There are some marketers who offer no value to their subscribers and they just seem to abuse the privilege of being able to put a message into someone else’s inbox. While I am a marketer who offers products and services on a regular basis via email every single broadcast email I send goes out with the intention of helping my subscribers and this is how you should operate online.

Then there are the marketers who spend more time on their sales copy than creating a quality product. They don’t mind spending $15,000 on a top copywriter but only spend $500 on a half assed script that doesn’t work properly. I tend to spend weeks, sometimes months and on 2 occasions even years on creating my products as I want them to be the best they can be.

There are also marketers who look at a jv/affiliate page just to see what they can earn in commissions and prizes and they mail out without even checking out the product they are promoting. Hows that for looking after your subscribers?

I don’t know about you but I know that everything I do is done with respect for my subscribers and customers.

I feel I am doing the right thing.

And because I like doing the right thing I have no problem sending you to check out a product where I will receive no reward at all.

Jim Cockrum has just launched a brand new book called Free Marketing 101. Yes, this is an actual physical book that you hold in your hand. If you know me at all you will know I have a lot of time for Jim, he is another marketer who does the right thing and always gives quality information to his subscribers. I’ve been on Jim’s list for as long as I can remember and I’d actually recommend you get on his list just to watch how he operates as you will learn a lot.

Anyway, back to Jim’s book. First of all I’ve had the privilege to read it and the content is fantastic, something every single Internet Marketer on the planet should read.

Secondly, you should know that Jim is not going to earn one cent from any sales of his book. The proceeds are all going to support inner-city entrepreneurs. Jim’s friend (Pastor Kevin Ramsby) runs inner city training centers for budding entrepreneurs. They are teaching young people with ideas how to use IM to create jobs and income! Everything from eBay to advanced strategies…and it’s WORKING!

Thirdly, it makes me feel good to know I’m doing the right thing so I encourage you to go to Jim’s page, buy the book and get on Jim’s newsletter. I promise you wont regret it. Not only will you be helping a good cause but you will also learn 101 ways to grow your business.

Heres the link you need. I assure you nothing is getting tracked and I would appreciate your comments, especially if you decide to buy.

Oh and if you can, spread the word by commenting, liking the page and generally getting the word out to as many people as you can.

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    • Liked already John,
      Funnily enough I just mentioned Jim in a reply this morning.

      I have been told (and I did already know) that I have 2 negative comments on a site called ‘Web Of Trust’ – and that causes a warning that my website isn’t to be trusted as I’m a MLM scammer!
      Total crap obviously – but what frustrated me was that I cannot call out the two who commented, and mention that they are only commenting to gain point!!
      Those same two also commented on Jim’s silent sales machine saying the same crap!
      And even though there are literally HUNDREDS of fantastic comments about Jim – those 2 comments cause his site to get the same warning that mine does.

      If people with a brain read the comments – they will see that it’s obvious the 2 comments have never been to the site – BUT, You should see the positive comments Jim gets from all the rest!!

      Naturally I joined Jims list a long time ago on your recommendation, and I would encourage others to do likewise.


      • jim cockrum

        LOL Randy -web of trust is a joke.

        There’s a pack of “reviewers” that gang tackle any site that teaches any site that has anything to do with “online business”. Don’t sweat it.

        Thanks for the kind support Randy – it’s very appreciated.


        • No worries Jim,

          JT has ALWAYS spoken Very Highly of you, both online and off!
          I suspect the marketing ethics I learned from John actually filtered down from you. So you have probably influenced my readers whom have never met or heard of you…lol

          What a fantastic world it CAN be online. When good people stand up and get counted!


    • John Chadwick

      Okay bought the hardback edition, slightly more expensive than the Kindle edition but I guess I’m a little old fashioned as far as books are concerned!

      I also like to receive parcels!

      Can’t wait to read it but you will have to wait for a review as it’s going to take a while to ship! LOL!

      Thanks for the recommendation John, anything by Jim has got to be worth it.

      Best Wishes


    • Mandy@LearnToBlog

      Hi John, great plug for a worthy cause. I am all for both volunteering and fund raising for good causes and support everything within my capabilities, as I know you do.

      Enjoy the journey.


      • jim cockrum

        Thanks Mandy – I’m grateful for amazing people like you that raise the tide for us all.

