Last weekend I went to the annual Chile & Frijoles festival In Pueblo, Colorado. It is an event that drew 140,000 to 150,000 people over a 3-day weekend. In Pueblo, the savory aroma of roasting chilies signals summer’s end.

Every year, thousands pay homage to Pueblo’s best-loved crop: green chilies, particularly Pueblo Chile.

As I walked through the crowds watching huge tumbling wire barrels filled with chiles getting fire-roasted in front of crowds, I was struck by the lines of hungry people at the local roach coaches lined up and down the streets.

A “roach coach” is an unsavory term for the food wagons that show up at these festivals. The food is way overpriced, terrible tasting, and generally looks as If you are going to have a coronary on the spot. But the lines…holy moly…the lines of people at these wagons is a sight to behold.

I got to thinking on why they do so well. The simple answer is because they go where the hungry crowds are located.

As my thoughts turned to marketing, I was struck by the irony of it all. I had just finished reading an article that spoke of creating a solution to the problem and people will come.

In the case of the food wagons, it was hungry crowds that need food. But extend this analogy to the overweight people looking for the magic bullet that helps them get skinny or the people with acne wanting to get clear skin.

A hungry crowd could also be people passionate about all things horses…or golf…. or cooking. This is the answer, you must provide a solution to a problem.

Your hungry crowd is going to need to have one of these two characteristics:

1. The first group has a real issue that is causing them high anxiety, lack of sleep, etc. They are a group that you can either present a solution to solve their problem or provide a way to help mitigate the problem plaguing them.

Example issues that crop up in my circle of friends and acquaintances are issues with taxes, childcare problems, problems with personal health, and list goes on.

2. The second group has a fever pitch obsession for something we can provide to them. Examples are ways to make money, become a better golfer, fisher, hunter… you can probably fill that in.

These two groups will often have members that overlap into both categories. The more that happens, the better it is for you and your sales pitch. Think about it…you can have a person worried about bills AND trying to figure out how to make a side hustle work for them.

Put a solution in front of them that solves it for them, and chances are in your favor that you will have a sale. This is powerful stuff.

The marketer’s job is identifying one of these markets and building the correct offer for what that market wants at this moment in time.

This is somewhat different from what typically is the norm. Most develop the offer THEN try to find out who would want to buy it from them.

I have seen this nugget of advice repeated ad nauseum in many different forms across the internet. Trust me when I say this, it is vital to understand and internalize this because it is the secret to your success.

It took me a long time to finally see the light weirdly enough so don’t make this same mistake. In fact, go a step further and write this down and stick it by your computer.

“Choose your market you want to enter, find out what they want to buy right NOW, and offer them that exact thing.”

When you have that figured out then you have built your own roach coach…internet style.

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This is a guest post from Daniel Colussi, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • David Wakeman

      Great analogy. Find the audience that is hungry and satisfy their desires with a solution that fits the need.

      Thanks for sharing.

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