I am sure that we all remember how we felt on our first day in school or the first day in anything new, facing the unknown but appealing enough to decide to embark on it, no matter how intimidating and how many pivotal questions we may have at the time.  Well day one of a decision to launch into a new business venture is not much different, however, we ask ourselves more defined questions:

  • How can I confidently start?
  • With what options: e-commerce, drop-shipping, or affiliate marketing?
  • With what product and for what niche?
  • Which system and channels to generate traffic will help me fast-track and who is a mentor for knowledge and support?
  • How soon can I get results?

These are just a few of many that came to my mind when exploring the online marketing venture. But as important as these questions were, also and I would say more significantly important were the essential considerations that came out of my own self-assessment process after exploring, reviewing, questioning, comparing, sorting, and filtering several suitable options:

  • The Knowledge: who has it? What success track validates it and what that person has to offer that may set him or her aside from the others?;
  • The Product: do I need to create my own digital product? Do I promote someone’s product? Must I enter a digital marketplace and promote as many products as possible?;
  • The Program: what options are available? How feasible and attainable? Under what cost requirements?  And of course, what expectations of revenue and scalability? and finally,
  • The Ecosystem: what is there available to support me, and to provide guidance and foremost, more knowledge that I can apply with ease and certainty of influencing results?

During this daunting and overwhelming process, I came across an innovative and clever way to start and fast-track an online business under a “partnership” or joint venture option as an alternative to the traditional and work-loaded flow to consider for starting any online business.  In addition, the cost components were achievable and tailored to any starting budget.

This joint venture option under John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program caught my attention in a way that it not only provided clarity and answers to most of those pivotal questions mentioned before but also presented important added values with an easy-to-follow process, setting up and using the proper tools and the chance to promote and earn from multiple products within the same program, thus earning a recurring mix of low and high ticket commissions and of course, using the same concepts, process, and systems to learn how to drive traffic to an appealing set of great offers.

Furthermore, what sets aside this option is not only John’s clear concepts and extensive knowledge backed by a remarkable track record in the online business community but also his commitment to sharing the foundations to properly set up a new business channel with the right tools and as efficiently as possible with a common goal in mind, the success for both partners.

So the decision to make is clearer, either you start on the right track on your 1st day of a new venture or you start with day one of a win-win partnership designed to duplicate and scale for even more success.

If you are like me, a newbie in the online business and hungry enough to commit to succeed with a reliable program, or if you are a seasoned marketer looking for a proven system to easily add more sources of revenue, then the Ambassador program is an option you must consider.

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This is a guest blog post written by Jorge Parra. If you wish to be considered for a guest post then please contact me.


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