Since the inception of the internet, quite a number of opportunities to earn income online have appeared and internet marketing has strongly represented this reality.

Since it’s already a growing business and many aim to create a profit at home, diving into this as a newbie may seem very intimidating and complicated. In order to know how to build a real online business, a proper internet marketing campaign must be performed to maximize profits.

And to achieve that, there are certain questions you need to answer to ensure that you are starting your internet campaign on the right foot:

Determine your target audience’s current state.

In order to fully address a certain issue on your target market, you actually need to know what they are. As an example, if you are selling vacuum cleaners, you must know your target audiences’ complex situations in cleaning their house using their current cleaning method and equipment. From there, build up leverage by identifying key components of your product that will address the issue.

Determine their target goals.

By obtaining this information from your target audience, you’ll be able to project the outcome and what you need to offer in order to address their concerns.

Determine their drive behind what they need to achieve.

Let’s look at the same example in selling vacuum cleaners. Why do they want their house cleaned thoroughly? Is it to ensure their family is safe from harmful germs in the house? Or is it to preserve the furniture? These corresponding answers are actually essential in achieving full engagement with your audience.

Lastly, determine which products you can offer to achieve your target audience’s goals in the shortest time possible.

By following up with determining the key goals of your target audience, you can equip yourself with the key products they want. Not only is this effective, but it will streamline most, if not all of your campaigns.

 While the above approach is more personal and directly targets your audience, there are also other effective ways to know how to build a real online business. Here are some of the free traffic methods that you can choose from that will contribute to the success of your internet marketing campaigns:

Target a high organic click-through rate (CTR).

A CTR is a definitive measurement of how your page or website is getting traffic within search engines. You must aim for a very high organic CTR to get better relevance. To achieve that, you can do the following:

•Find content that has an average or low CTR based on its rank

•Change its titles to more emotional and relatable ones

•Improve the intent match to reduce bounce rate

Target high ad click-through rates

Ad CTRs are also important for paid ads, because they are highly valued by platforms if they have high engagement rates. It’ll allow you to get better placements at a lower cost. Here are some things that you need to know about Ad CTRs:

•Dynamic keyword insertion is not effective enough

•Ad CTRs with high engagement focuses on 4 key emotions: anger, fear, disgust, and affirmation

Do not focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO).

While getting some leads through this platform is a viable insight, it is actually not stable. Here are some notable items about CRO that you need to be aware of:

•Aggressive CRO leads to reduction of lead quality as it tends to focus on increasing lead quantity

•Change your offer to a more attractive one that one couldn’t resist trying out

•Remarket your stuff to increase your brand familiarity

Increase your re-marketing efforts.

On the double! With fierce competition from your fellow internet marketers,content creation is very competitive. So in order to stay relevant, check out these re-marketing strategies:

•Use a smart social ad strategy tool to promote your content to the right audience for a very low price

•Use social media to increase your engagement by 2–3 times

•Combine your efforts in making content with demographics, behaviors and high engagement

Recover your Facebook organic reach.

You can recover this reach by doing the following:

•Use preferred audience targeting to look for organic posts such as ads

•Invite people to like your page, specifically the ones that like your content

•Post video content. Videos get more engagement rates, so make sure you make the most out of this content on your FB Page.

Compete with others head-on by outsmarting them.

Here are some key strategies that you might want to try to get ahead of your competitors:

•Target the same users that have interest in your competitors

•Use YouTube ads generously on the videos of your competitors

•Keyword target your Gmail ads with your competitors’ brand names

•Target your competitor’s Twitter followers

Use social ads.

You can use these social ads to make an impression that you are an influencer. Here are some ways to achieve this:

•Target ads towards specific employees and companies to build awareness on your personal brand

•Write a guest post on a particular influencer, then promote it to gain traction

•Do an engagement campaign through tagging a favorite influencer

That’s it – a comprehensive list of strategies to make a strong foundation of your internet marketing campaign. All you need to do now is use them and use them wisely.

Alastair Hayward is an authority on internet marketing and has written many articles on various subjects.

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