I am writing this post in the hope that it may stop you wasting some of your hard earned cash online. I am going to say something that I want you to write down on a Post-it note and stick next to your PC and every time you are tempted to buy another product that promises to make you rich for doing next to nothing read it. Are you ready?


There, I said it…

You see, most people starting out think that there is some big secret to Internet riches when nothing could be further from the truth. Day after day we get promised easy money for doing next to nothing (or even less) so we buy the product in the hope that our dreams will be achieved. Only to find that once again we’ve be suckered in. Can you relate to this? I know I can.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of great products out there and I have bought a hell of a lot of them myself, but they require putting in a great deal of effort if you want to make them work, and when the work is required this is when most people give up and once again start looking for the easy way out. So I will say this again.


Look, I have created and sold many many products over the years, all have never claimed to make you rich for doing nothing and most have taken a ton of hard work and effort if you want to make them work for you. I know my methods work but the truth is most people don’t even know this because when they find they need to put some work in they give up and once again start looking for the easy solution. Does this mean my products are rubbish? No!

So my advice to you if you’re not prepared to put some effort in is give up and get out, as cruel as that may sound it’s for your own benefit as you will just keep getting suckered time and time again.

Just unsubscribe from every marketer’s list and go and find a hobby, believe me you will be better off for it.

Or if you want to have a real go at this create a product, this could be anything, an eBook, a report, an audio interview, a series of video tutorials, a membership site, anything. Just do it. There are a ton of courses out there that show you how so don’t make excuses and say you can’t do it.

Then create a squeeze page and start collecting emails. Or stick a PayPal button on your sales page and start promoting your product via the many many traffic methods out there. Or put your product on ClickBank and start recruiting affiliates. Just do something…

Only when you create a product of your own will you start to realize the work that is involved, but the most important thing of all is you will finally realize that there are no push button solutions, and you may finally start to see some results…

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    • Katherine Cairns

      Hi John

      I couldn’t agree with you more. There was something very familiar with reading that post and I will admit that I was also this person.

      There was a long time when I was actually spending more that I was earning online in the hope that the next product would be the “one” and it never really was.

      Creating and selling your own products really is the way forward and I can agree it is hard work, doing reasearch, putting the product together, creating the graphics, salespage etc. But what a feeling of accomplishment when it is finally online. Anything that is worth doing will take some effort but it will be worth it.

      Best Regards
      Katherine Cairns

    • Patrick Wooley


      THANK YOU. Somebody finally had to say this. Even more surprising is that it’s coming from a well known internet marketer. You have continually said this same thing with every product you create. Internet business is, after all, business. Work is required and while the payoff can be significant and very rapid, there is still work involved nonetheless.

      Your solid actionable content and wise down to earth advice is what keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for your excellent guidance. Take care.

      Patrick Wooley

    • Steven Wilkins

      Nice post John,

      I too was in a similar position a couple of years ago. I think I actually spent around $700 in one month on push button profit products believing they would transform me into an Internet millionaire overnight.

      Fortunately I am in a much better position now and only purchase products that can help me automate and expand my existing business.
      You said it right – create a product and drive insane amounts of traffic to a squeeze page to build a list.

      An online business takes commitment and effort and the sooner people realise this the sooner they will be able to realise their dreams of succeeding.

      Steve Wilkins.


    • Brian Ripley

      Good post John,
      Finally, somebody telling te truth about Internet Marketing. Good for you. The rest are still filling my Inbox with Get Rich Overnight promises. Let us hope that your example will encourage the rest of them to tone down the rhetoric.
      Regards, Brian Ripley.

    • That’s the REAL truth John. Unfortunately, most people won’t take it to heart and actually DO anything about it.

      “Successful people DO what nobody else WANTS to do”

      As you pointed out, there isn’t a “push button solution”. But people still look for one (thanks to all the hype online) and ignore what really works.

      I didn’t start seeing real money online until I created my first product. And I didn’t need to come up with the content on my own. I didn’t write a single word. I interviewed an expert! And it didn’t cost me a dime.

