

    • Paul Lear

      Hey John,

      I totally agree, as long as you read through the PLR material and put your own spin on it, and strip any rubbish and things you don’t like out, then there’s a lot of money to be made from it.

      You can even build yourself a very good reputation for bringing out quality content.

      I personally know someone who is doing that right now, and making a killing.

      Great post John, even if you didn’t write most of it yourself. 😉


    • George Nieves

      Hello John,
      You see, that’s why I consider you my mentor. That is an absolute brilliant way to get your point across.
      Great post John. I always look forward to learning more & more from you.

      Best regards,


    • dave barber

      Hi John,
      Thanks again for the good content I have been guilty of leaving the plr as it was and wondering why it isn’t moving, looking for that magic button again I suppose, the only buttons I now press are on my keyboard and changing the plr to my own spin.

    • Steve Wilkins

      Totally true!

      In fact I have used just about every method you listed using PLR.

      I even created an entire home study course with videos using PLR material, all it takes is a bit of application and a little bit of effort to re-arrange the material into your own style.

      Thanks for the post!
      Steve Wilkins


    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John this is the way to go, I spent months getting one of my products just right, I manged to create a brand new product in just a day for PLR, it is an amazing time saver, just make sure that you use quality source material ans rewrite it as you suggest.


    • Mark Barron

      Great leverage ideas for PLR products. I must admit, I’m still a little new when it comes to PLR, but I’m quickly seeing how I can integrate it into my business.

    • Irina Overy

      Hello John
      Thank you very much for your post. It really helped me. After 6 weeks posting on my blog I was concerned what to write about. I came across your blog and found a solution. And now I am a member of PLR Monthly and have a huge source of ideas.

    • Dave Harris

      Hi John

      I’ve come across a lot of people offering PLR products but never been sure about using them. Glad I took the time to read your(Dan’s) blog post, some really useful tips on avoiding bad PLR and how to use good PLR. I’ll definitely keep a note of this. And I’m sure I’ll check out PLR monthly in the future.

      Lee McIntyre recommended checking out your blog and I can see why.



    • Vivien Tan

      Hey John

      Thanks for the great post! I totally agree with you on the benefits of using PLR contents. I bought one of your products “Profits from PLR” in 2009 and it has given me great insights on how to use PLR to create my own niche product and free ebook.

      I’ve since created a free giveaway ebook on photography. Few months back, I used this free ebook to participate in a giveaway event and had over 100 subscribers in just a matter of days! This is really not a lot but a good start to my list building. 🙂

    • Susan Owen-Thursfield

      Thanks for the post John!

      It is definitely important to add your own voice to PLR, or else it just sounds like someone else – and your readers sign up to hear your thoughts! Definitely could not tell Daniel had written most of it!


    • Ben Brooks

      Hi John,

      I have built my entire online business using PLR products.

      I am one of those guys who stuggles creating content, so PLR has so many advantages for me.

      With a little re-working you can make PLR material unique and branded to yourself.

      Take care,

      Ben Brooks

    • Peter Phillips


      I’m a great fan of yours, and also PLR, which I use all the time.
      Can I please ask you a question?

      I’ve written an e-book , which will eventually come out in hard copy, which will be an encyclopaedia of internet marketing, which people can use as a resource on their bookshelf.

      My question is: Can I please have your permission to use this PLR blog and a post of yours in the Warrior Forum?

      I’ll include a jpg of yourself, if you like, and a link back to this blog.

      My email is peteract@gmail.com

      Thanking you in advance

      Reply by John,

      Yes Peter, you can do this.

    • Gary David

      Hi John,

      I’m using PLR all the time, it’s very powerful for my business as it lets me to create content instantly. I just add some of my words, edit some contents, change graphics. A lot of people don’t know how to really profit from plr as they just leave it as it is. And we kow that we should change or edit most of them to really maximize PLR materials. I’ve been using PLR ebooks to create my own ebooks and give it to my subscribers, I’m also using PLR articles for my article marketing activity, I’ll just add my own opinion and change some words, change the title as well. PLR also is a big help for me when it comes to building my subscribers list, as I’m not running out of contents.

      Thanks for this great post.


    • Michael Pedzotti

      John, what a good example of an effective use of PLR material. It just goes to show that working together it is possible to create value that exceeds what would likely create on our own.

    • PLR Database

      Hi John,

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. You explain some of the top ways to utilize PLR products to the full advantages they offer. I can say that I’ve used most of those methods and they work just fine. PLR is a no brainer and is one of the easiest ways to start making money online to date. If more people really knew about the power of PLR, then I suppose everyone else would be doing the same. But I’m happy that not everyone does because then there is less competition out there for us PLR users 🙂

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