In this post I want to tell you about a source of traffic that is generally overlooked by most internet marketers. In fact if you were to go to somewhere like the warrior forum and ask for advice on using safelists you would get a very negative response and quickly form the opinion that safelists are a junk traffic source that doesn’t deliver results.

Today I want to turn this negativity on its head and share with you the reasons why I love safelists and how I am able to generate hundreds of new leads for my online business using them.

Understand the market

Before you do any sort of marketing you need to understand what sort of traffic you will get, and ideally what type of product / service would perform well. For example before you set up an adwords campaign you would research which keywords to target and how much it will cost, and what research the type of landing pages being used by the other people advertising via adwords in your niche.

With safelists the traffic is generated by other safelist members clicking a link in their email. The most popular safelists work on a credit system, so the people clicking these links are doing it to generate credits so they can get their own advertisement out to as many people as possible.

What this means is that you will have ~ 10 seconds to make an impression on the visitor. Put yourself in the position of this safelist user and think about what would make you look up from the task of clicking all these credit links?

How Can You Grab The Visitors Attention?

The people who claim that safelists are rubbish are advertising the wrong things…

Do you really think you can sell the latest “product of the month” within 10 seconds to someone who’s thinking about the next site before the one you’re promoting has even loaded in the browser?

I really hope you have realised that the answer to that last question is no!

So to be successful with safelists you need to have a splash page that will load in under a second, summarise exactly what you are selling and smack the reader between the eyeballs with your call to action.

Give The People What They Want

Even if you have followed the above step a brillaint landing page on the best way to breast feed your baby is not going to work. Sure some people may be new parents but the 99.9% who aren’t will not be interested.
People clicking the safelist credit links are looking for 2 things.

#1 More Traffic
#2 A Way Of Turning This Traffic Into Money

So if you happened to have a free report called “7 Ways to Turn Your Safelist Credits into Cold Hard Cash” or “How To Generate Leads For ‘ACME MLM’ Using Safelists” it’s something that should interest the reader.

It Is All About ListBuilding

Like all other forms of internet marketing the purpose of using safelists is to generate traffic to your lead capture page, get them to enter their details, make them an offer, build a relationship through follow-up, and make more offers.
The beautiful thing about safelist marketing is that you have all you have to do is advertise your product to a steady stream of internet marketing newbies. The owner of the safelist has already spent time and money advertising in places where new internet marketers hang out, so all you have to do is to press send.

Remember that just simply by having your own opt-in page online you will already be an expert in the eyes of these newbies.

Don’t Forget The Chance To Network

We are living in the digital age where social networking is now commonplace.
When I’m clicking for my safelist credits I actually take a note of the affiliate pushing any programmes / services and try to find them on facebook. If this person is actively marketing on facebook and safelists they are exactly the type of person that I want to be networking with.

Happy List Building

Andrew Stark

How Can I Find Out More About Safelists?

In case you haven’t guessed I actually sell a course on this subject called safelistsecrets.  This will teach you the correct way to get started, where to find the best safelists, how to set up your own list building pages, and explain my marketing funnel for monetization.  The normal retail price is $9.95, but as a reader of John’s Blog I’m giving you a 50% discount from this link.

This is a guest post written by Andrew Stark.

If you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    4 replies to "Safelist Marketing – Is It Worth The Effort?"

    • Aaron Salian

      Hey Andrew,

      Great Post. I am considering using Safelists / Solo Ad’s for list building.

      Tried to click on the link though, I seems broken. Could you please get that fixed so that I could check your product.



    • Andrew Stark

      Hi Aaron

      John has control of the links, and they work on my computer, so I assume he has fixed this.

      Before you buy solo adverts for IM related products it is well worth using safelists to make sure that the squeezepage converts.

      Depending on which safelists you use a 10% conversion rate is an achievable target that will allow you to get people through your marketing funnel and work out some metrics so you can know how much to spend on solo adverts.

      If you have any more questions you contact me directly.


    • Stefan Berg


      Very nice blog post and spot on. You are absolutely right, using Safelist / List Builders is like any tool ad source out there, you need to know how to use them.

      I have added many 1000 people to my List By using Safelists/List Builders. Like Any tool any profession. The More you use them, the better your results will be… When you use the best Lists, with professional pages, a great Headline and If you done your homework by building a well Oiled sales funnel You have a winner.

      Safelist Users are trained to read emails… If you can add them to your list, treat them well, sell quality products service… A few 1000/month is possible from List Builders alone…

      Thank You again Andrew for a nice guest blog post and very
      Impressive blog here John…


      Stefan Berg – TheLeadMagnet

    • Sergio Felix

      Hey Andrew,

      In all honestly I thought that Safe Lists were amazing when I got started online, sent a lot of crazy offers and nothing happened.

      I was NOT building a list at the moment so I couldn’t measure anything but conversions of ZERO sales.

      Decided to avoid those and after some time, I found a very cool marketing lady from the UK (some MLM training) I decided I was going to promote a few of her webinars because after all, I saw a few ones myself and thought they were amazing.

      So fast forward, I set a few safe lists as I had a lot of credits still, sent the offer away and forgot completely about it.

      To my utterly surprise, I had made a few sales (like two I think) and days later I made a few more, what the hell??

      So in my point of view, these things DO work as long as you know what you’re doing.

      I only wish I had been building a list at that time, maybe I’d have much more subscribers by now, who knows.


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