    • David Caudill

      Hello John,

      Great project for a great cause, count me in and then I’ll come back and post after I read it.

      You have always treated in no other fashion than right. Your directions and instructions have always been right on time with me, you’ve always been honest and upfront about every dealing we’ve ever had. I have allot of respect for you and what you do and for allot of the people you have mentored in the past as well such as, Dave N., Omar M. Paula Brett and the hundreds of other successful students.

      To your continued success,

      David Caudill

    • David Taylor

      Hi John & Jim,

      I am getting the Kindle version for my ipad as I love gadgets and my bookshelf is already full:)

      I got 2 bad reviews on McAfee’s site saying that my site downloads a trojan. My hosting company performed a scan of my entire database and found nothing. But this is losing me visitors. I am offended by the reviews that suggest I am doing it on purpose. I have been modelling John’s ethics as it’s the only way to go and this happens. I don’t know how to fix it.
      I asked McAfee to do another test of my site so we’ll see how it goes.

      All the best,


    • Ed

      Hey John…

      I don’t think there is any other way to be…I mean we’re not talking about an option here….and it’s also important to note that the information has to be genuine…has to work….and has to be ethical!

      And …Jim Cockrum is one of those most important components to this that will does create online success stories….this guy is seriously on my top ten “the one to follow guys” list…and I mean that in all honesty!

      Great post yet again John…and hats off to Jim for another spellbinder!


      • jim cockrum

        Thanks Ed- your support means a ton to me!

    • Matt Morgan

      Hey guys, the element of it being a physical book is certainly cool, as a physical book can also be a good medium to absorb information, especially if it is teaching you to progress your IM Career.

      I advise all my subscribers to print my reports, and when they do, they love reading them on their desk, or as bedtime reading.

      It allows them to write and make notes too.

      Congrats on this book,

      Matt Morgan.

    • Andrew Stark

      Hi John

      The first product I bought online was an ebay product from Jim Cockrum, and it was also the first affiliate sale I made on clickbank.

      Added the book to my cart from along with another business book, seems it’s not launched in the UK until next week.

      Totally agree that anyone spending more on the saleletter than product creation should be avoided. The trouble is that we’re living in an instant economy so churn and burn marketing is thriving at the moment.

      Look forward to a “present” arriving from Amazon.


    • Mary Kathan

      I ordered the book today! It makes me happy that people are promoting this book for the good of others. Thanks John (and thanks Jim C too!)


      • jim cockrum

        Thank YOU Mary. This book is going to hit you hard I think…it’s got a lot of new ideas that I hope really challenge and help you grow.

    • Rebecca

      Thanks so much…I’m ordering the hard copy.

      I believe strongly in the values John has demonstrated in sharing the book info and the financial support offered by the book proceeds. I admire you, guys!

    • Carol Smith

      Jim’s project is so exciting to me. As a retired teacher I am always interested in these types of projects. I may have to explore my area to see what is going on. Having worked with teens in Future Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs groups, I know how effective they can be.

      The lack of ethics by some online marketers is overwhelming. But it should not be so. This type of individual is present in all walks of life. So sad. It is just easier to recognize in person.

      Carol Smith

      • jim cockrum

        Wise words- I could learn a lot from you. Please don’t hesitate to engage, post, and create content. The world needs people like you to stand up and speak out!

    • jim cockrum

      The book is on the top 100 chart now…and climbing…This is a HUGE accomplishment for us all and I’m beyond grateful.

      Thanks for the support John and thanks as well to anyone smart enough to listen to you!

      Go get this book now and then get a few more copies for clients, friends and anyone you know stuck looking for or working in a “job” when they should be creating and building something amazing online!

    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John, I have some of Jims eBay stuff from a while back and this is really a worthy cause and Jim is one to follow, I just wish entrepreneurship was encouraged and supported more in our schools. Great cause great call.


    • Ken

      I follow John’s blog pretty regularly, and also believe he is one of the good guys in an industry full of marketers pushing total crap just to make a commission from their list. I believe in giving my subscribers good quality content on men’s health issues.

      I will definitely look into buying this book!


    • Business Forum

      As long as the book is solid , the spending shouldn’t be issue, the best people making it are gonna charge for the worth. It has to be really special for that worth.

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