So here’s the story. After literally months of mentally struggling with the idea of trying to find a date online. You finally decide to officially join the 21st century and during your weekend off.

You create your profile and even go as far as asking a few friends who have successfully used the process to find locals to date, to help you create an attractive bio.

You uploaded a nice headshot photo and clicked the publish button and boom.

You’re now officially a part of the online dating world. And after it’s all said and done you’re seriously wondering what took you so long to embrace this technology and opportunity.

And after just a few weeks of hitting and missing. You find yourself not only answering texts from this one particular individual.

But truth told you’re also sending your fair share of late-night texts as well. And now you two have actually taken the next all-important step.

This means you’ve exchanged phone numbers and have even ignored your Call Waiting feature.

And kept talking late into the night on weekdays.

Knowing you both have to get up pretty early the next day and head off to your jobs. (Needless to say early on things are definitely heading in the right direction.)

So What In The World Does A First Date Have To Do With Creating A Successful Online Business?

Now the time has finally arrived for your all-important, (face-to-face) first date. You’ve both told your closest friends, co-workers, siblings, and in-laws about your fast-approaching big first date.

And you’re both incredibly excited because you’re going to this really nice, upscale local restaurant which comes highly recommended.

Both on and offline. So the big night finally arrives. And the very first time you actually see each other in person it’s beyond obvious there’s some unspoken chemistry going on.

You exchange a few pleasantries, order your meal and somehow manage to make it all the way through to this great-tasting dessert.

And since the wine was extremely good too. As you’re both staring deep into each other’s eyes.

For a split second, you’re both wondering “if” there are potentially some real long-term dating possibilities here.

After all, you both seem to enjoy similar things and you both found each other’s sense of humor very amusing.

But just as you’re waiting on the check and about to get up to leave. And right before you set up your potential second date.

Something incredibly odd and totally unexpected happens. And now you’re seriously wondering “how” you could have been so misled about this particular person.

They ask if it’s okay to ask you a very personal question. To which you cautiously answer of course.

And with a genuine smile on their face, they ask “will you marry me?” Initially startled and semi-taken back.

You pause just long enough to compose yourself. Now you smile and laugh realizing they’re just joking. And now you’re really starting to think this new relationship definitely has some real long-term potential.

But all of those thoughts are completely shattered. Once you realize they’re so not joking. And they’re actually waiting for your response to this totally ridiculous question. (Say what?)

Putting The Cart Before The Horse Is A Major And And All Too Common Online Marketing Mistake!

Needless to say, you don’t leave skid marks trying to get out of there. And now you’re seriously thinking about deleting your online profile asap.

Of course to this point at least 97% of you reading this post still haven’t quite connected the online marketing dots, have you?

So you’re struggling trying to make the connection. So here it is entrepreneur in simple layman’s terms.

Imagine a first-time visitor, (translated) a glorified stranger coming to your site for the very first time. (An all-important first date if you will.

You two know absolutely nothing about each other. And even though they’re not in the buying mood just yet.

There you are aggressively trying to sell them something. Anything will do. (Translated, you’re proposing marriage on your very first date. Not such a good idea.)

And just like in the offline dating scenario. They bolt from your site and a staggering 99% of them are never ever coming back.

Make A Habit And Priority To Get To Know Your Prospects First Before You Try And Sell Them Anything!

Sound all too frighteningly familiar? And If so what if anything is a proven marketing alternative instead?

Entrepreneur it’s called dating. (Huh?)

You two definitely have to get to know each other a little better first. Before you decide to take that all-important big step.

Online, this is where your free problem-solving giveaway. Better known as your opt-in email building lead magnet comes into play.

In exchange for their best contact info. You gladly provide them with something of high
Perceived value in their eyes. And they join (opt into) at least one of your lists.

And now you start your strategic follow-up process. And you keep slowly and systematically building your know, like, and trust factor.

And by continuously dating (nurturing) your prospects. You ultimately convert a percentage of them into not only first-time customers. But long-term repeat customers for literal pennies on the dollar.

And start building multiple streams of income, producing opportunities as well. Entrepreneur, can you live with that?

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