      That one product opened doors for me that wouldn’t have been opened otherwise. It ultimately led me to making more in 10 days than I made all year working offline.

      I’m joining John and challenging you to create your product in 2010.

      You can do it, if you want it bad enough, and if you avoid the distractions and focus on the task!

      Dave Lovelace

    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi John,

      Thank you for telling the truth. As one of your students I can definitely vouch that creating a business online does take time, effort determination, focus ans YES some money. However this is no different to setting up a business offline!

      People should realise that offline and online businesses are no different. They take the same ingredients to succeed. The advantage with online, is that it doesn’t cost as much depending on the industry you are entering into.

      I don’t understand how some people think that they can make money over night although I do know where that comes from: all those hyped up sales letters!

      Thank you for your honesty! We need more honest marketers out there like you! 🙂

      Kind Regards

      Jacinta 😀

    • Blase at GSSAM

      So I shouldn’t buy…

      Site Profit Bot for what is it now
      a $100.

      Or MAGE for $2000

      Or Auto Profit Launcher for who
      knows how much? I refused to optin to find out.

      Dang! I had my credit card out and picking out
      my new Lotus like Micheal Chenny drives in
      his how to make a billion video.

      Oh well I guess I made money by not spending it. 🙂

    • John Tan

      Hey John,

      Totally agree with you that there is a no push button solution. Those successful marketers work hard themselves.

      Great reminder and advise.

    • Mike J

      Thanks John:

      The light is starting to flicker on.. i will read your post about 1000 more times then maybe my hardheaded self might start to believe i can do it too.

      I will start working on a product this week.

    • Ian M

      Hi John

      Nice to see a fellow marketer offering some sound advice, unlike some others out ther who are just after taking money for some hyped up rubbish.

      I hear of so many people wasting ther money on these so called get rich quick at the push of a button.

      It takes work to build an online bussiness some thing people just dont grasp the fact that you have to work.

      Work everyday at building it helping it grow, I agree with you that you deffinetly need your own product or products. Some people get scared at the thought of having to make a product to sell. Product creation is not as hard as people would have you belive.

      Like you said in your post people just need to take action and they will see that yes you can make it online. Just dont give up.

    • Sean

      I think we should start calling you Honest John, cause it is well overdue that this had to be said.

      Finding a mentor was the best thing that I ever did, instead of being the perfect online customer, buying everything in sight! I soon realised, having your own product was the only way, after losing my short on PPC etc.

      Attending Lee’s event in Manchester was also a huge step for me and meeting top intenret marketers like your good self.

      I’m in the process of creating my first product now, and loving every minute of it, seeing it come together. No doubt it does take a lot of work, but the results will be worth it in the end.



    • Alex Newell

      Nice to have such a simple honest post. This is probably the biggest lie on the Internet marketing world. SO may products promise that they have a LOOPHOLE or other magic trick. UGH

      Thanks john!


    • Reg B.

      John I love the way you talk from the heart… Will this statment hurt you in the oppurity of earning money promoting products? See John I follow you and I don’t buy all the things you offer… But I like your honest approch… So I have already started to deleate the guru’s but I do want to continue with you,Jim Cockrum (he is a lot like you) nd Socrates… You 3 are the most unpressure guys that really want to help us achive success…
      Thank You…
      Reg B.
      P.S. If you don’t hear from me Happy Hoilday’s to you and your Family…

    • Chris

      Hi John

      Well said, there is no instant fix, no push button solution, hard work and dedication is what makes you successful.


    • RandySmith

      Shame it took me 5 years online before coming across you John….

      But at least when I followed your advice back in 2005 – I’ve seen a steady increase in my income to where I am now …
      Still lazy and still only doing a few hours each day – but all my bills get paid and I’m looking forward to a nice Christmas thanks to my online income.

      I love not having a ‘JOB’ and I’m even glad my offline business went bankrupt back in 2006!

      Because thanks to the kick up the rear you gave me back in 05, I now have a great life!

      So to anyone who reads this far – DO listen and ACT upon what John says… There are so many people I know that make a full time living online thanks to John’s advice over the years. And I ALWAYS attribute my own success to the day John gave me a nudge 🙂


    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John

      Aweosme post, and exactly what I tell my 121 mentoring clients all the time.

      I say:

      —> Don’t expect to get rich quick

      —> Don’t expect to build a list quick

      —> Expect to work SOLIDLY hard in the early days to move forward

      —> Forget BUYING products and focus on creating them (think like a seller not a buyer)

      and the nugget I learned from you, was:

      —> Do something every day to move forward

      People who take action will achieve success. I remember when I thought this IM game was all BS and fake screenshots…

      I followed your guidance and others, and well you know the rest! 🙂

      Taking ACTION has TRULY changed my life (pardon the cliche JT) but it is true, I have a portfolio of 121 mentoring students, over 12 products, a 22,000 list and I win JV comps and perform very well in most others…

      All this from DOING exactly what you say in your post.

      Keep well mate, and have a top Chrimbo!



    • Andrew Hudson

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the honest post on what really is required to succeed on the internet. Like a lot of newbie’s it’s hard to know who and what to believe when starting out.Thanks for the planetsms blog.

    • Antony Cecil-Wright

      Hi John
      Agree with you 100%…looking for the push button solution is just thinking like a consumer. Internet Marketing is a BUSINESS not an armchair fantasy and businesses require work ,if they are going to succeed. Successful marketers don’t think like consumers. No product is a magic pill. Thanks for voicing this.

    • Ron Barrett


      You HAVE said it and unfortunately only about 5% of the people DO take action on something that they buy.

      As Dave L mentioned, “Successful people DO what nobody else WANTS to do”

      Or as I read somewhere and now have in front of me at my desk as I work:

      “The Ultimate Law of Success”

      ‘The Successful know the right answers to the right questions that the unsuccessful haven’t yet asked of the right people at the right time’

      or simplified

      ‘Successful people ask the right questions of the right people at the right time (to get the right answers)’

      This one simple philosophy is helping me to work towards MY new product which will be released in the next few weeks.

      Stay tuned.

    • Ed

      Hi John,

      Your posts always hold great caution in some cases more than content and i have to fully agree with you on this one same as yourself and thousands of others in the early days we all bought more and more promises failing us time and time again..

      This post avoids the learning curve for any newbies wishing to enter into the world of IM!

      Thanks John….Ed.

    • Ned C Nelson

      Hello John… Saw your email and had to read what you had to say about this topic immediately. You’re absolutely right! I’ve done the same thing bought and read endless reports finally to realize they all come down to the same thing… work and there is absolutely no push button solution. So I now no what to focus on and is everything you mention above. Thanks for the great info and also the great products you put out.

      Talk soon,

      Ned C. Nelson

    • Maddi

      Hello John.

      I couldn’t agree more. There is NO push button in any thing in life. Not an offline business not an online business. Not in any kind of career path we choose or in any ladder of success we plan to step on.

      I bought Profit from plr and I tell you my life has changed since. Not that I have become a millionaire and actually to be quite honest I am yet to make money online. But tell you what ‘profit from plr’ or YOU did to me. You gave me a Mindset. you gave me a mental attitude that no matter how little or how big the target is. Unless I take action, nothing is gonna work its magic. I may have the Best skills in the world or the Best Talent, its all utterly useless until I do something about it.
      Thanks for everything.
      My first website is built from scratch using methods i’ve learnt from you, Dave and Socrates combined 🙂 and it went live yesterday.
      I can’t tell you how happy I am.
      Thanks again.

    • Brand

      I finally got around to reading my December mail 🙂 I had to scroll down a bit to find the post, but I’m glad I did – as I expected. You’re on a short-list of Internet marketers whose opinion I regard very highly, John. Thanks for the good work!

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